A novella

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Written in the latter half of the 1990s under my nom de plume Victor Noble, this story was an effort to bridge the huge hostile gulf in the whiteside between Christians and the pagans who hate Christianity with a vengeance equivalent to what they feel for the racial adversary. This was especially painful for me from my experience in the White Order of Thule, a pagan organization, and a big reason why I felt forced to break with it.

The plot grapples with the expectation of some sort of shift in human history at the turn of the millennium. As most pagans know, after his death Adolf Hitler went to Valhalla, and that’s where the tale begins. The Gods receive a visit from a most unlikely guest: Jesus Christ, who wishes to consult with the Führer on a matter of great urgency for the fate of planet Earth. There is suspicion amongst the Aesir about the intentions of their age-old foe, but Jesus wins their confidence by confessing that he is not the all-powerful Son of the Only God, as his worshippers believe, but one deity among the many in all the pantheons of humanity. Neither is he omniscient nor infallible, and in fact he is uncertain about how to pull off his Second Coming in a way that will truly save humanity. He wonders if Hitler’s quest for the Übermensch might have a clue to the solution, but the two get into a heated argument that renews all the enmity of World War II.

They decide to consult the Norns for advice on the mystery of how to turn the ages. The company of Gods and Goddesses with their two special guests arrive at a great castle which the Norns have built around the mighty base of Yggdrasil. Inside they find that the Looms of Fate weave a science-fictional device called the Double Gyre, and the Norns explain how the warp and weft contain an infinite series of parallel worlds, in which every possible permutation of destiny is an actual reality, and can be accessed at will upon the Gyre. This sets the scene for a dramatic confrontation, as Christ and Hitler come to blows, Gods battle with angels, the Apocalypse/ Ragnarok breaks out on Earth, and the combatants seek to alter the past for the sake of the future. Of course the Führer attempts to bring about the victory of the Third Reich…

Double Gyre-WW

Christführer Index:

1. A Visitor in Valhalla

2. The Double Gyre

3. Cosmogenesis

4. Union


4 thoughts on “Christführer

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  3. Great story Joseph. As I read it I felt I was in familiar terrain. I noticed that the double gyre forms a vesica piscis.. Is this intentional? Either way it adds another layer to ponder. I think you not only hit on the hostile gulf between pagans and Christians but also on the internal conflict many of European decent feel between our current cultural coma and our slow arousal from it. Many of the truths which are becoming apparent to me are in such utter opposition to my indoctrination and its constant enforcement that sometimes I feel dirty and evil when a new revelation forces a shift in my belief pattern.

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