Sexual Dominion

EROSKRIEG ~ The War of Love

2. Sexual Dominion

A man and a woman can wage the war of love in the bottomless depths of their personal lives, as if they were the first, last, and only pair of lovers who ever lived. But the intensity of their passion springs from the fact that it enacts on the smallest scale the oceanic tide that drives the race to propagate through the ages, and even the primordial force that spawned the cosmos. The rise and fall of civilizations, the ascendance of a tribe or people and the vanquishing or vanishment of others, the flowering or debasement of cultures ~ all are attended, and often determined, by the neverending Eroskrieg between the male and female halves of the population.

Whether in the intimate daily round of a couple bonded by love or marriage, or in the sexual politics of a world-girdling civilization, one side will always have dominion over the other, as sure as the Sun and Moon will rise at their appointed times. As with all other poles of the universe, there can be no equality of power between male and female, but only an equality of value between complementary halves with different functions ~ like yang and yin, hot and cold, up and down, north and south.

The worst possible outcome for the war of love is an absolute triumph by either side, the hostile conquest and disarming of the other, for this stills the struggle, kills the passion, and ultimately ends the love. The best outcome is mutual reconciliation to the dominion of whichever partner is suited for it by grace of nature. All successful marriages (and other lifelong love-matches) stand on this foundation. The same principle holds collectively: hostile Eroskrieg prevails only in situations where there is no established tradition favoring the dominion of one sex over the other, or when such a tradition becomes destabilized or gets overthrown.

In marriages and matings dominion can be held by the partner of either sex, an outcome usually determined by inherent factors. In the same way, some human collectives are naturally disposed to male dominion and some to female; we may refer to them as yang and yin groupings. There is also an historical cycle, operating on several scales, in which male and female dominion alternate through aeons, millennia, or centuries. These factors dovetail in certain ways ~ e.g., when a yang race goes through a yin epoch, the collective power of its women will wax, but will never decisively displace the dominion of the males.


On the largest scale of sexual geography, humanity itself diverges into poles aligned with those of the planet. North and south originally defined the deepest division within the species, and may have even marked the line between separate species, only one of which was native to this world. An Occult History at that link speculates that the progenitors of the white race came from beyond the Earth and colonized the north. An anthropological approach to the issue appears in Eros Upshift, with a hypothesis that yang dominance evolved in the white race as a natural response to the challenges of its frigid habitat, while the matriarchal cultures of the dark south sprang from the sexual indulgence fostered by the tropical clime.

This insight gives us a first perilous opening into the tempestuous sexual underbelly of the remorseless bloody round of war and conquest, tyranny and barbarity, oppression and liberation that fills the annals of the human experiment. For indeed, the grandest theatre of Eroskrieg is the clash between two collective entities with opposite poles of sexual dominion. Many of the most infamous conflicts of the past were of this nature, but they pale in comparison to the one that’s now in progress, which is nothing less than a sexual world war.

3. The Second Coming of Kali

15 thoughts on “Sexual Dominion

  1. You’re enlightening me on why these men from the South are such a turn off to me. I never thought of it in that way.

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  3. Folks, I must admit that my personal experience runs in the opposite direction. The heights of Spirit and the depths of orgasm (which often overlap, e.g. in Tantric initiation) are utterly beyond thought, word, and form. The headtrip comes afterwards, trying to concoct a rudimentary vessel for THAT which has no bounds.

    Johan, you say that the WEST brought Tantra to INDIA, albeit under a different name? Either you accidentally transposed your thought, or are privy to an interesting scoop. If the latter, please divulge.

    Would I be correct in guessing that Tales of Love & Light was inspired by Miguel Serrano?

  4. What an interesting thought….is it western yang energy or eastern yin energy that is sexually the most powerful.

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