An Earthling’s Guide to the Metasphere

… and all the inhabitants thereof

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Text-Beyond laws


The metaphysical realm can be called the metasphere, acknowledging that it’s a real place with specific coordinates, just like the atmosphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere. The dimensions of the metasphere are immense, as we can see in the Omnicosm, and it’s subdivided into many nested spheres.

Charts are vital if we are to find our way amongst the many regions of the metasphere. People who have never been there (or who don’t remember their nightly visits in sleep) may tend to mistake the map for the territory, so we also provide some first-hand accounts of (In)Credible Journeys and Alt-Reality. People who believe in God and those who don’t will debate the issue until the end of time, but there’s no question at all for those who have met God face to face. Then there are those who have become One with God, and thereby found themselves, at least for a timeless moment, in the grandest realms of the metasphere.

Many people have also met spiritual beings who come short of the glory of God but are redolent with divine splendor. And some experiencers descend into darker regions and encounter demonic beings or even the Devil him/herself. There’s also a spectrum of strikingly similar experience which seems to carry it out of the religious sphere: encounters with beings who are identified as extraterrestrials. Our perspective is that all these experiences take place in the metasphere, which overlaps the material world in such a way that an angel or a flying saucer can be physical enough for hands-on action, then shift to metaphysical mode in the twinkling of an eye. As strange as this seems to the Western mind, it’s familiar stuff in the East, where legions of Gods and demigods have been freely working such wonders among the people for thousands of years. Unlike the West, they never lost touch with their traditional systems of metascience, which include comprehensive knowledge of the metasphere, accurately detailed maps of the many realms, and live playbooks on the inhabitants.

In an effort to unite postmodern mythology with the traditional versions (keeping in mind that myth is often truer than truth), we introduce the concept of Überterrestrials, who can be found dwelling beyond the Earth, below the Earth, and upon the Earth ~ i.e., in all sectors of the metasphere.

We also refer to fictional works which contain top-quality factual information about the metasphere and its denizens. They often utilize the forms and features of science fiction, but carry it into a new postmod genre which can veritably be classed as Metafiction.

Some of the inhabitants of the metasphere are oversouls and collective entities of which incarnate humans form the individual components, like cells in a larger organism or members of a Mystical Body. Such beings are often native to specific sectors of the metasphere, like the one we identify as our own spiritual homeland: Thule.

Perhaps our ultimate work in progress is to chronicle the creation, evolution, and destiny of life in one grand Überstory.

To see a larger version of the image above, go to The Undiscovered Cosmos.

2 thoughts on “An Earthling’s Guide to the Metasphere

    Gli spiriti dei popoli europei

    Michelangelo, DavidGli Spiriti dei Popoli si incarnano in un momento culminante della storia della nazione, creando una forma di cultura e agendo su una particolare facoltà dell’anima. Lo Spirito di Popolo si lega anche ad un elemento cosmico che lo contraddistingue.
    Il contatto con lo Spirito di Popolo richiede che si conosca con amore la storia di quel popolo e se ne comprenda la cultura, e la si viva. Con la meditazione bisogna anche evocare i segni che contraddistinguono la Divinità. Infine bisogna comprendere quale missione lo Spirito di Popolo assegna alla nazione nel tempo presente, quale compito assegna al singolo individuo.
    Gli Spiriti dei Popoli europei sono fratelli tra loro (1). Essi appartengono ad una medesima sfera di Civiltà. Pertanto un francese può comprendere facilmente e vivere i valori trasmessi dallo Spirito del Popolo italiano e viceversa un italiano può ammirare e far propri gli impulsi trasmessi dallo Spirito di Popolo francese.

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