Ram Arising

Ram Arising ~ coming soon as an Amazon ebook!

This is a call for prepublication reviews & comments, which can quoted in the front pages of the book ~ just like the pro publishers do. The entire book is already on my website, and can be read on a PC at this link:

Ram Arising

Take a look if you like, and if turns you on, feel free to come back with some quotable comments!

Here’s the cover followed by the book description, just as it’ll appear in the Amazon rendition:

Ram Arising-450

It didn’t take long for America to break down after the economic foundation collapsed.

In 2033 a semblance of law and order still prevails in militarized urban Green Zones, where the citizenry lives in fear of the gangs and terrorists who rule the countryside.

Kirk Donaldson is among the fortunate few with a decent job, but his life is riddled with insecurities. In an effort to rekindle an old romance, he accompanies Jennifer Ekstrom to a performance by a rising star named Kalianna, the leader of a New Age cult whose followers worship her as a Goddess. In the audience is Gavin Paneskos, who challenges Kalianna and covertly engages her in psychic combat. During an intermission, Gavin and his cousin Aurora talk with Kirk and Jennifer, revealing that they are members of what the media describes as a white supremacist terrorist group. The truth, they say, is that they are citizens of Thule, a legendary kingdom which has risen again and thrives in areas liberated from what they call the New World Empire. Their leader is Ramar, a man endowed with the highest enlightenment and powers bordering on the supernatural.

Romantic encounters take place, Gavin with Jennifer and Aurora with Kirk. Each couple shares a kiss charged with such psychic-tantric energy that it awakens the souls of Kirk and Jennifer to their true identity as Thuleans.

The story tears open the Matrix-illusion of material life, and offers a glimpse of the hidden powers that contend for control of the world, for good or ill. The climax is an epochal battle that evokes the mythos of the Endtime, drawing on Hindu as well as Christian prophecies, the scientific Singularity, and the coming of the Übermensch.

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