Supernal Spirit

The highest form of Spirit can manifest in the lowest depth of matter, and can inspirit human beings. This Spirit has a very specific nature which has been exactly described by many enlightened individuals under many names. To minimize confusion, we settle upon a single word and call it Supernal.

Beyond Supernal Spirit there is only the formless Absolute, which we call by the mantram OM. Nothing really true can ever be said of OM, for it encompasses all truth within itself, seamlessly melded with untruth; all opposites conjoin in OM and are undone, unborn.

The first child of OM is Supernal Spirit, whose truth is One. This Singularity is a divine consciousness pervading all and everything; by nature it radiates an infinite love, which has been called Caritas. Creation begins when the One becomes Two, the Divine Dyad which then spawns the myriad beings who populate the cosmos, as the Supernal Subject seeks Objects for its love. Yet the Oneness remains intact and underlies All, the ground of being of the universe.

Supernal Spirit can manifest in living people on a scale of many gradations. Caritas will flow through them and be expressed as compassion for their fellow humans and other sentient beings, to the exact degree that they have opened themselves to the divine influence and mastered the art of being a vessel of Spirit. Those who achieve total Supernal incorporation become divine themselves, and are recognized as such by others. The great historical exemplars are Krishna, Christ, Buddha, Lao Tze, and others; but the world is always host to many of these Elect who choose to live and work secluded from public view.

Supernal Spirit

God Within as Higher Self:

The nature of individuals who actualize high degrees of Supernal Spirit is described in the sacred scriptures of those who strive to follow the example of the Avatars (divine incarnations). From these we can draw a portrait of one who is profoundly detached from the troubles of the world, yet cares deeply about human suffering and strives to mitigate it or console the sufferers in ways that are consistent with a larger divine plan which he seems to understand. He is capable of withstanding the vilest affronts from his fellow humans without succumbing to anger, fear, hatred, or the desire for vengeance; but when the moment comes, he is ready to inflict the wrath of God on those who deserve it, from the same invincible position of placid detachment.

This ability to act from superhuman motives derives from the Supernal adept’s direct vision of divine Oneness pervading all that surrounds him, whether he kneels with the worshippers in a cathedral or stands with the warriors on a battlefield. At a certain degree of advancement he recognizes every person who crosses his path, whether friend, foe, or stranger, as a kindred soul whom he loves. At a still higher degree he grasps that they are all himself, his own infinite soul acting through other bodies. He sees the Truth that All are One ~ Supernal Spirit masquerading as the numberless multitude of sentient beings who throng the cosmos.

The fate of every single one of these myriad souls is determined by the exact degree of its awareness (vidya in Sanskrit) or ignorance (avidya) of this Supernal reality. Those locked in hard avidya thereby bring terrible suffering on themselves and those whose fate is bound up with theirs. These karmic consequences often come at the hands of others, who thereby accrue karma themselves, creating a negative matrix and a hellish world. But if the retribution is inflicted by a Master of Supernal Spirit with a pellucid vision of Oneness, the vicious cycle will end, redemption will come, and even the most ignorant soul may awaken to knowledge of Spirit.

The theme of Supernal Spirit is further developed in

The Spirit in Our Midst

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