FUSION: Spirit Strikes


6. The First Stroke of Spirit

When the conquerors established their rule over the lush expanse of the Indus Valley, they called it Aryavarta: Land of the Aryans. They called the indigenous people Dasyus, meaning “those whom we have conquered”, and in India to this day the word means “non-Aryans”.

Over the first few generations the men of the Männerbund learned many of the arts and sciences of civilization from the former Dasyu ruling caste, some of whom were light-skinned remnants of an earlier wave of conquest by a Mediterranean people. The new way of life greatly expanded the potentialities of the Aryans, for better and for worse. Warlords and tribal chieftains got promoted to kings, and their staunchest warriors became a nobility, formalized as the Kshatrya caste. The shamanic priesthood which had conducted the Vedic rituals on the steppe for thousands of years now became the Brahmin caste. Skills which on the old turf were marginal and confined to a few now became the occupation of many, as handicrafts evolved into industries and Neolithic gardening into agriculture.

It also became possible for the harems of kings and other high-ranking Kshatryas to increase in size. Meanwhile, the refinements of culture gave an advantage to men with capacities beyond what was needed for success in the Männerbund. If an alpha male was also gifted with high intelligence and/or psychic sensitivity, he could promote new kinds of endeavor among the people he led, and recognize individuals with similar gifts ~ including omega females. Primitive alphas could easily spot raw omegas by instinct ~ like, “Me Tarzan, you Jane!” But between higher and more cultivated men and women, alpha-omega eros could foliate into new dimensions.

The upshot was that harems became schools of all sorts of arts and refinements for women and girls with special aptitudes. Dance may have originally been aimed solely at erotic stimulation, but over centuries was elaborated into a rich artform with religious overtones: the dances included dramatizations of Vedic myth and movements designed to evoke reverence and inspire devotion.

Another trend that dovetailed into this one was that Brahmins had learned the arts of meditation and yoga from the old Indus priesthood, and were now developing these spiritual practices into a true metascience. The best results from ascetic abstention from sex are produced in those who are naturally endowed with the strongest sexual charge ~ so it’s not surprising that sooner or later an alpha male who had mastered the heights of Spirit would connect with an omega female mistress of the depths of love. This historic first match is unrecorded, but we know from the outcome that it united Heaven and Earth and produced a divine child: the regal path of sacred sex, spiritual eros, which was called Tantra by its creators.

Here we’ve reached the opening to the high side of our Spirit-Primal Fusion, the portal through which the divine light floods down and sacralizes the acto of love. But before we explore this miracle directly, we’ll follow out its impact on the lives and mating customs of men and women.

Supernal Love

Chapter 7: The Priestesses of Love

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