Womb of the Universe


3. Womb of the Universe

Cosmic Womb

Birth of a Supernova by Laisk Serg

The first breath of OM was the first chord of the cosmic overture, and the first breach in its perfection. There was a pause of a single heartbeat between is and is not, a hairsbreadth fissure into two constituents: Nothingness, and a vast Godlike consciousness experiencing it in timeless bliss. The divine awareness can be called Spirit. It’s the All-One, the entire cosmos as a singular homogeneous entity.

The awareness of Spirit is totally focused on the Nothingness, for now this has assumed the guise of Nirvana. This blissful Nihil is often called the womb of the universe, and at this stage the Universal Spirit is a babe in the womb. So it’s easy to see why there is no urge for anything other than this state ~ Spirit floats at peace in the amniotic ocean of Mother Nihil, totally sated and gratified. This Godly fetus has no limits whatsoever, but this in itself is a limitation, at least from our human point of view: the omniscient awareness and omnipotent power of Spirit remains intact only so long as it is never used or acted upon. If a mote of desire or dissatisfaction intruded upon the divine dreaming mind, it might ripple out and create an imbalance that would cause it to be born.

But this doesn’t happen through the entire breath, and at the end of the inhalation the Allness of Spirit and the Nothingness of Nirvana conjoin again in the perfection of OM, which in reality never changed. The human metaphor of babe in womb breaks down in the reuptake, unless we imagine time shifting into reverse: just before it reaches term, the fetus begins to shrink, the cells to recombine, until finally the zygote is sucked back up into the fallopian tube and disappears. And it just might be that a reversal of direction of the arrow of time is the very mechanism that causes each universe to begin to contract. Be that as it may, this brings us to the end of the first round of the cosmic cycle.

3. The Birth of God in Heaven

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  2. Doesn’t Robert Monroe talk about a planet where animals and humans all have the same level of understanding?

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