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In 1994 I went through a personal crisis involving my white identity and an excruciating awareness of the dire prospects for the race itself in the world situation. I became convinced that the only solution was the coming of a new white Avatar, a divine incarnation, a man who was more than human. I began writing a fictional account of such a spiritual & physical superman, whose name was R. Marcus. To give it maximum verisimilitude I created a fictional identity for myself as well, and told the tale as if the author, Victor Noble, had been personally involved in the adventures of his friend Marcus, and was now writing his biography. It was released as a series of booklets over the course of a year, then collected into a novel-length document. Even though it was my most popular alt-press publication, I was disappointed that nobody believed it was literally true. This, along with other factors in my life and opus, led me to abandon the Marcus project after the first volume. Some of the loose ends and characters were picked up in later fiction, but my plan for the larger plot actually appeared in the first booklet, reproduced below.


Statement by Victor Noble: See below

Part 1: Magic War

Marcus claims to be the rightful leader of an ancient race, the Solarians, who are the true heirs of Western Civilization. This Imperium has been infiltrated and conquered by the Ophidians, a serpent-race which rules by parasitism and deception. The magic war of the title is a confrontation pitting Marcus and his friends against a diabolic conclave of sorcerers and witches. It derives from my own experience as a practitioner of Crowleyan Thelema in a hedonistic magick-&-music scene in the 1980s. A spiritual transformation caused me to renounce the darkside and decadence, and now the Thelemites are the bad guys in the story. It features sound and vision, spells and counter-spells, and climaxes with a rip-rollickin’ fight scene.

Part 2: Wunderkind

Here begins the chronological story of Marcus’ life, as he tells it to Victor Noble (who besides being the “author”, is a character in the story). Marcus’ parents were Norwegians who sided with the Axis in World War II, and escaped to the U.S. before the fall of the Reich. From them he received a grounding in his racial heritage and the inside scoop on the secret forces behind world events. He was a child prodigy who graduated from high school at the age of twelve, and shortly afterwards had a visionary experience on LSD. He turned down a college scholarship in order to pursue the spiritual insights opened by the trip, which eventually led him on a journey to Asia. He found a hidden monastery run by the last pure-blooded Aryan Brahmins, and there he learned the ancient Vedic teachings and mastered the occult arts of this most venerable tradition ~ all by the age of sixteen!

Part 3: Blood and Vision

Marcus knew that the United States was turning into an evil empire ruled by the Ophidians. But as he came of age he also knew that he needed to experience mortal combat in order to become a man. So on his 17th birthday he enlisted in the Marines, specifically to fight in the war in Vietnam.

My writings circulated in the alternative press in that era before the Internet became the dominant venue, and R. Marcus was the most popular. Here are some reviews and readers’ comments:

“Your latest piece, BLOOD AND VISION, is a work of art… extraordinary. This is a brave Marine. What strikes me the most, though, is your writing. I think the only other war writing that was as exciting and realistic to me as this piece, was The Red Badge of Courage. So kudos to you, Victor Noble!” ~ Mark Lander, New York City

“In this third installment it becomes crystal clear that Marcus is the model and embodiment of Mr. Noble’s vision of an Übermensch, along with being an Avatar of an Aryan spiritual entity. Here we read about Marcus’ ascension into manhood during the early days of the Vietnam War, and his crossing of the spiritual abyss. Amidst the raping and killing, he finds union with primal energies of the universe.” ~ Factsheet Five, the leading alt-press reviewzine

Let me just add that Blood and Vision reveals secrets of the Vietnam War that you’ll never read in the history books.


Statement-500From 1980 to ’85, my life revolved around a most amazing individual whose legal name was R. Marcus Christianson, and who became known to those of us close to him as Marcus Geist. 

I have seen Marcus’ driver’s license, and can affirm that he was in fact born on August 6, 1945. As for the claim that he was born at the very moment of the atomic blast at Hiroshima, I leave for future historians to ascertain.

