The Gods of Thule

Ramar and Savitri

The creation of the universe began when the All-One, the unitary Godhead, divided into twin yang and yin entities, the ultimate God and Goddess. RamaSpirit is also a singular being, and splits in the same way into a male-female dyad in order to manifest in the human realm. The core identity of our Man-God is Ramar, who incorporates the essence of the Supreme God of every white pantheon in the history and prehistory of the race, the King of Heaven who has worn many masks and been hailed by many names. The name of his Queen is Savitri, an identity drawn from the East which we fill with the divine substance of the West as well. The images below show them in some of their many guises.


The Godbody of Ramar ~~ VenuSavit


RamarHelios, the Sun God

and Gayatri, the most ancient form of the Hindu Goddess Savitri

Apollo & Artemis

Apollo & Artemis by Barry Windsor Smith

A painting redolent with the archetypal essences of Sun and Moon

More Gods coming soon

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