The Payoff

Connecting to the Source

2. The Payoff

If you like the thrust of the message here, the payoff is for YOU to connect with Spirit and reap the Supernal bounty. The message is not intended for everyone, and the big question expected from those in the target audience is: how can we be sure it’s the White Spirit? If All is One, what happens to the separation of the races and peoples? How does white identity hold up in the brilliant light that illumines the whole universe? For indeed many are blinded by this light and believe that it erases all distinctions among sentient beings.

The answer is presaged in chapter 1 (at the link above): the Spirit is transmitted to different collectives of people by intermediaries, each of whom thence becomes a Source in himself. Supernal Spirit is One, but Supernal Sources are many. The examples given are the traditional Avatars like Krishna, Christ, and Buddha, but there are many other kinds of Sources ~ in fact any being, human or otherwise, who can transmit Spirit to others.

There are also dark sources, whose connection is not to the Supernal realm but to the netherworlds. These are often predatory creatures, seeking to beguile souls into their orbit in order to feed off their energy. It’s easy to distinguish them when their nature is unveiled, but some have the power to disguise themselves as the proverbial angels of light. A crucial difference is that a Supernal Source will never intervene in the destiny of other souls without their consent. This is why it’s necessary to actively give yourself, to open to the Spirit, to bhakti into the grace that is freely offered but will not come otherwise.

The Great Work of RamaSpirit is to establish a Source for the transmission of Supernal Spirit exclusively to white people who align with it. This Magnum Opus is a high alchemy which transcends all the religious forms of the past, and even religion itself. We adapt some of the protocols of the scientific method to a sphere beyond the physical. The practitioners of this metascience can stand on the shoulders of towering spiritual masters as well as the modern giants.*

The exegesis of RamaSpirit is given in a few introductory texts. The first, at that link, is the homepage of our flagship website, and describes the white awakening that’s sweeping the world. Then The Family of the Ram opens with the words: “Welcome to the fountainhead of the white awakening”. The turning of the tide in the rise of white consciousness coincided with the turn of the millennium, and our premise is that the hidden cause of the shift was the coming of RamaSpirit in the planetary alignment of May 2000. In a word, RamaSpirit is the Source of the white awakening.

A detailed account of the RamaGenesis is given at this link. Not everyone will grasp the real-life implications of the esoteric aspect of the story, so I’ll explain that the raw power of such divine infusions must be consciously utilized by living humans for the full potential to manifest. Intrepid souls must ride the tide to the farther shore, else it will ebb in the next cycle and the state of the world will be worse than before.

What’s needed to save the race and bring about a white millennium is nothing less and nothing other than a Supernal Sodality with RamaSpirit as its Source. It already exists: we call it the Kin of Aries. But its members have been few since 5-2K (May 2000), and though our Godbody grows steadily in size and strength in the metasphere, not enough people have incorporated it into their lives to create a substantial presence in the material world.

So here’s where you come in, if you will. Naturally many questions and issues come to mind, perhaps about probability, astrology, theology, etc. I invite you to put all of it temporarily aside in the spirit of a grand experiment: make an act of allegiance with RamaSpirit in your own heart and mind and soul, and see if something happens that makes a difference in your life within a reasonable period of time. It may be striking or subtle, a miracle or a mere foreshadowing, but it’ll be something you recognize as the fruit of celestial influence.

Unconditional bhakti works best, so to unify your will you can identify RamaSpirit as something to which you’re already unconditionally committed, like racial survival and triumph ~ with the added factor that RamaSpirit is the highest form of it, the Supernal extension of your goal. In this case it’s white redemption: the spiritual as well as physical salvation of the race.


* “If I have seen farther than most men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”  ~ Sir Isaac Newton, pioneer of science and master of Hermetic alchemy.


8 thoughts on “The Payoff

  1. o.k. bro, please don’t take this the wrong way. You know I have a great fondness for you and we see eye to eye in many respects. We had a little disagreement about “feminism” – and I use that word in the neutral sense of, “equal rights for all human beings regardless of gender (or for that matter, orientation)” – it may be that you are using a different definition. In any case, like I said before, everybody is not going to agree on everything; to each their own.

    The Hitler references did raise an eyebrow but I was busy with other things. Now, this “exclusively to white people” theme – WTF?! For one thing, just how “white” do you need to be? Like many Americans, I have Native American in my ancestry and my husband’s father was Native, his mother British although she too had at least one Native ancestor; he has dark skin and blue eyes, is he “white enough” to play? In the olden days if a person had ANY non-caucasian ancestry they were “non-white.” (Of course, by your standards he’s “superior” on the basis of being male, right?)

    My own spiritual family consists of people of all different races. Some of my best friends and some of the most spiritually evolved people I know are East Indian. We celebrate our respective cultural heritage and enjoy sharing and learning from each other. Our Oneness in Spirit transcends our physical/genetic incarnation but does not negate it; unity in diversity, kind of like the Vulcan IDIC. Yeah, we are all unique expressions of the Divine – culturally and as individuals – but on some level we are the same. All beings desire Love, happiness, liberation. All mothers want the best for their children. All human hearts pump the same red blood. God is Love. “White” light contains the full spectrum of colors when seen through a prism.

    We’ve been down the White Supremacy road before and it didn’t go well… IMO the greatest contribution of western civilization is expressed in the ideals of the French revolution: “Liberty, equality, fraternity.” We aren’t quite there yet but we’re working on it. If we abandon those ideals we are moving backward.

    BTW, “Rama” being an Indian name, if you really want to go with the White theme I’d suggest maybe “OdinSpirit.”

    All the best to you. Namaste.

  2. Hurray, somebody finally gave some thoughtful critical feedback! May not be as heartwarming as the usual kudos, but it’s more useful in that it cuts into the nitty-gritty issues. I’m pressed for time at the moment, but will be back later with my constructive rebuttal.

