The Z-Word

by The Kin of Aries

This is a transcription of a recorded dialogue among twelve people discussing an issue on which there is broad agreement in the white counterculture, but this was not so for the circle of people having the discussion. Three of them ~ Diana, Spike, and Elise ~ grew up in racially conscious families, but the rest had awakened by direct contact with the White Spirit, the Supernal facet of the racial essence from above; therefore they were not immediately aware of all the hard implications in the world below.

Riff 1: The J-Word

[Elise] As most of you know, I took the initiative to set up this talk. The reason is that I’ve been in on conversations mostly between Spike and Albrecht about a certain charged topic, and I never saw any resolution. I talked with other people about it, and found a whole hodge-podge of opinions, lots of them conflicting. So I figured we need a full-fledged dialogue on it, with all of us present.

[Flora] And exactly what is the issue?

[Elise] Spike?

(Spike looks at Albrecht.)

[Albrecht (after a hesitation)] Jews.

[Carol] Jews? What about Jews?

[Elise] That’s one extreme of the range of feeling about it: naïve non-awareness of it as an issue.

[Carol] Actually, I’ve heard plenty of stuff about it from some of you, so I have an inkling of what’s afoot. But I just thought I’d start off with my gut reaction.

[Elise] Good, that’s what we need. Should we hear from the other end of the spectrum now?

(Elise looks at Spike.)

[Spike] Hey, Angel, you could spiel it just as soon as me, since we mostly see eye to eye on the whole scoop.

[Elise] Okay, I admit it, but you can articulate it a lot better.

[Spike] What, a good ol’ boy like me? Workin’ class white trash? (A number of people laugh good-naturedly.) But if y’all insist, I’ll start with my answer to the original question: I would’ve said that the issue is “the Jews”.

[Carol] That’s what Albrecht said.

[Spike] No, he just said, “Jews”. There’s a colossal difference.

[Ted] I didn’t notice the difference either, but since you point it out, I’d guess that saying “the Jews” implies a conspiracy or something, a collective entity with an agenda.

[Flora] Or just stereotyping a group. No offense, Spike ~ I respect you tremendously, and am really interested in what you have to say on this. But that’s what I’d think if some non-kindred said it.

[Spike] That’s okay, Flora, and I hope everybody keeps speaking their mind frankly. But Ted has the right slant on what I’m getting at. When I and like-minded folks talk about “the Jews”, we usually don’t mean all Jews ~ we’re specifically targeting one of the biggest power-groupings on the planet.

[Sam] Well, I know that some of those folks you mention use the term international finance, and I sometimes get the distinct feeling that they believe this crew of evil banksters is Jewish through and through.

[Mindy] Well, that’s gotta be a stereotype ~ not all of the moneybag manipulators in the world are Jewish. I mean, some of them are Chinese and Malaysian and everything.

[Vance] I’ll bet you’re talking about the Zionists ~ and they surely have plenty of overlap with the banksters.

[Carol] So it’s kind of making sense. Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are card-carrying members of the IMF or Bilderbergers or whoever.

[Spike] Yep, all those things are true, including the fact that a lot of people do a lot of stereotyping. But there’s more to the collective entity involved ~ it controls and manipulates lots more aspects of society than money, though that’s central. And now that I’ve made my original point, I confess that the term “the Jews” really is a slur, and it’s way too fuzzy around the edges. But it’s the closest that common parlance comes to identifying the entity.

[Carol] Now it sounds like you are saying that it’s essentially Jewish.

[Spike] Yes, that’s it: its essence is Jewish, even though not all the people involved in its activity are Jews, and not all Jews share the essence.

[Sam] And now I’m totally confused!


Riff 2: Zionists and Zionites

[Flash] Could it be that you’re talking about the Jewish collective soul?

[Spike] Bingo!

[Diana] Eureka. Now we’re getting on solid ground, which is the numenal substratum of the whole thing.

[Carol] Okay, but that just carries my own question, and perplexity, to the next level. So there’s a Jewish collective soul, and a white collective soul, and all the other collective souls. So what’s the problem?

[Spike] Thule and Zion are at odds ~ our soul and the soul of the Jews. They’ve been at odds for thousands of years, and very often it breaks out into war.

[Sam] War in heaven between Angels and Archons, a.k.a. group-souls?

[Spike] And right here on Earth: fighting, killing, bleeding bodies. As above, so below.

[Elise] Some people look a little bit croggled, or upset or uncertain. So I suggest we level off into less weighty aspects of the issue, at least till we lay down a groundwork of mutual understanding.

