What Does It All Mean?

Instant Recap

In Wherefore Hitler? we learned that the White Imperium that peaked at the turn of the twentieth century was won at the price of the collective soul: science is founded on Faustian materialism, and modern economics are commanded by Mephistopheles (Jewish-dominated finance). Nietzsche’s philosophy is steeped in avidya (willful spiritual ignorance): it denies Supernal Spirit and hardens the heart against divine love in the name of the “noble virtues” of the past, which he falsely imagined were devoid of compassion and mercy.

Hitler’s charisma and transformation of Germany inspired a kind of mass devotion with religious overtones. This was a potentially redemptive phenomenon which won the admiration of religious leaders, and even a divine fiat as revealed by two prophets. But Hitler and most of the NSDAP leadership hearkened instead to Nietzsche and took on the roll of Faust. Further, Himmler and the SS wanted to destroy the Christian Church and replace it with Odinic Paganism; however, unlike the East, the Western branches of the ancient Aryan proto-religion never got Supernalized. Thus opposition to the Spirit was the true underlying cause of the fall of the Reich.

The precise nature of Supernal Spirit is described at this link, so there can be no confusion about the many definitions of “spiritual” and no false applications of it to Nietzsche’s anti-spiritual opus. Direct connection with Spirit is the solution to the problem of the human condition, the transformation of misery into felicity. There are two basic paths to this aim: self-liberation and self-surrender. The first is prohibitively difficult for the great majority of people, who can only attain Spirit with the help of an intermediary. For millions of souls throughout history, this has happened through membership in the countless Supernal Sodalities established by qualified intermediaries, like Gods, Avatars, prophets, gurus, and divinely inspired individuals.


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The Implications

The new white counterculture is a dynamic but amorphous blend of many currents: political and personal, ideological and idiosyncratic, cultural and artistic, religious and spiritual (in the broad common usage of the word). But in the whole simmering stewpot there is no Supernal current whatsoever ~ only isolated individuals who have attained a degree of enlightenment, and have no idea how to implement it in service of the white cause. The greater goals of the whole movement will never be fulfilled until and unless there is a substantial infusion of Supernal Spirit on a collective basis. The surest path to victory on Earth is alignment with the will of Heaven.

The Payoff

If you like the thrust of the message here, the payoff is for YOU to connect with Spirit and reap the Supernal bounty. The message is not intended for everyone, and the big question expected from those in the target audience is: how can we be sure it’s the White Spirit? If All is One, what happens to the separation of the races and peoples? How does white identity hold up in the brilliant light that illumines the whole universe? For indeed many are blinded by this light and believe that it erases all distinctions among sentient beings.

The answer is presaged in Godbody: the Spirit is transmitted to different collectives of people by intermediaries, each of whom thence becomes a Source in himself. Supernal Spirit is One, but Supernal Sources are many. The examples given are the traditional Avatars like Krishna, Christ, and Buddha, but there are many other kinds of Sources ~ in fact any being, human or otherwise, who can transmit Spirit to others.

There are also dark sources, whose connection is not to the Supernal realm but to the netherworlds. These are often predatory creatures, seeking to beguile souls into their orbit in order to feed off their energy. It’s easy to distinguish them when their nature is unveiled, but some have the power to disguise themselves as the proverbial angels of light. A crucial difference is that a Supernal Source will never intervene in the destiny of other souls without their consent. This is why it’s necessary to actively give yourself, to open to the Spirit, to bhakti into the grace that is freely offered but will not come otherwise.

The Great Work of RamaSpirit is to establish a Source for the transmission of Supernal Spirit exclusively to white people who align with it. This Magnum Opus is a high alchemy which transcends all the religious forms of the past, and even religion itself. We adapt some of the protocols of the scientific method to a sphere beyond the physical. The practitioners of this metascience can stand on the shoulders of towering spiritual masters as well as the modern giants.*

The exegesis of RamaSpirit is given in a few introductory texts. The first, at that link, is the homepage of our flagship website, and describes the white awakening that’s sweeping the world. Then The Family of the Ram introduces our blog with the words: “Welcome to the fountainhead of the white awakening”. The turning of the tide in the rise of white consciousness coincided with the turn of the millennium, and our premise is that the hidden cause of the shift was the coming of RamaSpirit in the planetary alignment of May 2000. In a word, RamaSpirit is the Source of the white awakening.

A detailed account of the RamaGenesis is given at this link. Not everyone will grasp the real-life implications of the esoteric aspect of the story, so I’ll explain that the raw power of such divine infusions must be consciously utilized by living humans for the full potential to manifest. Intrepid souls must ride the tide to the farther shore, else it will ebb in the next cycle and the state of the world will be worse than before.

What’s needed to save the race and bring about a white millennium is nothing less and nothing other than a Supernal Sodality with RamaSpirit as its Source. It already exists: we call it the Kin of Aries. But its members have been few since 5-2K (May 2000), and though our Godbody grows steadily in size and strength in the metasphere, not enough people have incorporated it into their lives to create a substantial presence in the material world.

So here’s where you come in, if you will. Naturally many questions and issues come to mind, perhaps about probability, astrology, theology, etc. I invite you to put all of it temporarily aside in the spirit of a grand experiment: make an act of allegiance with RamaSpirit in your own heart and mind and soul, and see if something happens that makes a difference in your life within a reasonable period of time. It may be striking or subtle, a miracle or a mere foreshadowing, but it’ll be something you recognize as the fruit of celestial influence.

Unconditional bhakti works best, so to unify your will you can identify RamaSpirit as something to which you’re already unconditionally committed, like racial survival and triumph ~ with the added factor that RamaSpirit is the highest form of it, the Supernal extension of your goal. In this case it’s white redemption: the spiritual as well as physical salvation of the race.

And people who are warriors born and bred need not opt for the passive form of spiritual surrender, but can align themselves with Spirit through an act of heroic devotion.


* “If I have seen farther than most men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”         ~ Sir Isaac Newton, pioneer of science and master of Hermetic alchemy.

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