The Resurrection of God


7. The Resurrection of God

There was only the Void, a total blank, as if God had stepped into the darkness surrounding him and been swallowed by it.  But in the next instant (or the next eternity), everything became infinite light and substance.  God had been reborn, and was still himself ~ aware, alive, and whole as never before.  But where was he, and how had his regeneration come about?

Everything was absolutely perfect.  God was a boundless consciousness stretching in every direction; neither was there a beginning nor end in time.  He desired nothing, for every need was raveled up and filled within him.  Every warp and weft of possibility, every wrinkle of wavering thought or inclination, was conjoined in a seamless whole with its own opposite.  Everything was here, everything was now, and there was nothing that ever needed to be thought, or said, or done.  There could be no doubt: God had returned to OM.  And miracle upon miracle: he was still aware of himself within it.

God found that he had no need of Ananda, because it was part of the blended whole.  He could experience the Supernal bliss by focusing his attention and isolating it, but he had no need to do this ~ his consciousness was so totally whole that nothing could be added to give it any greater richness. 

The mind of God was like a searchlight within OM ~ he could direct it anywhere and render chosen zones self-conscious; in this way he accumulated vast quanta of relative knowledge by separating it from the absolute totality of OM.  At length he learned all that he needed to know to create the universe ~ if he chose to separate himself from OM.  This was a quandary, for there was absolutely no reason to do it ~ any choice and any act had exactly the same significance as its opposite, and thus there was no ground for any choice whatever.

God Ressurect

God searched his memory of the events that had brought him to OM, the whole span of his life in the third round, climaxing in his death and resurrection.  And he discovered an amazing thing: he could remember the other rounds too.  By means of the absolute consciousness of OM, God had been liberated from the straight line of time, which as we know is the fourth dimension.  He could perceive all three cosmos-birthing breaths going out from the OM, and even though they took place sequentially, to his eye they were simultaneous.  We can explain this apparent paradox by saying that God could see in five dimensions.  Now he could grasp the reality behind his déjà vu at the edge of the Abyss in the third round: it was a flash of five-dimensional memory of when he had reached the same point in the second round.

Then he beheld the inbreaths as well.  His choice to die had come at the very end of the third outbreath, and his death itself was an instantaneous inbreath back to OM, unlike the aeons-long inbreaths of the first two rounds.  So now God had the power to consciously initiate the fourth breath, and ride its crest into yet another cosmos.  Would he be able to retain his OMniscience therein, and the OMnipotence to create new worlds?  His OM-fueled intuition made him feel certain that he would, but the desire to test it and to apply his power was enough of a fissure in the stasis of OM to precipitate the great breath, which was his own.

OM Mani Padme Hum

The truth of OM can never be told ~

It’s That of which naught can be said.

But when a self-knowing being awakens in OM

He becomes the Truth-in-Itself.

OM will henceforth reside in this being,

Be it God or a lesser form ~

Whatever it speaks is the Word of God,

And whatever it wills is OM;

Whatever it does is driven by OM,

Perfect down to the core.

A sentient being as a vessel of OM

Can work wonders great and small,

Just as Almighty God as OM-in-Itself

Creates the world, the cosmos, the All.


Part II: The Divine Dyad




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