Übers and Avatars


3. Übers and Avatars

The concept of the Übermensch arose from the core belief of Western Civilization that human life is destined to change and improve over the longer stretches of time ~ to make progress, to evolve. The Übermensch was thus conceived as the next step of evolution, a vision of the future. People who believe in it might well ask how it can be that the Übers are already here, and have been for a long time. The answer lies in other paradigms about the nature of life and destiny ~ like the Eastern view that humanity begins at the peak of its form and then regresses and devolves through four long Yugas. From this perspective, the Übers would obviously be survivors and remnants of the original supermen.

This begs the question of how an advanced life form can start at the top of the ladder, and the answer is given in White Occult History: it came down from above. Furthermore we learn that these first terrestrial Übers were white ~ or specifically they were Thuleans: hyperdimensional beings whose qualities coalesced as the white racial genome when they descended into matter. So our next question is: are any of these Thulean Übers still here, taking an active hand in the destiny of the white race? The answer hinges on our understanding of how Übers interact with humanity in general.

As the race declined through the Yugas, the Übers became an ever-shrinking percentage of the population. In the Golden Age it was 100%; in the Silver Age the Übers became an upper caste, ruling the remainder of the people who had lost their Übers-powers.  The latter grew from a small majority to an unwieldy mass, which finally sank the socius into the Bronze Age.  The Übers were forced to withdraw into secret enclaves and exert their influence in less direct ways.  Their main goal in relation to the outer society now became the training and guidance of specially selected individuals in the acquirement of Über capacities.  This is known to us by the forms which continue through today: the guru lineages and transmission chains of Hindu, Buddhist, and Sufi sects.  Depending on conditions in the societies that surround them, the Übers who led or were behind such sodalities would reveal or conceal their true aspects and powers. In the free-wheeling New Age of the “global village” (i.e., excluding the countries still dominated by the old orthodoxies), it’s not unusual to find public accounts of the miracles and wonder generated by a given Satguru or Murshid.  But for every veil rendered transparent, there are many more surrounding the true inner circle, making it forever invisible to anyone without a need to know or the powers to penetrate the barrier.

Besides running these esoteric schools, Übers are naturally concerned with the planet and the overall direction of humanity, and intercede in certain ways when the need arises. The most well-known of such interventions are the appearance of Avatars, incarnations of divinity, who in essence are Übers who have made the choice to fully emerge into public view. Some Avatars had a clearly-defined historical existence, doubtful only to skeptics with an ax to grind; the most notable are Gautama the Buddha and Jesus the Christ. The biographies of others conflate historical data with myth, like Krishna and Hermes Trismegistus. Then there are those whose physical life was deep in a mythical past, like Mithras; and finally, figures of near-Avataric status, like Mohammed.

Ubers & Avatars

The Avatar phenomenon can help us to grasp the relationship between incarnate and discarnate Übers, because their careers span both dimensions.  Whatever the nature of their material lives, after death they ascend to a deific existence which continues indefinitely, and is intimately connected with the worship and honor accorded them by their incarnate devotees.  This harks us back to the original descent into matter: the Thulean Übers could very well have remained in the subtle spheres, but they chose to come down in order to fulfill the prime directive and purpose of life: to make energy for beings higher than themselves, and ultimately for the Supernal God, the Infinite Creator of all the cosmos.

To be continued

4 thoughts on “Übers and Avatars

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  2. Right here is the perfect webpage for anyone who would like to find out about this
    topic. You realize a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want
    to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject which has
    been written about for decades. Great stuff, just wonderful!

    • Thanks pc, that’s the kind of comment that makes it all worthwhile! 😀

      I broke off this narrative three years ago because average white racialists, like people in general these days, are too reading-challenged to follow it, and probably too low-IQ as well. I’m glad you’ve got enough upstairs to get all the way into it and appreciate the fresh spin on these old ideas. I can’t take all the credit for that ~ I’m tapped into a high creative intelligence, pictured in chapter one, if you read that.

      Hope to hear more from you!

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