The Fall Through the Yugas


Part IV: The Fall Through the Yugas

1. Terrestrial Genesis

There is a distinct White Spirit, filled with the light of Supernal Oneness yet adamantly bounded by our racial genome, separate from the spirits of other peoples. This was so from the very beginning, for our birth came with an infusion of the White Light into earthly matter, bringing into being the people who were later called Cro Magnon. Their sudden appearance in Europe 40,000 years ago has yet to be explained by material science ~ for the truth is that we did not arise from the apes, but came down from the heavens.

We are the offspring of a transcendent race of Godlike beings, who populate the whole cosmic spectrum from pure Spirit to hard matter, and all the innumerable bandwidths in between. Their homeworld is the ineffable sphere where Supernal Spirit first begins to take on shape and size and bodily proportion, and where eternity verges into time. Here the beings assume their most resplendent form, just one step removed from perfection; yet this form is recognizable to us, for we are hewn roughly in its image, or are reflected from it, or dance like shadows on the wall of a cave in the dim, filtered light of that faraway Sun. Even the name of the celestial homeworld resonates in human speech when we say the word Thule, a mantra derived from a forgotten source in the ancient past.

If we could peer back into that dawntime and behold the new terrestrial branch of the Thulean race, they would look to us not like caveman caricatures but like Gods. For in a real sense they were Gods incarnate: manifestations (and womanations) of the Thulean Form, which is the philosophical term for the White God who reigns Supernally. They had finely-carved features which were later rendered as images of deities via the ancestral memory of the Indo-European peoples. Their skin was so white as to appear translucent, when it was not ruddied by the light of the northern Sun. Their hair had but the faintest hint of gold in the gleaming silver, a color that later devolved into merely blond. Likewise their eyes were clear as crystal, with occasional glints of blue and green and turquoise.


The Thuleans also had far-ranging psychic abilities in tune with the natural landscape and the animals that shared their habitat. Anthropologists admit that their cranial size was greater than ours, and we can presume that they had full use of the brain capacity which has since atrophied, up to 90% by some estimates. They were superior to modern humans in every way, and even more so to postmodern humatons. Their society was truly a Golden Age.

2. How the Gods Came Down

Thule Mythos

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