FUSION: Polygamy

Spirit-Primal Fusion

4. The Bonds of Love: Singular and Plural

The Germans at the time of Tacitus were the heirs of a European stock that some researchers have traced back to Paleolithic times ~ in fact their genome had direct continuity from the Cro Magnon race identified by numerous skeletal remains & artifacts going back 40,000 years. But there was another large white population in a separate econiche: the Aryans, whose habitation of the steppes of central Asia has been documented to as early as 7,000 BP (before the present). It’s unknown exactly when the white gene pool fissioned into eastern and western components, but the two cohorts had strikingly different mating customs.

The culture of Europe from the time of Cro Magnon evolved in the harsh climate on the periphery of the Ice Age glaciers. Though there was always some degree of movement of tribes within the bounds of the small continent, all were essentially settled peoples, and became even more so as the ice receded and agriculture gradually increased. These conditions all conspired to mitigate the power of the alpha males in favor of a more sexually egalitarian dynamic, in which a larger proportion of men further back on the bell curve of yang would be assured the blessing of wives and families, as long as they had the strength and survival skills necessary to support and protect them. In short, this culture was monogamous. Most of the vestiges of the alpha prerogative of multiple wives were ironed out over the generations by an accretion of customs and taboos that favored the marriage of one man to one woman.

The situation was different on the Pontic Steppe, which was the region that yielded the oldest archeological evidence of the branch of the race which called itself Aryan, most likely an offshoot stock of the original Europeans which had migrated eastward millennia earlier. They were a nomadic people who developed a culture centered on the tightly-knit band of warriors, the league of men described in chapter one. Here the league became an aristocratic elite of the most aggressive and successful fighters, who treated each other as brothers and respected the natural hierarchy of yang-fueled prowess that existed among them. The core of their motivation was to win the esteem of their peers, and sustain it, by glorious feats in battle and strict adherence to their code of loyalty and honor.

Anthropologists note that the ideal reproductive strategy for the men of such leagues is for each to mate with a multitude of women. So it was that polygamy proliferated on the steppes. Not much is known about the forms it took until a mighty league of Aryans conquered India, and settled into a civilized culture.

Hindu Harem

5. Sexual Caste

To understand the primal foundation of human sexuality, we have to grasp the reality of what the Indo-Aryans called caste. In all times, places, and cultures there is a natural hierarchy among people in terms of the most vital qualities of life and ability. Precivilized peoples recognize this intuitively, and structure their customs around it in various organic ways. The Hindu caste system was a civilized formalization of the Aryan version, subject to the inevitable distortion and calcification of social norms whenever they get uprooted from nature.

There is also a natural caste structure to sexuality, in which the rank of any individual is determined mostly by a combination of raw vital energy and degree of polarization ~ i.e., yang for males and yin for females, as opposed to the sliding scale in between. The man with the most highly-charged quantum of yang is of course the alpha male. The term “alpha female” is sometimes used to describe a woman with assertive leadership qualities or other masculine attributes, but ranking terminology is not often used in reference to women who are more feminine than most, who have a high quantum of yin. This is intuitively suitable, but to serve a larger purpose I’ve introduced the use of the letter omega to designate such women. It does not indicate any sort of lack, but just the opposite: omegas are the most superior women in terms of yin. They are at the opposite pole of the sexual spectrum from alpha males, and hence are most perfectly matched with them. Alphas and omegas are the highest sexual caste in their respective genders.

The kind of polygamy that prevailed among the Aryans in their transition from the barbarous steppes through the civilizing stages in India was actually closer to the primal norm than the monogamy that developed among their European cousins. The nearest primate species to humans is that of the chimpanzees, who live in bands where two or at most three alpha males sequester all the females unto themselves, with the bachelor herd kept on the periphery. A mitigating factor in the specific relevance of this to white evolution is that chimps all live in the tropics. However, the frigid Ice Age habitat of Cro Magnon was shared for thousands of years by a still more closely related primate species: Neanderthal. And the Neanderthal tribe consisted of a single alpha male and his harem ~ if not all the females of the band, then certainly all the most desirable ones, the omegas and their close sisters on the scale.

The anthropological evidence informs an intuitive insight that there is a catch-22 built into the human condition: the majority of men and women would prefer a mate from the ranks of the sexual elect. This is a perennial challenge to social stability, and explains the prevalence of polygamy throughout history ~ or specifically polygyny: one man mated to many women. If it were strictly a matter of men enforcing their will on powerless women, the form would not endure; but the truth is that that in many cases a woman will prefer having even a small share of a top-quality man, to having a lower-calibre man all to herself.

On the other side, there are also many historical instances of polyandry: one woman mated with two or more men. It’s easy to see why this is a much rarer phenomenon simply in terms of natural selection, since a polygynous society will always have a more prolific birthrate than a polyandrous one. A yang man has plenty of sperm to go around, but a woman with many husbands still has only one womb. If the “bachelor herd” of non-reproducing singles is male, it does not affect the birthrate of the community as a whole; but a large number of sexually inactive “bachelorettes” will cause the population to plummet.

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