Marcus was of elite parentage, and had access to LSD when it was circulating in certain high circles in the 1950s; his first trip was at the age of twelve. In the years after that he traveled with his mother in Asia, and studied at a number of schools and monasteries in India and other countries. On his seventeenth birthday he enlisted in the Marines, and spent a year in combat in Vietnam. He was prematurely but honorably discharged directly afterwards. 

From 1964 onwards, Marcus became a leader in the counterculture, always shunning publicity and the media. He established several communes in the United States, Central and South America, and eventually Europe. I can attest to the fact that he had the support and financing of certain upper-class individuals to help him in this endeavor. He called his communes “Earth Colonies”.

The teachings of Marcus were very different from that of “New Age”, Eastern, or hippie gurus. He claimed to be the rightful ruler of what he called the Imperium”, by which he meant the whole of present-day civilization derived from Western culture. He said that our civilization has been taken over by a league of parasites which he called the “Ophidians” , and diverted from its natural healthy course into the present degeneracy and corruption. He said that it was possible for the heirs of the European High Culture, and of the still more ancient lineages that preceded it, to overthrow the Ophidians and regain control of the Imperium. He called these once and future noblefolk the Solarians.


Unlike most political, spiritual, and social groupings that began in the Sixties era, which went out of their way to attract a diverse population of adherents, Marcus was rigidly selective in admitting people to his community: only Solarians could belong.

On the other hand, unlike most groups that preached division and conflict along primal lines, Marcus did not deny the basic acid-inspired insight of the Sixties, which is that All is One. To quote his words verbatim:

“There is only one Spirit in the whole Universe. But the best way to attain this oneness is the cathartic union of opposites. This is why the best sex is between yang men and yin women, and why the present attempt to depolarize the sexes is one of the worst corruptions.

“The second-best way to attain the cosmic oneness is for a strong, healthy entity to destroy or ingest a weak, sickly one, and eliminate it from the field of natural selection. All the sciences we have created since the Renaissance show us that this is the Way of the Universe, and the attempt to eliminate the practice from our civilization is probably the worst corruption of all.

“As fragmented beings in the Universe, our natural condition is to have life-and-death conflicts of interest with other fragmented beings. What we experience as ‘evil’ is this conflict with those beings and collectives who are our natural enemies. As enlightened individuals we know that we are one with them. but this makes no difference to the necessity for conflict; we cannot attain unity by loving them but only by killing them.

“Loving union is reserved for those with whom we have primal, genetic, and spiritual affinities. The hippies believed that they should come together. but they weren’t able to stay together very long because the groupings they formed violated this principle. It’s possible for the collective of people bonded by love to be very large, but the strength of the bond is measured by the willingness of the members to draw the line against the natural enemies of the collective, to fight them, and, when necessary, to kill them.”

Marcus was critical of what he described as the pseudo-individualism of the decadent Ophidian culture. There was no conflict, he said. between true individualism and the neoprimal bond he was attempting to develop in the Earth Colonies and in his larger network. Marcus described his teaching as a new variation of an ancient path called the Way of the Ancestors. This was distinguished from the Way of the Deities. He said:

“Highly refined individual consciousness can coexist with deep spiritual immersion in the life of the collective organism. with its roots of blood and culture going back thousands of years ~ and only in this way can the individual extend himself thousands of years into the future. The individual soul is immortal, but this immortality is bound up with the life of the collective soul. Contrary to ‘New Age’ teaching, reincarnation occurs most readily along the bloodline. This is best for the spiritual development of the soul, because it enables it to bring back more self-awareness, and memory of its past. into each new life. “The Way of the Deities teaches separation of the spiritual from the physical. It rejects the world of the flesh. and seeks not to return. By contrast, the Way of the Ancestors embraces life and loves the world. The objective is for a kindred grouping of souls to develop total lucid control of their comings and goings on the Wheel of Rebirth, and in this way, by practical methods (rather than superstitious fantasies of divine intervention)gradually create a world not only of spiritual but also of physical perfection. We seek not to go to God in Heaven, but to be gods ourselves on Earth. And, paradoxical as it may seem, this also opens the way to Heaven. and to the stars.”

