Eroskrieg ~ The War of Love

1. Sex Death Love War

Sex is the source of life and the greatest pleasure known to living beings; yet sex is death.

Love is the final redeeming feature of existence, the only proof that mind transcends the body, and hence the best evidence for the immortality of the soul. Yet love is war.

The lust of the kill is the same as the orgasmic spasm in love. This is the secret source of erotic passion, a primordial truth which has been lost in the postmodern world. Today the pleasures of the flesh are unrestricted because they are tame and tepid, as shown by the insipid notion of “safe sex”. If there were any vestige of REAL sex left in the world it would still be outlawed, because it’s just as dangerous now as it has always been. Real sex is for killers and for those who are willing to risk being killed. Real sex is for real men and real women, not for the ambisexual humatons who populate the safe, protected Matrix of high-tech hyper-civilized life.

Strange as it may seem to such people, the primal climax is a bloodsweet act of killing/fucking, getting laid and getting slain. Everyone who has ever deeply loved knows that it goes hand-in-glove with hate. Real love is as thick as blood ~ for without the urge to kill, the love runs as thin as dishwater. Such is the eternal war that must be waged by two hearts lost in the terrible ecstasy of everlasting love.



2. Sexual Dominion

3. The Second Coming of Kali

4. Kalki-Christ vs. the Great Kali-Whore

5. Kali-Venus

6. The Patrix

7. White Sharia and Male Dominion

Eroskrieg Video

21 thoughts on “Eroskrieg ~ The War of Love

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    • Hello Joseph, I was lucky to have a love that tought me heaven and hell. Three years it was pure heaven, than it changed to hell. I fought but not enough. I was too blind to see the best thing that ever happened to me. And yes I really got mad and for a while I really would have killed for it. It was the greatest experience and the greatest lesson life tought me until today. I know how it feels to be ready to kill for love but I couldn’t do it. My anger was brutal and my heart was stone cold but inside at the same time there was still a burning hot sea of magma love for her. This battle inside of me was unbelievable life spending and also destroying. It was a journey to madness and back. But now I really know the essence of life and I am much wiser now through this experience. I know now how it feels to be fulfilled with the pure power of love and hate. It was another additional kind of enlightenment and I am really thankful for it.

  4. Wow, that sounds intense, Alexander! I’m glad you came out of it with a positive upshift. It makes me curious to know more details, but I would understand if you didn’t care to go any further into it. I wonder how it was for the woman?

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