Thule Mythos

Thule Mythos

Thule is my name for the spiritual homeland of the white race. In my writings I use this mythical theme as the basis for the underlying unity of all white ethnicities. The term “Aryan” once embraced this racial unity, but was later more narrowly defined for political purposes, and helped to fuel the age-old blood enmity which brought the fratricidal disaster of the two world wars. We still live in the backwash of this tragedy, and desperately need a clear-cut singular white identity and name that will transcend the old divisions and nomenclature. I propose that we are all Thuleans, and I’ve been promoting the concept for over twenty years.

Of course the name “Thule” is used in many other ways for other purposes. I’m reminded of an event that occurred at a local salon which I attended for a couple of years, often giving readings and spiels (I use the anglo-slang meaning of this German word: a speech or verbal performance, rather than a play). The moderator of the salon was a high-calibre Danish gentleman named Angar, whom I and most other attendees greatly esteemed. The audience was most often dominated by self-hating white liberals, so it was wise to use double entendre and symbolic speech to convey certain realities. One evening I was spieling about Thule, and the people took it in a spiritual sense. I said that I had once broached it in a private conversation with Angar, and that he replied: “I’ve BEEN to Thule”. There were little gasps and sighs from the people, who thought I meant that Angar and I had shared a mutual recognition of spiritual kinship. They were disappointed when I then revealed that he had meant the physical town of Thule in Greenland, where he had once lived.

Here are some writings on the Thule theme:

Once and Future Thule

Written in 1996, this story has been very gratifying for me because every so often somebody pops out of the woodwork and tells me how the story inspired them and made an imprint when they read it however many years ago. Some of them even become new friends.

The story presents a rudimentary early version of my hypothesis that the white race did not arise from the apes but came down from the stars. This theory has made progress since then, and I’ll post the improved version later. On the other hand, there are some ideas that I now consider to have been off-base, like the notion that “the great transmutation from hominid to human” occurred by means of a certain kind of sexual act that assumed Supernal proportions.

Most racially conscious white people will quickly grasp the true identity of the “aliens” who invaded Earth and brought an end to the Golden Age of Thule.

Thule ~ An Alt-Reality

This is a different treatment of a Golden Age, portraying an ideal utopia not in the past nor future, but in a timeless alternate reality. Some may find it more far out, but the imagery is grounded in principles which can enable a real-life fulfillment ~ not quite so perfect, perhaps, but qualitatively beyond the murky quagmire of postmodern times.

The most realistic treatment of life in Thule is presented in my latest novel Ram Arising, notably in Part Two, of which chapter 6 is titled Thule. This is more of a science-fictional treatment, set in a near future where civilization has begun to break down and whites who have awakened to their Thulean identity have begun carving out a new homeland in the vast stretches of turf they’ve liberated from the faltering hand of the old world order.

Here’s an “actual factual” spiel, but you can decide whether it has a mythic dimension:

The Sacred Nights

It wowed ’em at the salon, perhaps stirring something deeply buried in the hearts of those libs…

And more:

The Fall Through the Yugas


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