The Song of Thule

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Though I’m not really singing it, I’m just sort of winging it…


At the heart of all and in the farthest stars

Lies Thule.

Thule is a world of shadowlight,
A million shades of radiance past
The blackest black and whitest white.
Omphalos up the Arctic mast,
Umbilicus to Polaris bright,
And on beyond Andromeda, fast
As thought and straighter than a laser’s flight
To Thule.

A billion stars in a galactic disk,
A trillion disks in a supersphere,
A quadrillion spheres in all that is,
Descried by the telescope’s eye and ear.
A quintillion leagues beyond all this
Is Thule. And yet it’s here.

Thule, Thule, past the farthest star.
Thule, Thule, show us what we are.
Thule, Thule, stardust in our brain.
Thule, Thule ~ when the world ends we remain.

Before the dawn of mind on Earth
Came ships of light across the abyss
From Thule.
They ensouled the ape and gave us birth,
And raised us up and made us wish
For Thule.
We morphed and changed, and grew in worth,
With the Father’s hand and Mother’s kiss
Of Thule.


They wanted us to be gods like them
With lucid skin and golden hair,
And hold the cosmos in our ken,
And climb up evolution’s stair
To Thule.

But even the best-laid plans of gods
Can go astray, with mortal will
And human weakness in the cards.
We lost our perch, and are falling still;
All that’s left are shards
Of Thule. . .
And these will soon be ground up in the mill.

Now at the end we have one last chance
To redeem the sacred spark inside us,
And save the race for another dance
Before eternal night shall hide us.

We’ve shrunk so small that we must call
Upon the gods to save us.
Let them come right now to hear our vow,
As we ask for heavy favors.
Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter,
Listen to our plea:
Deva Pa, Devi Ma, Ramar, Savitri!
And RamaSavitUR, all in one ~
For once and future Thule
We will fight on till the light is won,
Or till we are buried truly!
So send your light and send your might,
And send the ships of Thule.



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