The Tide Shall Rise Again

There has been a dramatic rise in white awakening since the year 2000, as millions of people cast off the guilt-trip and self-hatred that was imprinted on them and their forebears for over half a century. The Internet enables them to relate in virtual communities, and this sometimes gets fleshed out in live groupings and gatherings. Nevertheless, the new legions are still a small minority of the white population worldwide.

The burning question for most of us is: what is to be done? There’s a whole array of answers, which usually hinge on how people define themselves collectively. The largest number see themselves as white nationalists, an identity that entails a broad-reaching political agenda ~ like a nation-state of our own, or predominance in the one we inhabit. The means conceived for implementing this goal diverges widely between North America, where only the wildest fantasists can still dream of a pro-white government, and Europe, which is a different kind of stewpot.

Nationalism in Europe runs closer to the original sense of the word, in that every country has its own movement; thus there is British nationalism, French nationalism, Ukrainian nationalism, etc. There’s a strong racial element to the whole stew, but because it’s splintered into ethnicities the whiteness of it tends to stay under the table. Far right nationalist leaders occasionally even indulge in public denials of the accusation of “racism”, thereby acknowledging the validity of the concept and implicitly denying white racial solidarity on the world scale.

Europe ethnos

Credit: page by Amna Rasheed

The harsh racial environment in North America has given rise to one of the most promising developments in the new millennium: a movement to establish white alternative communities. It has met with some success because of a rigorous focus on down-to-earth matters, and deliberate avoidance of ideology with its fragmenting tendencies. These communities are called “Pioneer Little Europes”, inspired by a vision of Europe as the traditional white homeland. The PLEs overlap with the American survivalist movement, a strong alt-culture which has been burgeoning below the radar of the mainstream media.

A clear view of the cycles of time and the metapolitical tide shows that history is on the side of those who stake their claim outside the system, not within it. The interlocking power blocs that dominate the world order are inseparably wed to a societal dynamic with a life of its own. The financial oligarchs in particular are driven so blindly by greed that they will kill the goose that lays their golden eggs by pursuing their rape of the globe until the whole morass caves in from underneath. A slow collapse has already begin; it can drag on or accelerate depending on variable factors, but the final outcome is as certain as nightfall: the end of the present civilization.

This provides the answer to our burning question: what must be done is to establish a community capable of surviving what promises to be the biggest blowout in recorded history. So now we turn to the next question, which is: how can we do that? What will it take for a band of intrepid souls to stick together and withstand the end of the world as we know it?

First there are the material basics, as all good neo-European survivalists know: a larder stocked with a few years’ supply of non-perishable food, plus seeds and the other ingredients needed to replenish a scorched earth; plenty of arms & ammo and the skills to use them well; and a self-selected crew of men and women hardy enough for the job.

A large number of dedicated groups like this will assure the preservation of the white gene pool, even (or especially) if human life recycles to the paleolithic. The groups themselves, however, will soon dissolve into the brutalized horde fighting for survival, as will all remnants of high civilization. This, in a word, is devolution.

So now the question becomes: how can a group equip itself not just for physical survival in the breakdown of the corrupt order, but for building something better to replace it? What kind of group will it take to leverage an evolutionary upshift?


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