Dharma 6: Genetic Reuptake


Sixth Dharma:

Genetic Reuptake


Technological civilization has wreaked havoc on the human gene pool. Almost 20% of the people are now disabled in ways that seriously impact the individuals’ ability to function, and a much higher proportion are dependent upon drugs and other substances, legal and illegal, for their health, sanity, and survival. Further, almost the entire population is literally brain-damaged from being exposed since birth to electronic media, as well as genetically damaged in the most directly devastating way from the toxic chemicals that have infused the food, water, air, and soil for many generations.

Some postmoderns harbor beliefs that attributes like intelligence, psychic ability, and spiritual capacity have actually increased in today’s world. If so, then it’s all at the expense of the primal qualities, the opposite pole of human nature. The way evolution works is that in times of ease and plenty, organisms proliferate and become more refined ~ they develop many new positive attributes, but also become more fragile. When the pendulum inevitably swings back to the harsh extreme, the new life-forms and qualities are tested in the crucible, subjected to evolution’s withering flame.

Today there may well be hundreds of thousands of people with IQs of 150 or more, and others with astounding degrees of psychic sensitivity or stratospheric levels of spiritual advancement. But how many of the males among them could fight an enemy to the death in bloody hand-to-hand combat, and how many of the females could raise a brood of children under stark primal conditions? Surely only a few, but this is the formula for an evolutionary leap: many people develop new refined qualities in an artificially protected environment, then a tiny percentage of these individuals prove themselves fit for survival in a state of nature. The rest are swept away in the tide of the turning of aeons. With this dire challenge on the horizon, we begin to prepare ourselves now.

Dharma 7: The Natural Order

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