Sieg Heiligen Geist


The meaning of RamaSpirit is told in Ramagenesis: the collective soul of the white race died in an Indo-European solar eclipse in August 1999, and was reborn nine months later in the greatest planetary alignment since the dawn of the Modern Age over five hundred years ago. A literal belief in astrology is not necessary to appreciate the symbolic and archetypal ramifications.

Chapter 3 tells how I performed an Avatar Working, an act of high magic ~ actually a sequence of them over the whole course of the nine-month gestation ~ to invoke the being who later took the name of RamaSpirit. I also pointed out that the horoscope for the alignment in 5-2K (May 2000) was partially similar to the birth chart of Adolf Hitler. An even bigger implication was that this celestial event at the turn of the Christian millennium heralded the Second Coming of Christ ~ the Aryan Christ, of course.

A sizable contingent of whitesiders honor (some would say worship) Hitler as an Avatar, an incarnation of God. I’m critical of this proposition myself; nevertheless, I titled an earlier version of the story The Return of the Avatar with this in mind. In fact RamaSpirit incorporates and conjoins the Supernal Enlightenment of Christ with the intransigent racial affirmation of Hitler. It’s a Spirit-primal fusion on the grandest scale!

Hitler was hailed in his own time by his own people as the Chosen One, a German Messiah. In the post at that link, you’ll see that a clergyman effusively identified him as the Holy Spirit. I think the theology of this claim is a bit questionable, but it suggests a new mantra: Sieg Heiligen Geist. In German “heil” has many meanings as a root-word, and Heiligen Geist is the Holy Spirit.

I’m inspired to post this today, for Hitler’s birthday has fallen on Easter Sunday.

Wherefore Hitler?

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