Marcus taught that after we had won back the Imperium, the goal would be to build a primal civilization. This will be an ideal but practicable combination of the best aspects of natural primitivity with refined cultural forms, In the book I am writing I will expand greatly on Marcus’ ideas about this concept, but for now I will mention only what is perhaps the most important aspect of it. namely the sexual. Marcus’ biggest and most emotional critique of the Ophidian Empire was the decline in the quality of motherhood. Nothing made him angrier than what he described as the distortion of the nature of woman by the mind-control devices. In reference to the media. he would talk about “actress-whores playing the roles of policewomen, lawyers, and morally depraved business bitches. Child-prostitute actors playing the roles of their children, telling Mommy how happy they are to be abandoned to daycare, to be neglected and emotionally abused.

“I have heard it any number of times now,” said Marcus. “on the media and from the mouths of ordinary women: ‘Mommy comes first: they say. ‘Baby second: Or: ‘Mother has to fill her needs first, in order to care for her children.’ Or any of the sickening variations on the same theme. If ever there was a death-knell for a species or a race, this is it: ‘Mother comes first, children second.’

“Except in the Earth Colonies, I have never heard a modern mother say: ‘I would gladly die for my child.’ Nor for that matter. a modern father. They would at least have to think about it first, to weigh the ethical considerations. And while they think and prevaricate, humanity perishes.

“Hopefully it will not be necessary for the mothers of our new civilization to die for their children; but they must at least be willing to live for them.”

The Earth Colonies were organized in such a way that women with children could participate in all the essential work of this self-contained society while not neglecting their primal mothering functions. A baby was carried about in a harness in constant body-contact with its mother during an waking hours (and slept with her at night), in bare-skin contact when weather permitted, and breast-fed on demand around the clock. As the baby got older, this regimen of course relaxed; but children were often breast-fed until the age of three.

As long as she was able to tolerate this burden, a mother was permitted and encouraged to perform any other simultaneous work in the community that she so desired, and all efforts were made to help her compensate for the child she nurtured. This was the basic arrangement. It was often mitigated. especially when the mother was sick or engaged in very strenuous work. by another woman of the community temporarily taking the child and nurturing him or her in the same way.

As for sexuality itself, Marcus derided the efforts of those whom he called the “gynarchists” to “turn women into second-rate men.” He also decried the rise of cheap, sleazy, uncommitted sex and the breakdown of the family structure. However, he made clear that the goal was not to go back to repressed sex. but to go all the way back to primal sex. Women especially should be free to express their sexual nature, as long as they don’t renege on the responsibility of child-bearing. Marcus said that the separation of sex from reproduction was the primary ploy by the Ophidians and gynarchists to bring about the decline of the West and the decay of the human spirit.

When I began spending time at the Earth Colonies, I was amazed and gratified to see the real fruit of this principle. Never before or since have I seen such a large number of sensual, natural, happy women, many of them with children. A lot of them were the lovers of Marcus. He explained that polygamy is the natural condition of primates, and that it’s complicated in the human sphere by the problem of unattached disgruntled bachelors. Marcus solved this problem by mating his “wives” to other men ~ except when they were fertile. At these times every month they would turn aside from the men they lived with and reserve themselves for Marcus. Other superior, dominant males in the community followed the same practice. Thus the best purposes of natural selection preserved, while permitting every individual to fill his needs.

While the primary arrangement of the group was this unique form of polygamy, there was a secondary form of polyandry. Marcus saw the value of having dominant, assertive females in the community as well as males. They were a minority, but they were permitted to thrive. Their common practice was for each to attract a number of admiring men, often individuals without enough yang to attract and command a yin woman. Thus these dominant, yang women would after a time find themselves with a “harem” of men. The multiple mates would support their woman and defend her in the community and in relation to outsiders, and thus she would exercise the same autonomy in the primal state as the yang males. It was a further solution to the problem of men with less than optimal yang being unable to mate and causing social disruption. The only reason it remained a minority phenomenon was a strictly natural one: obviously, a polyandrous arrangement can produce far fewer children than a polygamous one.

