The Cosmic Apple

Cosmic Apple-1

In 1988 I got interested in theoretical physics and read up on the pop sources, assisted by my brother who was going for his doctorate in the field. I was intrigued by the mystery of the missing element needed for a grand unified theory, and felt that it was supplied by P.D. Ouspensky in his book A New Model of the Universe. I applied his theory of a six-dimensional cosmos to the speculations springing from quantum and relativity physics, and came up with my own model: The Cosmic Apple. At that link is the complete text & graphics, newly restored to my website.

Cosmic Apple-3

The pivotal notion is strikingly simple, if you can wrap your head around it: time does not flow just in a straight line, but sideways as well. If the length of time is the fourth dimension of the continuum, then the width of time is a literal fifth dimension in a geometrical sense. The abstraction is fleshed out with the idea that this dimension is comprised of an infinite series of parallel worlds, and that the ones closest to our own are populated by ourselves, leading alternative lives. Each “alternity” is a little bit different from life in the universe next door, a little better or a little worse. Is it possible to hop from one reality to another intentionally? I’ve explored this idea in fictional writings: The Wedding of Star and Shadow and Christführer.

Cosmic Apple-7

If the length and width of time added to the three dimensions of space makes a five-dimensional continuum, then the breadth or depth of time, equivalent to the third dimension of a physical solid, creates a six-dimensional cosmos modeled by our apple. Feel free to take a bite!

4 thoughts on “The Cosmic Apple

  1. The perfect example of how you tap the Power of Now is how they increase the energy of the electron/positron pair by increasing the magnetic field….by increasing the surface tension between the two dimensions, you increase the flow of energy between them.

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  2. They say there is a thin line between madness and genius….I disagree. Two people can tune into higher knowledge, one is able to decipher and integrate it …the other can make no sense of it. It take countless lifetimes to attain this level of integrity. If you prematurely attain these levels without an organized mind, you could become a hebephrenic schizophrenic.

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  3. Each adjoining dimension follows opposite laws of physics, for example, the direction of the spin of energy determines whether time is flowing forward or backwards…are these the two dimensions of time you are referring to?

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