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Excerpts from the homepage:

Wherever there is a white population of any significant size, people are waking up to their racial identity and embracing it as a wonderful thing…. The quality of the people is higher than in any of the generations since the end of World War II. It was therefore inevitable that spiritual awakening would begin to leaven the racial, and give birth to a new white enlightenment. There are also many individuals who have had out of body experiences (OOBE), near-death experiences (NDE), UFO/ET encounters, and other strange adventures of a psychic, mystic, or occult nature….

Another topic-sector with index links is

White Frontier

From the introduction:

The white race will survive as long as the Earth supports human life, but it will never again be master of the Earth until it transcends the human condition…. If this spiritual shift is successful, it will transmute the genome over the following generations, and our heirs will be a genuine breed of Übervolk.

The race as it is will never be united. The change will be made not by winning political hegemony in any nation-state, nor by awakening a large number of white people to racial reality. The victorious strategy is modeled by evolution: a small group of self-selected individuals with superior qualities secures a foothold, forms a new gene pool, and takes over an econiche by gradually replacing the species from which it evolved. In this instance, the timetable will be speeded up by the collapse of the global high-tech Matrix.

Next sector: Metacosmos

There are vast quadrants of reality not charted at all in the model of the universe purveyed by physical science. It’s left to intrepid adventurers like us to delve into the secret recesses of the Omnicosmos. If you find some of the territories to be exceedingly strange, just wait till you meet the inhabitants….

Some titles in the index:

An Amazing Case of White Enlightenment

The Man Who Became WHAT IS

Nordic Aliens

Past Lives & Reincarnation


We have a sector devoted to Eros. The word means love. It was originally the name of a God, and implies a divine origin for the act of passion. Love has been lost in the postmodern world, and thus all the freewheeling indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh is not even truly erotic. So we pursue an upshift of the relationship between the sexes to a new evolutionary plateau; we call it


Many aspects of our vision are realistic but esoteric, and can’t be explained factually in commonly understood terms. Therefore we resort to fiction to convey the basics in dramatic form:

Index-Ram Arising-449

Storyline: In the world of the near future, the economic crisis has spiraled into its fateful outcome: civilization has begun to break down. The citizenry is cloistered in militarized urban Green Zones, living in fear of the gangs and terrorists who rule the countryside. Little do they know that the Kingdom of Thule, the legendary white homeland, has risen again and is thriving in large swaths of territory liberated from the New World Empire.

Finally, our own origin story, in case you haven’t already heard it sometime in the last fifteen years:


Thule Flag

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