Finally, there was another female minority: those who chose to fill a man’s role all their lives, and consequently not have children. These were the few women who hunted game and specialized in military affairs, and similar occupations. They were the only women in the community who used birth control ~ those of them, that is, who engaged in sex at all. They were allowed complete freedom, and given encouragement, to fulfill their destiny in this role ~ as long as they did not have children, who would necessarily have been neglected by the demands and nature of the jobs.

Marcus taught that just as the special task of woman is to bring the virtues of love and motherhood into the social collective, the special virtue of man is honor. And, just as much as the decline of motherhood, it is the breakdown of honor that causes the corruption and decay of society under the dominion of the Ophidians. Honor is so elemental that a thousand generations of men were willing to die for it, yet today we have even forgotten what it means .

“Honor,” said Marcus, “is the instinctive reflex inside a man that makes him do what is right. It causes him to keep his word, for to break it would be dishonorable. It moves him to lay down his life for his family, his friends, and the larger bonded community; I would say, ‘for his country,’ but all the countries of our people today are in the hands of the Ophidians. Honor is what enables a man to perform the specifically masculine task of killing the natural enemies of family, clan, and collective.

“Furthermore, as paradoxical as it may seem to degenerate sows, the same virtue inspires him to act compassionately and justly toward all the people within the kindred group. The honorable man is a great soul, and he is incapable of acting in a mean-spirited way toward the people he loves.

“Because the Ophidians and their female auxiliary, the gynarchists, have deliberately undermined the foundations of society, especially honor and motherhood, there is today incredible abuse within the family. Then the manipulators further escalate the problem by claiming that the fault lies not in themselves but in the natural power of men. And they do everything they can to destroy that power, for it is the one thing that could overthrow them.

“In the Ophidian Empire ~ the would-be Gynarchy ~ the state intervenes more and more in the sacred personal relationship between the mated man and woman. But true sexual love in all its flowering is only possible in a primal state; and a primal state requires that the natural will and instincts of the man be unhindered by any outside agencies, restrained only by his love and his honor. The woman for her part cannot experience the exquisite ecstacy of her female nature except in the primal condition of being truly alone with her man, subject to his physical strength, trusting her life and her welfare not to agents of the state but only to his love for her, and his honor.

“To win back the Imperium, the attack on Solarian manhood must be reversed. The gynarchists hypocritically complain that there are no good men around any more, but they themselves cause the decline in the quality of manhood by forbidding men their natural rights with women. And so many Solarian women are deceived by their lies that we are faced with a situation in which we must not only defeat our enemies in revolutionary conflict, but also take back the power over our own women.”

Marcus had a plan for the overthrow of the Ophidian Empire. It had a number of facets or “fronts”. The most basic element was to rebuild a solid community of self- aware Solarians in the Earth Colonies. The inhabitants isolated themselves almost completely from the mind-control influences of the mass entertainment media; with this exception, however, the Colonies were equipped with an manner of state-of-the-art electronic equipment. This aided in the operation of the second front. which included ongoing communication with a world-wide network of contacts, and monitoring the secrets of the Ophidians. Marcus had many adherents and allies deep in the inner circles of the power structure, as well as extensive upper-class connections in general. For almost two decades he maintained immunity from the deadly secret agencies that might be inclined to take an unhealthy interest in his affairs. by passing himself off as an innocuous guru with-a cult following. and by judiciously keeping his military front outside the United States: weapons were stockpiled only in the Earth Colonies located in remote areas of Latin America.

