Family of the Ram

Ramakaya-KoAWelcome to the fountainhead of the White Awakening! Today it’s sweeping the world for all to see, rattling the bastions of power and seismically shifting the racial landscape. It began, though, in the headier realm of Spirit ~ and in fact it began right here, with us.

We are the few who know from breathtaking personal experience that the collective soul of the white race went through a dramatic death and rebirth at the turn of the millennium. This tectonic shift in the spiritual realm projected its impact on the physical world in a pair of exquisitely-timed celestial events: a solar eclipse in August 1999, in which the umbra traveled in a direct path across all the ancestral homelands of the Indo-European peoples. Thus the shadow of the Moon was the finger of death ~ but nine months later, in May 2000 (5-2K) we resurrected in the glory of a grand planetary alignment in the sign of Aries.

The divine child born in 5-2K is a new spiritual being, though it bears the essence of the white soul as it had evolved on Earth since the dawn-time. It’s not surprising that the bulk of the race remains stuck in the crust of the old regime, trapped in the anti-white worldview that lays upon them like a shroud. Even the people who have arisen to challenge the paradigm are being moved only in a subliminal way by the new force. It takes a conscious awakening, which leads to personal transformation. Every white person alive today has this potential, just by opening up to the amazing new presence that inhabits the world. We call it RamaSpirit.

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