1. The White Holy War

Ramar Gotteskrieg

Whites who cherish your blood, rejoice: the unholy Empire that mocks your heritage and imprisons your spirit will be overthrown in the nick of time, sooner than you dare to imagine.  It will be struck down by the hand of God ~ not the God of any given creed, and surely not the all-consuming God of the Globalists who destroys the races and peoples behind a mask of loving oneness.  We herald instead the true Almighty Power that rules the universe as One and All, but imparts his love within the boundaries that endow all beings with life, be it the body of an individual or the blood of a race.  For the divine love and unity can fluorish only by means of the separation that gives organisms their integrity and form.

Just as organic beings and their species are separate, so are the Gods of the innumerable human pantheons.  The Gods are real living beings, not just symbols or archetypes.  A high God can make of himself an instrument of the One Cosmic God ~ whom we call Supernal ~ and transmit its divine grace only to the humans who worship him, not indiscriminately to all humanity or all sentient beings.  So it is that the White God has come again to his people, and calls upon them to collaborate in their own collective salvation, to become the sword in his hand that smites the adversary and destroys the prevailing order.

This conflict is truly a war waged in Heaven as well as on Earth.  It can be won only by warriors who are engaged in the serious pursuit of self-mastery, and are able to give themselves over to the Supernal Spirit embodied in the will of our God.  We are pleased to christen this challenging path with the name Gotteskrieg, the war of God, the true Holy War.

2.The Secret Chiefs


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