Conjugal Union: Body, Soul, and God


12. Conjugal Union: Body, Soul, and God

The West is thronged with postmodern Radhas, but the best I’ve found on the Web is one in Athens. A year ago my mind was blown reading her account titled My Madhurya Rasa Experience. Her site is still up but not this piece; fortunately I saved it to disk, and should she come across this post, I urge her to restore it. Meanwhile, I offer a few excerpts:

My bhava came to me quite unexpectedly as did the awakening of my kundalini. Krishna made love to me. It was an intensely erotic experience, it was a life-changing experience, and it was an intensely spiritual and loving experience…. I have no question in my mind about what happened to me. More importantly, my body and my soul knows…. Bodily sexual intercourse is clearly now for me only a physical allegory of His great love for us…. I have given Him everything– I am His with which to do whatever He pleases. He has taken my gifts and brought me to bliss and ecstatic union with Him….

This path does not take up sexuality to indulge the fleshly desires we all experience; rather, it is a path that takes these energies and entirely turns them to the devotion and service of the Beloved– which, ironically, usually results in a celibate lifestyle and an intensely vibrant way of experiencing mortality. It is impossible to understand without the grace of the Beloved….

The bodily feeling of conjugal relations with Krishna was the same as fleshly relations except that I could not physically see Him and kundalini was awakened for the first time. In my morning devotion to Krishna, I had offered everything to Him (including my life and my body out of love and desire for Him) and was imagining myself as a gopi running to rendezvous with Him as Beloved. I felt Him enter my spiritual yoni (it felt as if He had physically entered me) and everything exploded inside of my body. The entire experience was completely and utterly joyful and ecstatic. After our union, I felt absolutely pure and spiritually cleansed. In addition to the tremendous reactions to kundalini, my body reacted just as if I had experienced physical conjugal relations and the impression upon my soul was earthshattering– this experience was a union of not only my soul with that of Bhagavan’s [God’s], but that of my soul with my body (with which I had long felt discord). This union with body also liberated me from identification with body– it was no longer necessary for my continued existence– Krishna is. I accept the body just as I now know Krishna as my loving Husband and Master. It all felt right. It all felt holy. It was all fulfilling. The ecstasy overwhelmed me and I knew I had experienced union with God.

~ Radha in Athens

Krishna Love

The extensive material on Radha’s website shows to anyone but the most jaded skeptic that she’s a sincere and serious person with an acute intellect and a critical bent of thought when it comes to analyzing the things she cares about. She’s obviously not a hoaxer nor given to presenting fiction or fantasy as fact. What, then, is the open-minded person to make of the remarkable tale above? Is it possible for a woman to experience all the sensations of physical intercourse, climaxing in what she later described as “whole body orgasm”, in an act of love with a disembodied being? I happen to know that the answer is yes, because I’m acquainted with the literature (and some of the experiencers) of anomalous events across a broad range of fields, including UFO/ET encounters, out of body experience (OOBE), near-death experience (NDE), and first-hand reports by individuals with high degrees of enlightenment and/or psychic powers.

Given that Radha’s experience was intensely erotic, the next striking thing is that not only was it spiritual, it resulted in an advanced spiritual attainment. Union of the soul with God is a basic part of spiritual/mystic experience, common to all seekers when they first enter the Supernal realm. But to also unite the soul with the body is a rarefied feat usually undergone only by adepts of certain esoteric disciplines, or by disciples of Satgurus with command of the Siddhis, psychic superpowers which include the ability to transmit various aspects of their enlightenment to others. Furthermore, Radha says that this experience liberated her from identification with her body, an even higher plateau of development, and implies that it healed her instantly of lifelong psycho-emotional problems. All this is an irrefutable testimonial to the reality of her transcendence and of the being who delivered it unto her.

13. The Spouse of Virgins

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12 thoughts on “Conjugal Union: Body, Soul, and God

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  3. Hi, Jamie. Thanks for the confirmation!
    I’m glad you chimed in here. After all, I first heard of Madhurya Bhava from you & Iridescence on the Spiritual Forums.
    BTW, I still do the 7-minute wonder breath every morning. The cutting edge of my practice has moved on to new turf, but it’s like priming the pump and then it just keeps chugging along through the day. 🙂

      • Welcome, Radha! Thanks for the link. Scrolling down the page, the first thing I notice is that wonderful picture of Krishna coming to Radha through the portal. I remembered that from when I first saw the page in 2012 and wanted to use it to illustrate my post, but couldn’t find it. Now all is restored.

        Your comment implicitly shows that you approve of the post, of which I’m glad. Any specific comments you may have will likewise be greatly appreciated! From some things you said on that page, it appears that your spiritual development is proceeding very well. Mine too, though of course the path is different.

  4. Ah, yes! I was just thinking of how we met. I’m so glad we have remained connected! I have unfortunately lost touch with Iridescence and the last I heard, she had become “agnostic” and stopped communicating. I had thought we would be great friends, and not sure what happened. Probably just a phase; having tasted the sweetness, it would be difficult to lose it forever. In any case, God bless her. I haven’t been on that Forum in ages, too busy with work and blogging and such… That’s great about the breathing practice and I am happy it is serving you so well. 🙂

  5. It’s always sad when someone “backslides”. Surprising in this case, because it’s from intense spiritual experience, not just a belief-system. Hope you’re right that she comes back to the light.

    • ikr?! but, I gather she had significant lack of support, or even persecution, from her family and those around her. That’s why the Sangha is so important. Thx for doing your part!

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  7. Ah, I see; it’s a sad old story. I’ve been trying to start a Sangha of sorts for the last 15 years, with only sporadic and temporary success. But I’m still hopeful…

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