Getting Real

Life as it’s known to pragmatists, politicians, and the average person is actually a Matrix, a virtual reality. It’s like a gargantuan computer game in which the players have forgotten that that’s what it is, and are convinced that the simulation is real life.

This basic insight, without the tech trappings, was at the heart of most traditional worldviews, showing that the human condition has always abided within this Matrix, whether it was called Maya, the matterspell, or Plato’s cave. However, the mass illusion that overlays real life deepened precipitously in the industrialized modern age, until it finally devolved into the all-encompassing high-tech Matrix of postmodern times.

Plato's Cave


The legions of “practical” people with their noses to the ground and their eyes on the wall of the cave usually dismiss this perspective as some kind of abstraction or mind-game, and refuse to let it distract them from the important business of life as they know it. But awareness of this life as the Matrix, and a foothold in what is truly real, is the most practical of all tools for making an impact on the real world. In the movie version, it enabled the characters to develop superpowers and ultimately to overthrow the Matrix, something unthinkable to the masses trapped in its illusion. If you’re engaged in a computer game you have to play by the rules; but if you’re a programmer you can change the rules, and the nature of the game itself. If you’re skilled enough, you can even create a whole new game.

The game-changer in metapolitics is for a sufficiently large body of white people to separate itself, not just from other races and from the anti-white culture, but from the Matrix itself. How can this be done if the entire global village is the illusionary Matrix? The answer hinges on the true identity of the real world, which is where we want to be. We say that the real world is the natural world, with humans living in it in a natural way. Therefore the path of liberation from the Matrix is to cast off the utterly unnatural lifestyle of postmodern times, to unplug from all the addictions that afflict the people: substances, media, sleaze, and the seductive ease of living in the hardwired cells of the mechanical hive.

If the Matrix itself were suddenly unplugged and global tech civilization came crashing down, humanity would be thrown back into a primitive state, with the savagery amplified by the apocalyptic horrors of the collapse, the suffering and death of billions of people. The survivors would no doubt return to a paleolithic way of life, which would certainly be natural ~ but this is not what we want either.

The eventual breakdown of the Matrix is inevitable, for reasons we’ll detail later, but it will most likely be gradual. We can prepare to survive not only embracing a hardier lifestyle, but by tapping into the Source of life itself: the Supernal Spirit. History shows that the longest-lived and most prolific human groupings are those in which natural primal potency is infused with Spirit. And perhaps the most inspiring vision for the future is to recreate this collective fusion.

2 thoughts on “Getting Real

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  2. False values and feelings of powerlessness are what put us in this unreal matrix. Certain groups that have the same values resonate with each other. This gives power to the group for each individual to tap into.

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