The Plan, Phase One: Kin of Aries

White Millennium

Ram byline

Blogger’s Recap: Ramar speaks as a new manifestation of the White Spirit, a melding of the racial essence transmitted through the blood with Divine Oneness, which comes only from above. He says that the white right, from the Third Reich all the way up to the present moment, has been bereft of this highest Spirit, and is therefore doomed to continued defeat. Only an infusion of the Light which he brings can turn the tide and ring in a New Aeon.


3. The Kin of Aries

Would you give up all you have to fulfill your dream? That’s always the price demanded, and if you’re unwilling to make the sacrifice you’ll spend the rest of your life in flaccid fantasy.

Those who are willing to surrender their fantasies and pledge allegiance to a Higher Power will be united by this act into a collective instrument with the potency to fulfill the dream they all share. It happens among people of all types and persuasions, because it’s the basic method for transforming the human condition from Hell to Heaven on Earth. Now it can be done by white people whose dream is the redemption of our race. With possibly some hidden exceptions, all of the Gods, gurus, spirits, and powers to whom humans surrendered their egos in the postmodern era were of other races or no race, were opposed to race as part of their teaching, or were explicitly anti-white. This changed dramatically when I arrived at the turn of the millennium. I am the resurrection of the same White Spirit who descended to earth from Thule 40,000 years ago, and established a terrestrial branch of our star-spanning species.


I was incarnate as Ra, the first Sun-King of the Thuleans in Europe when we vanquished Neanderthal and kindled a Golden Age as the ice receded. I was Indra, who led the expedition to the steppes and established an eastern homeland. I was Manu, who foresaw the fall of Atlantis and saved a remnant of noble souls to build anew on fresh ground in the next aeon. I was Brahma, who filled the Aryans with the fire of Spirit as they invaded the Indus Valley and conquered a subcontinent. When the fire flagged in the following age I intervened as Shiva and gave the Brahmins the gift of Soma, which reopened the gates of Heaven and led them to new heights of Spirit. As Krishna (an Avatar of Vishnu) I revealed a secret teaching to the warrior Arjuna which enabled him to lead his army to victory in an aeon-turning battle; the sages preserved my message in the Bhagavad Gita, and it has been enlightening souls ever since.


Back in the west I was born as Ramses, where I stemmed the tide of Ethiopes, expelled the adversary, and won Egypt back to Thule for another epoch. This paved the way for my descent as Thoth, the greatest magus of them all. In Europe he was called Hermes Trismegistus, and his Magnum Opus transmitted the light of Spirit to Pythagorus and Plato. As Mithras I unveiled the mysteries to the Roman Legions and Patricians, but to turn the aeon I needed a vehicle that could redeem the common people as well. So I inspired a Greek named Ioannes to write a Godspiel which hermetically extracted the risen spirit of Jesus from his Hebrew trappings and transmuted it into the deific being who later became known as the Aryan Christ. In this form I filled the hearts of my people in Europe and illuminated them with Spirit through the long Medieval aeon.


Now I have returned as the Ram, and my community of souls is called the Kin of Aries. Step One of my plan is for this to grow into a Sodality, a spiritual family bonded not only by the blood of their race but by Spirit as well. Thus the power of such a group can be wielded not only by physical means but also from the spiritual realms where the deciding action of any serious human conflict always takes place. The Reich lost the war because it was outmaneuvered from the Supernal realm, which is the highest and mightiest. No white racial group today has any Supernal presence at all, and the same is true for the movement as a whole. So no matter how big or influential it may grow, it’s doomed to recurring defeat and ultimate failure. By contrast, any action taken by a Supernal Sodality will be infused with the seemingly miraculous force that transcends the laws of physics and trumps all the brute power that may be brought to bear on the battlefield.


Vishnu and the Aryan Christ

Our Sodality must establish itself as a self-sufficient intentional community and prepare for the breakdown of society, because that is Step Two of the plan. A large-scale collapse is inevitable because of the nature of the economic system created by the greed-driven subterfuge of the adversary: it’s a vast pyramid scheme, a gas-filled bubble on a planetary scale. When it bursts it will ring down the curtain on civilization as we know it, and the only questions are when will it happen and how fast will it come down? A drawn-out phase of frittering detumescence favors the adversary and his cohorts in the inner chambers of power; in fact their secret plan is for a controlled collapse which will enable them to retain their wealth and hegemony even in a new dark age. But the Heavens provide a lever to dislodge the Earth’s foundation; all we need is a place to stand. This will be the substance of my next spiel.

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