How the Gods Came Down

The Fall Through the Yugas

2. How the Gods Came Down

Now let’s go back and chart the descent of the Thuleans from the finer spheres to the denser environs of Earth. Their bodies were of the same substance as the Sun ~ not the thermonuclear physical plasma, but the subtle metaplasm which underlies it and gives it life and fire. Their homeworld was in the Solarsphere, which is larger than the whole physical cosmos, and encompasses it. Every star is a portal from this realm to its own solar system, and if there had been an eye keen enough to witness the arrival of the Thuleans, it would have seen them emerge from the Sun in ships of light. The members of the expedition were a close-knit extended family, a sodality of Solar beings. By any manner of human reckoning, they were very literally Gods.


The Omnicosm

The Thuleans could have lived comfortably inside the Sun, for this was their native atmosphere. But in order to inhabit the rest of the Solar System, they had to make a phase-shift to the local Astralsphere, the next denser layer of reality which surrounds and interpenetrates the hard matter of the Geosphere. Solar beings are androgynes, but not in the sense that the word is currently used to describe pallid ambisexuals who are neither male nor female; rather, a true androgyne is fully male and fully female. Such are the Solarians, a perfect integration of the yang and yin halves of their being, which for us are separated as two genders. But the dense Astralsphere could not tolerate a state dependent on a finer wavelength, so the Thuleans had to endure the painful process of sexual bifurcation.


Ardhanarishvara: Hindu version of the Divine Androgyne

The leader of the Thuleans was the progenitor of the sodality, the one among them who most strongly embodied the divine Solar presence. When the fission was complete this being had become a mated couple who still shone with the light of the Sun, but with a polarized radiance. They were now the father and mother of the family, the King and Queen of the new terrestrial dominion of Thule. The male we may call Helios, after the most primordial of the Western Sun Gods. The female could well be called Sonne, for the Teutonic peoples worshiped the Sun as a Goddess; but since this name has passed into our familiar English usage, we turn to the East and name her Savitri.

The rest of the Thuleans also transformed from Solarian monads to Astral dyads. With a few exceptions, they were likewise mated pairs, strongly differentiated into male and female ~ though we reserve the terms “men” and “women” for the forms they later assumed in physical matter.

The exploration of the planets was done in the twinkling of an eye by the Thuleans’ radiant perception. Even in their astral forms they were not dependant on the kind of environment needed to support organic life, so they colonized all the planets according to their given temperaments. The nature of the branch of the family that settled each planet has come down to us via astrology, so we can easily construe it according to the aspects attributed to the Thearch of each clan: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. As for the outer planets, the Gods who abide on Ouranos are more attuned to the wavelength of their heavenly origin than with the mundane sensibilities of humans, so it’s hard to apprise their essence. On Neptune are the guardians of the boundaries of the system’s ecumene against the abyss of deep space, just as the sea bounds the land on Earth. The Godname “Pluto” is more familiar to us as Hades, and his small planet serves a large purpose as portal to the Netherspheres where dwell the creatures of darkness.

The cosmos was populated with all manner of sentient races long before it condensed into the hard sediment of physical substance. Thus matter as we know it is not necessary for the existence of conscious beings, but it serves a vital function for those who choose to interact with it, especially in the form of organic creatures inhabiting the planets of stars. The Thuleans who settled on Earth were a clan with a special affinity for organic life. This was their destiny, and hither they came to fulfill it.

3. The Golden Age of Thule

4 thoughts on “How the Gods Came Down

  1. “Thus matter as we know it is not necessary for the existence of conscious beings, but it serves a vital function for those who choose to interact with it, especially in the form of organic creatures inhabiting the planets of stars.”

    May I know please what vital function it serves?

  2. Greetings, Sara! Thanks for your excellent question. The context for the answer is in (In)Credible Journeys, my review & commentary on Robert Monroe’s books. That link is to an index page, and the most relevant material is in the chapters of Part II. It gives an overview of human life as a trip through innumerable incarnations in which some souls rise to superhuman stature, others decline, and the majority just get stuck. There are accounts of Monroe’s meetings with beings whom others would describe as “Ascended Masters”. This is the ultimate example of the vital purpose of human life on Earth: it can produce individuals of this calibre. Monroe says that everywhere in the universe the non-human non-physical beings greatly respect those who are the RESULT of this passage through the “school for compressed learning” provided by human life on Earth.

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