The Transmutation of Eros

Even the pure white light of God’s love is the transmuted essence of erotic passion. It rises from the fires of lust, surges up the shaft of the cosmic axis, fills the Sacred Heart with divine compassion, ejaculates the Holy Name in Heaven, and thence descends again as the blessing of redemption for us all.

To those who can see the world through the Eye of God, and who know the love of the Sacred Heart, today’s sexual landscape is a wasteland, a loveless desert where the essence of passion is piddled away and sucked into the sewers. There’s no hope for the people who embrace this Matrix as a paradise, and devote themselves to sleazy sex, infrasex, cybersex, homosex, and all the poisons the flesh is prey to when it forsakes the pleasures of true love and the joy of the Spirit.

The community of racially-awakened white people varies widely in its cultural forms, but generally shares a rejection of degenerate sex, and wishes to return to a state where the bonds of love are sacred and the family is the center of society. Until now, no one has come up with a plan for how to accomplish this miracle, but the desire for decency and the consensus of feeling on the issue is a potential foundation for the solution.

Eros Upshift
Spirit-Primal Fusion
The Alpha and Omega of Love
Dharma Eros

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