People from the other Colonies went there for the military aspect of their training. There were other devices that Marcus used to remain invisible to his enemies, including psychic ones. There is no question but that our group was eons ahead of both superpowers in “psychotronic” development. This took a further great leap when in 1983 we attained a powerful and permanent group-mind effect among all our members in all the Colonies. Marcus called this the Geist. It had tremendous spiritual implications. but one of its practical effects was to completely protect our collective from enemy infiltration.

The fourth front had always been to spread the spirit of the group to the highest, brightest. and most influential Solarians in the world – to awaken them to their true identity, which has been suppressed by Ophidian mind control. This was in sharp contrast to other revolutionary groups, which focused on the masses of people. But Marcus knew that if the high Solarians awoke they would make league with us, and the Empire could be won by an elaborate coup d’etat in the innermost corridors of power. He originally estimated that it would take about thirty years to draw in enough of the right people to accomplish this; but when the Geist was born in us, he reduced that estimate to ten.

There was, however, another contingency, which was that from 1981 to 1984 the United States was preparing for a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. This forced us to develop an alternative option which could be implemented quickly with the outbreak of war.

The government had drawn up plans to maintain its control even if half the population of the country were wiped out by Russian nukes. We had ways, though, of subverting this, including a couple of people on the staff of the massive mechanized vault inside Mount Weather, where the entire federal bureaucracy planned to hole up. In short, it was extremely likely that there would be, at best, a serious breakdown of control by the central government over the territory of the United States; and at worst (actually best for us), the total elimination of that control. This would bring our own military effort to the fore, both for the defense of our Colonies and for taking political control of larger areas. So we increased the flow and the magnitude of weaponry to the Colonies in Panama and Colombia.

In June of 1984 the covert war of nerves between the United States and the Soviet Union came to a head. Marcus was informed by his inside sources that President Reagan had actually thrown down the gauntlet to the Russians. There was even a public declaration of war, delivered in a sort of code language to conceal it from the people. The only thing that could prevent the war would be a total capitulation by the Soviets to certain secret demands involving Mideast oil. This in fact is what actually happened, but at first it seemed. so unlikely that Marcus elected to begin the importation of our armaments from Latin America. There was such an evident need for haste that it was necessary to override the usual security measures for ensuring secrecy. If the war had actually broken out, it wouldn’t have mattered.

When the war fizzled, it was disaster. The weapons were now in the American Earth Colonies, and their movement had been noticed by the intelligence agencies. “I’m dead,” said Marcus; “it’s only a matter of time.”

Marcus managed to elude his Ophidian pursuers for a full year. But in July 1985, Federal agents finally pinned him down with a small group of friends at the Earth Colony in Washington State. Two people were smuggled out to a secret observation point before the Feds closed the noose: Marcus’ wife Saxon, because she was pregnant with their child; and me, because Marcus had charged me with the task of writing the story of these events.

The people did not fall passively before the siege of the government agents. They fought back with sophisticated weaponry. even downing a helicopter with an anti-aircraft gun. Inexorably, though, the Ophidians managed to firebomb the building. Marcus was the last survivor, spraying agents with machine-gun fire from atop a roof, before the flames reached the arsenal and it exploded.

Afterwards I was amazed that the government had been able to pull off this operation in complete secrecy, unlike similar acts of mass murder before and since. Saxon theorized that it was because Marcus was more dangerous. Allowing it to get into the media would have led to public knowledge of his teachings, and this the Ophidians did not want.

The other Earth Colony in the Western United States had also been invaded by Federal agents but not destroyed, and many of the people escaped, avoiding arrest. Saxon and I rendezvoused with some of these friends, and in practicing the group meditation methods at which we were adept, we experienced an extremely lifelike apparition of Marcus. He spoke to us, confirming our knowledge that the Geist would go on, and instructed us to continue the pre-1984 plan of spreading it to high-minded Solarians everywhere. Because of the turn of events, and the lack of his presence in the flesh, it would now take longer than ten years; nevertheless, our spirit is immortal and our ultimate victory is assured!


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