Eros Upshift, continued

Eros Upshift

ErosUphift-53. Yang and Yin and North and South

Our collective is white, and so we must take into account the fact that sexuality is different for the heirs of the northern peoples than it is for other races: our natural inclination is restraint and sublimation, bred in the rigors of the frigid climes. This happens under the guidance of the fathers, for only the dominion of yang can preserve the race in its natural challenging habitat. Our mothers cherish their children, and are cherished in turn by their men. In almost all of our ancient tribes, women were granted the fullest measure of freedom possible in the primal world, and most of them expressed it in a manner natural to full-blooded women, within the bonds of Dharmalove.

The other extreme is expressed in the historical record of the dark southerly races, habitants of the broad tropical zone of the Earth. The warmer clime inclines the folk to indulgence, a proclivity which usually comes under the sway of the mothers. The dominion of yin favors the earth and the body over the sky and the Spirit. At its best, this facet of the human condition can produce long-lasting cultures rooted in stable forms of farming and handicraft. At its worst, it degenerates into cults of mass human sacrifice on the altars of diabolic goddesses, countless thousands of souls getting devoured by an insatiable gaping womb. And nowhere in this yin-dominated spectrum do there arise circumstances that facilitate the evolution of humanity into new forms, for this is the province of yang.

4. The Big Wilt

At the very end of the long cycle of aeons, the time of the Kali Yuga, the entire world comes totally under the dominion of yin. Religious prophecies foretold it, but only in general outline; no one could have foreseen the grisly details, because they hinge on the toxic effects of technology and the unnatural lifestyle it enables.

The cruder forms of pollution are just the skum on the surface of a planet poisoned to its molecular depths. Life has been not only mechanized but chemicalized; so many common items basic to postmodern life exude toxins into people’s homes, food, and bodies to such an extent that no one can keep track or take stock, much less pass protective legislation. Industrial waste was bad enough for the past two centuries, but now the residue from the ever-growing pharmacopeia of a drug-dependent populace has infused another colossal blight into the water supply.

One of the biggest impacts of this mass malignancy is the decline of yang. This is because most of the toxic substances are estrogenic, meaning that they mimic the effects of the female sex hormone. It impacts all species, producing hermaphroditic polar bears, fallow amphibians, and infertile males from auk to zebra to human. At the same time, the resulting excess of yin causes such problems as the dramatic rise of breast cancer in women.

5. The Sexual Balance of Power

In the human sphere, the decline of yang is drastically abetted by the degenerate lifestyle. A culture of sexual excess always favors yin over yang, simply because of the physiology of the reproductive organs. Of course there is a vast individual range of potency and power amongst both sexes, but on average men and women are basically equal in the amount of orgone (raw sexual energy) they have available. Natural processes cause the regular discharge of this orgone and prevent people from building up an excess, and the biggest loss is from expelling the reproductive cells, the sperm and ova. Thus for men the primary discharge of orgone occurs in the sexual act, while for women it’s in menstruation. If a man ejaculated only once a month, the balance of orgone between him and a woman would remain equal, and if he restrained himself longer he would build up an edge; but the normal tendency is for men to surrender to their impulses much more often than once a month. And so this natural mechanism tends to greatly favor women in the balance of orgone.

The hunting-gathering and Neolithic phases of human culture are always male-dominated, but as soon as a society becomes settled and comfortable in an agricultural way of life, it tends to become matriarchal and female-dominated, mainly because the men are spending less time in hunting and tribal warfare, and are splooging out lots more semen into the yonis of their women, and other receptacles as well. Over centuries or millenniums the sexual poles reach such a state of imbalance that the majority of men do not even participate in sex with women, and many of them become celibates and ascetics. Thus the pendulum swings back, and the reservoir of yang slowly begins to fill up once again.

During the rising of the tide in the last cycle, some of those ascetics and adepts developed the art of sexual alchemy, whereby semen could be not only retained but transmuted into a magical substance which transformed them into very superior individuals. This was further refined into tantra, whereby a man could make love with a woman passionately and repeatedly without losing any semen. These secrets eventually spread among the upper castes of all the ancient cultures, and the result was the birth of the great patriarchal age. Since the majority of men were not intelligent or self-disciplined enough to learn the secrets of seminal transmutation, their leaders turned them back to the rites of Mars ~ for the path of the warrior is the other principal way by which men can increase the quantity and calibre of their yang.

In seeking a ground of being for a new white community, we are faced with the challenge of restoring the sexual balance to the form that’s natural to our people. The only way to accomplish this miracle is to bring about the regeneration of yang and the elevation of manhood to its full stature and potency. This is the prerequisite step for the regeneration of sexuality itself, and the redemption of Eros.

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