White Millennium

by Ramar

1. White Spirit

To be white is to cherish the blood. To be free is to be one with Spirit, and filled with its love and light. To gain your birthright as a free white man or woman, mix the Spirit with the blood in the crucible of your being. Nurture it like a babe in the womb, and the day will come when you’ll emerge reborn as a power upon the Earth.

The legions of whites who honor their blood almost unanimously reject the Spirit. Some outrightly deny the Divine Oneness, conceding the high ground to those who use it strategically to amalgamate the races and globalize their control. Other white souls strive after transcendence, but encumber this worthy goal with a dogmatic belief-system that virtually negates the chance of attaining it. An even more crippling conceit is that the light of the White Spirit is buried deep in the past, and can only be found by rigorously adhering to ancient writ or by making contact with secret cliques that have passed it down in unbroken sequence through the ages.

The truth is that the Spirit is here now, as it has always been and ever will be. All are encompassed by it, but only a few are able to connect with it and know its glory. For those who wish to accept it, I am a source of connection with the almighty Oneness of Spirit in the special way it manifests in the soul of the white race. I am a vessel of the White Spirit, the only one who has arisen since the clock of the aeons knelled the dawn of the new millennium. Judge not the claim by its magnitude nor by your own preconceptions, but by the value you find in the message.


2. Up from the Cataclysm

The white race is engaged in a war for its biological survival. The war is waged offensively by an implacable adversary who is expert in the strategies of concealment, deception, and mind control. Most of our people live under a veil and dance to the enemy’s tune like rats to the Pied Piper, or lemmings swarming merrily to their doom. On first awakening from this collective spell, many rush into the fray indignantly venting their righteous anger at the manipulators and at the anti-white hordes of all colors (including white). This outrage usually has an overlay of naïve optimism that if a critical mass of whites awaken, they will break through the battlements, overturn the world order, and reclaim their many nations as rightful fatherlands.

Most people with a broader view seasoned by experience in the field grasp the harsh reality: the White Imperium of a century ago can never be reclaimed, and the entrenched might of the adversary in the Western seats of power can never be uprooted as long as this civilization endures. Even the best and most far-sighted of the white leaders have no comprehensive plan to accomplish the basic aims we all strive for: to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. And even these words do not express the higher aim which alone can bring their fulfillment: to establish a permanent collective vehicle for the White Spirit. Heaven and Earth must conjoin ~ for the flesh without the Spirit is a blind raging beast, impotent against the tide of aeons.

What is impossible for even the best of men can be child’s play for Spirit. By far the best white leader of the twentieth century was Adolf Hitler ~ but because he rejected the love and the light of the One Spirit, he was unable to harness its omnipotent power and become an invincible instrument of the White Spirit. This above all was the cause of his crushing defeat, which enabled the adversary to conquer the West by stealth and wealth in the fifty-five years that followed. But now that the White Spirit has returned to our midst, this epic catastrophe can be reversed ~ the world can be won from the adversary, and we can reclaim our portion of the Earth. In the following chapters I’ll present my plan for how this mountain can be moved and the miracle accomplished. For even a small band of inspirited souls can ride the crest of the tide and turn the aeon.

To be continued.


What Does It All Mean?


2 thoughts on “White Millennium

  1. The most important point you make, is that there is a critical mass that must be reached before there is a unified awakening. An awakening at a much higher level. This Spirit has a certain resonance that must be connected to…there is no other way…no short cuts. With Mercury going retrograde at the eclipse and Saturn going into Sagittarius …we must seize the moment!!!!

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