Hitler Reincarnated?

Here’s a bit of biography which some folks may find of interest:

JOST ~ An Untold Tale of the NS Yogi

The tale I told was how my yoga teacher, Josef (Jost) Turner, was initiated into the spiritual practices of Paramahansa Yogananda, and attempted to convert them into a format adapted to the worldview of white racial pagans.

In Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi there’s an episode where he was in Germany in 1936 and wanted to get an audience with Adolf Hitler to warn him about the looming hostilities and maybe even head them off. Of course Hitler was well aware of the schemes of world Jewry in league with England to lure or provoke him into war. The point, though, is that Yogananda had some sympathy for Hitler, and as an enlightened being he didn’t fall prey to the hysterical reaction after the war. Now here’s some information from Jost not long before his death in 1996; I combine some details he told me in a letter with an account that later appeared in his newsletter:

Uncle Adi was born again in 1949 in a high quality Aryan body, and that is when Yogananda revealed his new identity to his close disciples. After he reached adulthood those of us who were privy to this information began to investigate, and we found a lot of parallels with Hitler, notably his determination to be a radical vegetarian, even though this was against all precedence for his social position. He is an accomplished watercolor artist; I had an art expert compare his paintings to Hitler’s, and the expert said the resemblance was absolutely astonishing. In addition, I came across a photograph of him reading (and looking very interested in) a very anti-Jewish revisionist book. There’s no doubt in any of our minds.

He is in a position to become a leader and warrior should that need arise. However, as unlikely as it may seem, this time he has returned to a position of significance in a major branch of International Finance! I suspect that he has returned to continue the battle with International Finance from the only place it could ever be toppled in today’s climate of degeneration and devolution: from within.

Hitler painter

I think people will agree that the mundane details are pretty striking, but the main reason I give it validity is the source. How could Yogananda know of Hitler’s reincarnation, especially as soon as it happened? Because he was a member of an ancient Acarya lineage of which the leaders are literal Übermenschen, and he himself had Siddha-powers: advanced psychic-spiritual abilities. Jost never revealed the identity of the man in question in order to protect his privacy. The knowledge may have died with him, but I don’t know this for sure, not having been acquainted with whatever circle of confidants may have shared it.

There is the possibility that the soul that was AH in its last life may have already processed its karma and is now seeking some entirely new experience in the human condition. I don’t agree with Jost’s opinion that he’s plotting to “overthrow” International Finance; my opinion is that this can only be done by the collapse of civilization. If this man is that soul, we have no way to know what are its intentions or dharma in its current life.

I believe this reincarnated soul is distinct from the spirit of Hitler, which is now an immortal entity unto itself, a numenal being with the same identity it had while incarnate. There are theories that the Gods arise in this way ~ e.g., that Wotan was originally a warrior-lord who made such an impact on his tribe that they venerated him for centuries after his death. This energy of homage or worship is what sustains such entities, and enables them to expand far beyond the bounds of their old mortal selves.

Miguel Serrano presents a partially similar view of Hitler in his books MANU: For the Man to Come and The Golden Cord (El Cordon Dorado). He says that during his life Hitler was overshadowed by not just one but two spiritual entities. The first was the Führer, construed as a literal numenal being, the folk-soul (Volksgeist) of the German people. Mightier still was the Avatar, whom Serrano identifies as the Hindu Kalki, an Aryan Kristos, and Wotan as well. His theories about these beings are somewhat complex, but a dramatic scene occurs in an early chapter of MANU. In 1947 Serrano signed on to an expedition to Antarctica. He had been given a secret mission by his Maestro (the head of his mystical order), which was to seek the living Hitler in a hidden enclave in the frozen wastes. Amazing as it may sound, he succeeded: he had a face-to-face encounter with a Godlike being in the image of Hitler, whom he says was the conjoined essence of the Führer and Avatar. Serrano devoted the rest of his life to a magnum opus inspired by this meeting.

We may or not ever know the identity of the financier and watercolor artist whom Yogananda claimed is the physical reincarnation of Hitler. But many of us are well acquainted with his spirit resurrected in numenal form, and connect with it along a whole spectrum of action, beliefs, and ideals, from the strictly political to the religious and mystical. Some individuals identify so strongly with Hitler that they sincerely believe that they are his physical reincarnation. This can have counterproductive consequences in that such men tend to compete against one another, each ego inflated by the conviction that “I’m the Führer around here, and the rest of you better wise up and Sieg Heil!” But a bit of enlightened perspective (and humility) would go a long way; if they could only grasp the numenal dimension, they’d realize that hundreds or thousands of mortal humans can all embody the same spirit!

Wherefore Hitler?

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