The Secret Chiefs


2. The Secret Chiefs

The world is ruled by an occult technology of power, wielded by beings who are more than human operating from higher realms.  All the pragmatic realities of politics on the ground are subject to this power, and all human leaders are beholden to it, whether as conscious instruments or ignorant puppets. The real meaning of metapolitics is that strategy is mapped metaphysically, agendas are pressed psychically, and war is waged with weapons beyond the ken of mortal men.

The players in this Great Game are known, at least by hearsay, among different camps of people who construe them in divergent ways, like blind men groping the hide of an elephant.  To some they are Ascended Masters, benevolent Godlike beings who guide humanity through its perils and assure that every last soul will be liberated or saved in the fulness of time.  Those of a darker bent, or paranoid cast of mind, are sure that the Masters want to make us their slaves, and are all a pack of evil conspirators.  The truth is that between the pure white light of Spirit and the pitch-black core of spiritual ignorance there is a vast spectrum of complexity, with a sliding scale of aims, motives, and ethics.  This is so for homo sapiens, and even more for superhumans.

Secret Chiefs

There are differences, though.  Among higher beings, positive spiritual motivation is a much more potent source of strength and power than it is among incarnate humans.  The will to serve Spirit and one’s fellow beings, even the adversary, has tremendous practical force.  It can win battles, and in the higher realms it’s always the key to victory in war.  Species of beings with this upward orientation have a tremendous tactical advantage over those more susceptible to the lusts and pleasures of the descending path, and who therefore tend to be self-serving.  In the realm of dense matter, however, the darker forces have the advantage.  It’s easy for them to manipulate people who share the downward inclination, which is always a majority ~ and in times like these it’s a vast majority.

Regardless of their spiritual orientation, not all of the Masters are ascended.  Many incarnate souls at advanced stages of both paths could graduate from the human condition and attain permanent status as numenal beings, no longer needing physical bodies.  But they choose continued embodiment, from strikingly different motives: to serve humanity, or to feed upon it.  And again, there is a broad ambiguous range of those who do both, just like ordinary humans in their mundane way.

To minimize ambiguity in our understanding of these beings, we need a word to adequately describe them, something that conveys the essence of their nature.  This is hard for us to grasp, since they’re so far beyond the human median; but we can use this fact as the key to our definition.

The word Übermensch reflects the origin of the concept of the superman in modern times.  When it was coined, the generic term for humanity was “Man” (Mensch); for better or worse this has changed, so we must adapt the word to reflect the fact that not all of the beings are male.  Furthermore, not all of them have arisen from the ranks of humanity on Earth, but are non-human natives of other worlds.  An accurate word for all of them would be Überterrestrials, precisely defined as beings who are superior to terrestrial humans, with their place of origin unspecified.  The only flaw is that this version of the word has too many syllables for common parlance, so we shorten it simply to Übers, adding the English plural to the German original.

This new usage will surely be approved by the Übers themselves ~ except perhaps by those who thrive on obscurity, ambiguity, and disinformation.

For people who grasp the reality of Übers, or at least accept the premise, the next big question is: are any of them on our side?  I.e., or there any factions or sodalities of Übers who promote the White Spirit in the terrestrial struggle, the genuine welfare of our race?  This is what we’ll investigate in the coming chapters.

3. Übers and Avatars

An Amazing Case of White Enlightenment

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