Wherefore Hitler?

1. Man of the Century

The very name of Adolf Hitler is to this day a potent mantra which enflames masses of people, polarizing them into hostile camps with conflicting worldviews. From the end of the war to the end of the century, the side that saw Hitler as the Devil incarnate and the epitome of evil was totally dominant ~ in fact, this was the view that prevailed in the Zeitgeist of Western culture. The countergeist of the Third Reich survived its downfall, but only in scatterdemalion legions on the fringe of society The latitude of this mismatch began to shift at the turn of the millennium with the white awakening. Now there is a sizable contingent of people who are open to new paradigms, and who cast their critical eyes on a past that may be prologue to a whole new aeon.

Hitler Time

In 1999 Time Magazine offered their readers a chance to vote for the Man of the Century (later neutered to “Person” of the Century). Hitler took a commanding lead right from the start. This is not surprising since it wasn’t billed as a popularity contest; the premise was simply to select the individual who had made the biggest impact on the world in the twentieth century, for better or worse. Nevertheless, the Jewish owners and editors of Time were very upset at the prospect of running a cover like the one shown here. Despite all their hand-wringing and efforts to shame the readership, A.H. stayed in the lead. Finally they “elected” one of their own from the top down.

Index of further chapters:

2. Imperium Ego

3. The Prophet

4. The Chosen One

5. Short of the Glory of God

6. Is He Fit for Becoming Brahman?

7. The Secret Weapon

8. What Could Have Been, and Still Can Be

What Does It All Mean?

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