Is He Fit for Becoming Brahman?

Wherefore Hitler?

6. Is He Fit for Becoming Brahman?


Though the Faustian worldview was willfully embraced by the leadership of the Reich, the effect on the Volk was different, and even ironically opposite. For the miracle wrought by Hitler was that he lifted a whole nation of people out of the Faustian ego. In their joyful devotion to the Führer, they cast off the soul-deadening self-centeredness that characterizes the age, and threw themselves into a life of selfless service to the larger organism of which they were now a part. The phenomenon impressed many high-minded people in the years before the war; some compared it to Christianity in the first two centuries, when it was filled with the Spirit and had not yet calcified into the strictures of a Church. One such admirer of the Reich was Frank Buchman, the charismatic leader of the Oxford Group, a Christian revival movement that was sweeping the West. Himmler was fascinated by Buchman, and invited him to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In an interview afterwards Buchman said that if Hitler surrendered to God it would save the world.

To understand the profound implications of this statement, we have to lift it out of its strictly Christian context. We saw that Hitler fell short of Supernal enlightenment as described in the Bhagavad Gita, but the Secret of the Gita is that an individual can connect with Supernal Spirit anyway by the practice called bhakti, devotion. And this is identical with the Christian practice of surrendering to God, as explained in Godbody.

The German people were performing bhakti to Hitler ~ literal spiritual surrender. If the Führer in turn could have surrendered to Spirit, it would have completed the circuit and opened the channel, and the fount of collective worship would have ascended all the way to the throne of Heaven. And then the Reich would have been truly invincible, an instrument in the hand of God for the fulfillment of the divine purpose in the world.

In the Gita Krishna speaks as the supreme deity of the universe, and as the voice of Supernal Spirit. In chapter 14 there’s a passage in which he reiterates the difficult path of Supernal mastery, and then adds: “But he who serves Me with unfailing devotion (bhakti), he too is fit for becoming Brahman.” (14:26)

7. The Secret Weapon

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