Imperium Ego

Wherefore Hitler?

2. Imperium Ego

The turn of the twentieth century was the peak of an epochal cycle: the white race had carved out a global Imperium whose technical wonders and quality of life seemed to transcend the worst evils of the human condition. This whole trajectory of world events was driven by people with a keen awareness of how their genetic and cultural heritage gave them a special nature, a common cause, and a collective destiny. But at the end of the century the last trace of this proud white identity had vanished from the ranks of the people and their leaders, and nothing was left of their empire but an echo in the corridors of time.

We must accept that the white race was fully complicit in its own undoing, because it followed a course that caused it to lose touch with Supernal Spirit. The seeds of the twentieth century were sown at the dawn of the Modern Age: the white soul of Europe went through a Renaissance which uprooted it from the tradition which had been its ground of being since the beginning of the Aeon. Ultimately it took on the character of Faust, as Western Man made a deal with the Devil and cast off the yoke of the God he had been pleased to call his Father. He created a new science which gave him command over nature to rival that of the God he had foresworn. This spawned an industrial revolution which tore the masses of people away from the soil and from any semblance of a natural way of life.


The new mode of civilization made great progress in medicine and public hygiene, which lengthened the lifespan and lowered the birthrate. Even such an evident blessing had a dark underbelly, for it counteracted natural selection and caused a gradual decline in the genome of the race and species. This process was augmented by the toxins pumped into the air and water, an insidious alchemy that caused the quality of the population to deteriorate in disastrous ways.

The people had changed not only physically but psychologically as well: they had become individuals. They were no longer content to be merely part of a larger organism, like a race, a nation, a class, a clan, or the Mystical Body of Christ. Some believed that their science had proven that they had no soul, that the inmost being of the individual was purely a thinking mechanism called the ego. It was this Faustian ego that confronted the world in 1900 ~ this was the actual nature of the white collective intelligence. And this was the key to its ineluctable destruction in the century that followed.

3. The Prophet

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