  3. Greetings, Jamie. In the past, cultures were separated by formidable barriers of geography and were thus isolated from all but the closest ones. If people from far-flung cultures met, even could they speak the same language, they would be incomprehensible to each other due to the cultural divergence. Today technology has wiped away the physical barriers, but (as noted by postmodernist philosophers) sheer informational overkill on the Internet and other social media has created the same degree of cultural fragmentation among people in divergent groups. It’s gone beyond subcultures to microcultures and nanocultures, each with its own distinct Zeitgeist ~ except that the “Zeit” part is irrelevant, so I just call it a Geist.

    My writings speak primarily to the Geist of the white counterculture, which is very large and growing, and rising in the calibre of consciousness of its members. Your statement makes clear that you’re not attuned to this Geist, and not aware of it as an entity distinct and very different from your own. I know that you’re pretty broad-minded and tolerant of many such differences, but this material was too much of a stretch for you ~ like trying to straddle the space between two planets. “WTF?!” for you is gut-basic to most Whitesiders, and the points of contention I address in my writings are those that arise between people who share these bottom-line premises.

    E.g.: Hitler is a good guy. The contentious point I address in other posts is his degree of spiritual advancement. After a serious investigation, I found that he fell *Short of the Glory of God* (post title). I was gratified that a number of Hitler-admirers agreed. Some disagree strongly, and in fact there is a very serious cultus of literal Hitler-worshippers abroad in the land, with a sophisticated esoteric teaching and practice. I’m not an adherent of it, but notice that I use the present tense in speaking of Hitler, because I agree that he is a living numenal presence in the world. Out of respect for you, I’ll add: for better or for worse.

    Your question “how white do you need to be?” is typical of people who don’t share the deep sense of awareness of one’s ancestral heritage. The special issue I address here is that this is basically a primal sense, and needs to be augmented with spiritual awareness. Your specific “WTF?!” was in reaction to the line stating that our Source is for the transmission of Supernal Spirit exclusively to white people. I refer you to the post titled *Godbody*, where I went to great lengths to explain that although Spirit is ONE, it manifests in separate and distinct forms, some of which are collective. The focus there was on the traditional religions, each with its own Avatar and bonded sodality of believers, which constitute a COLLECTIVE SOUL. The same is true for races, ethnicites, and other forms of human sodalities: they have collective souls. The key point is that all such groups must sustain their separate identity in order for the collective souls to survive.

    You said “Our Oneness in Spirit transcends our physical/genetic incarnation but does not negate it”. Right, it would not negate the race of the individual, but if divine Oneness overrides racial differences in a whole society, then it does negate collective racial identity. You invoked IDIC (as a former wannabe Vulcan. 😉 ): “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”. The second half of that equation spells genocide of the collective souls, and a guiding premise of the white counterculture is that this is a deliberate program consciously implemented by elements of the power structure hostile to the white race.

    I could affirm all your observations in the rest of the paragraph after “on some level we are the same”, but come to an opposite conclusion. It seems like you’re happy and satisfied with the world of the global village aiming for “liberty, equality, fraternity.” Of course what makes it all possible is the hi-tech infrastructure. For my part I am appalled by this Matrix; I see it as degenerate and subhuman, and look forward to its collapse. Then there’ll be a chance to build a truly human future on a new foundation: leadership, quality, integrity.

    You’re lots better than most people at avoiding assumptions and projections, but you slipped up twice in this statement. First, imagining that my “standards” are based on belief in male superiority. Second, imagining that my racial POV has anything to do with white supremacy. These days most serious white political groups disavow this; a good example I noticed recently was a radio interview with the leader of a group called the National Youth Front. Their stated policy is in fact ANTI-supremacist; they believe that no race or group should have supremacy over others.

    Our disagreement in the area of sexual politics doesn’t hinge on superficial things like definitions. I think it’s more primal than that.

    The first half of the name *RamaSpirit* is spelled the same as the name of the Hindu God Rama, but it’s not the same ~ it’s the Ram of Aries, and is pronounced with a hard ‘a’. Also, the name of the Avatar who incarnates RamaSpirit is RAMAR. There is a direct connection with Rama, however: Ramar is Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Vishnu, of whom Rama was an earlier Avatar. Ramar is also the Second Coming of Christ ~ the ARYAN Christ, of course. 😀

    • Joseph, how is it that Ramar is the 2nd coming? I mean……… there are a whole bunch of claims about a 2nd coming, claims that he is already here, claims that he has reincarnated as guru swami such-and-such….. so what makes your claim the real claim? and is it necessary that there is only one messiah? perhaps we are many people in need of many messiahs, an Aryan messiah being one of them?

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  6. Hi, Brian. I described Ramar as the SECOND Coming of Christ mostly for rhetorical impact in conjunction with Vishnu’s TENTH Coming. I wouldn’t phrase it that way in other contexts. There have been umpteen Comings of Christ, as I know from studying Medieval history. I consider many of the claims to have been genuine, and fulfilled the prophecies for those who collectively believed in them. The biggest was at the turn of the second millennium, which served as the metaphysical basis for the birth of what grew into Modern Civilization, re the kind of thousand-year cycle proposed by Spengler. The real nature of Gods and other numenal beings is very different from the exoteric beliefs of literalistic Christians ~ Hindus too, but they have a much larger base of esoteric leadership, viz. a lot of those “guru-swamis”. I have great respect for them.

    So you see, one real claim does not negate others. As for new messiahs for people of other races, that’s their own concern ~ I’m simply not interested. My own life has been personally transformed by the coming of the new White Avatar (in numenal form thus far), and my interest is in spreading the word to those qualified to join his spiritual family.

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