Dharma 5: White Spirit




Fifth Dharma:

White Spirit

The insidious programming of the Matrix suppresses racial identity and seeks to pasteurize all peoples into a raceless, rootless mass of homogenous humatons. The reality of divine oneness is falsely invoked to legitimize this dehumanization, with the cant that if All are One we should live together in peace and brotherhood forever. The truth is that there is no contradiction between the oneness of Supernal Spirit, which underlies all creation, and the infinite variety of separate forms and beings which it spawns. In fact if all went back to unity, it would be the end of the cosmos.

Spiritual enlightenment awakens an individual to the love of God for all beings, called Caritas. We have also awakened to the reality of racial identity; from this arises another kind of love, the deep primordial philos that binds together a family, clan, or tribe. Again there is no contradiction: enlightened white individuals have philial feelings exclusively for their racial kindred, and this does not diminish their Caritas for all humanity. Awareness of the overarching unity gives us the wisdom to draw the line of separation exactly where it’s needed. Dharma requires strong boundaries on every front, and legitimate conflicts of interest between peoples must sometimes be dealt with by means of war. Only this fusion of blood and Spirit can redeem us from the debacle of World War II and regenerate the race in a New Aeon.

Dharma 6: Genetic Reuptake


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