[Spike] Sorry ~ I guess I got a little trigger-happy.

[Elise] It’s understandable ~ I know you have a lot of strong feelings around it. But how about the culture wars?

[Albrecht] One thing Spike and I often debate is whether the media are controlled by Jews, and if it makes a difference.

[Ted] Well, I can recall shows and stories that portray Hollywood as dominated by Jews ~ and they’ve all been by Jewish producers and writers. It doesn’t come up very often, but it’s not like they’re making any secret of it.

[Spike] Right: as long as the Jews control the spin, and make it seem like a good thing, it’s okay. But if any Goyim, er, Gentiles dare to mention it publicly with insinuations that it may not be so good, then they get death threats, careers ruined, and of course smeared as anti-Semites. Unless they’re real quick to make a groveling apology and retraction.

[Vance] Oh yeah, I remember that happened to Marlon Brando. I didn’t know what to make of it at the time, but now I guess we’re getting the inside scoop.

[Carol] But what’s the big picture here? How does it affect our lives and mission if the entertainment industry is controlled by Jews?

[Diana] The pop media are the front line of programming the mass mind into the Matrix.

[Carol] Yow, that’s right. It’s so obvious that I didn’t make the connection with what we’re talking about. But then it gets down to how, why, or if it makes an impact that a big contingent of those Matrix-programmers are Jewish.

[Elise] Or that the Jewish collective soul makes a conscious, deliberate impact on it, one that’s hostile to the white collective soul.

[Sam] Damn ~ I am following it now, or at least I can grasp the thinking. But I’m still confused about the relation of what you call Zion to the majority of ordinary Jews ~ the ones who don’t run the media or the banks, and have no particular hostility to the white race.

[Spike] “Zion” is the traditional Biblical name of the Jewish people ~ we would say, of their collective soul. Even though only a minority of Jews are Zionists, the vast majority of them would identify with this usage of “Zion” ~ they would consider themselves part of Zion.

[Carol] That still leaves a sizeable minority of secularized Jews who want nothing to do with their religious tradition.

[Spike] And do you think a sizeable part of that secular minority works in finance and similar fields, even if they’re not international banksters?

[Carol] Why, I imagine so, but what’s your point?

[Spike] Is it a stereotype that Jews in general have, shall we say, a slightly different relationship to money than non-Jews?

[Mindy] Y’know, in general I would tend to say yes, it’s a stereotype, but the gist of the conversation makes me think of a lot of personal examples that seem to match the stereotype. But whenever I noticed it before, I just assumed that it was me doing the stereotyping, and that it wouldn’t be fair to jump to the conclusion.

[Elise] And I’ll bet that a lot of the Jewish folks you knew who were a little tight with their wads were really nice people otherwise?

[Mindy] Yeah, for sure. I’d never ask any of them for a loan, but I’d never hold it against them.

[Elise] Right. I just want to clarify that we’re not blaming or castigating any individuals for their inherited traits.

[Spike] And the point is that a lot of secularized Jews are still part of Zion, because money and its usage is a big part of their heritage.

[Sam] I dunno, Spike, you may be crossing a line there.

[Spike] Have you ever looked into the Talmud?

[Sam] Can’t say I have. I do know that religious Jews consider it their holiest book, more so than the Bible.

[Spike] Yep, and it deals at great length with what we would today call economic theory. It’s filled with nitty-gritty rules on how to conduct affairs of trade and business.

[Carol] Are you serious?

[Sam] Are you sure about this?

[Diana] It’s true, I’ve studied it. So it’s not surprising that over the course of the millennia, the Jews got very good at business. And I affirm that this matter which we consider so “secular” is truly a part of their religion, deeply imprinted in the collective soul.

[Spike] Elise and I came up with a word to eliminate the last note of confusion on the issue. A non-Zionist Jew who resonates with the Jewish collective soul on any of its wavelengths is a Zionite.

[Flash] That’s a good piece of neologistics ~ a difference of two little letters carves the fine line perfectly. A Zionist is someone with a specific, conscious metapolitical agenda, but a Zionite is simply a person who is of Zion, a part of the Jewish group-soul ~ whether they’re consciously aware of it or not.

[Diana] And it delineates the relatively small minority of Jews who are neither Zionists nor Zionites ~ who have come unplugged by whatever means from the collective soul of their forebears. In relation to what Spike said earlier, they’re not included in the rhetorical term “the Jews”.

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