The White Frontier: Right Wing Resistance

White Frontier

Right Wing Resistance

by Joseph Rex Kerrick

I’ve served the cause of white resurgence for twenty-five years.  Since the turn of the millennium it has been as a spokesman for a point of view and plan of action that lies outside the main thrust of the racial movement. It’s expressed in the introduction to White Frontier (at the title link above), an index page for lots more information in the same vein. These writings have generated a lot of ‘likes’ on social media, but very little response from people who actually agree with the viewpoint presented, or who are interested in acting upon it or even discussing it.

I was immensely gratified, therefore, when I recently discovered an organization that holds views with a lot of overlap with mine, and that its members have begun putting them into practice in the real world. This is Right Wing Resistance, whose homepage at that link is called ORDER15. I’ve gone through all the material presented there, and will now give some excerpts, comparing them with my own past statements.

RWR March

In their Introduction RWR says:

We are not concerned with elections. We are not concerned with trying to win over the majority who have so clearly demonstrated their desire to commit racial & cultural suicide on a global level. Instead, we focus our efforts on recruiting the like minded, that we might forge friendships and alliances in preparation for the coming collapse of Western civilization. That we will make use of the time given to us before the collapse, so that we might establish a network all members can rely on, when all else is lost or in disarray.

In the White Frontier Overview I said:

The race as it is will never be united.  The change will be made not by winning political hegemony in any nation-state, nor by awakening a large number of white people to racial reality.  The victorious strategy is modeled by evolution: a small group of self-selected individuals with superior qualities secures a foothold, forms a new gene pool, and takes over an econiche by gradually replacing the species from which it evolved.  In this instance, the timetable will be speeded up by the collapse of the global high-tech Matrix.

We note the revival of nationalism in North America and Europe, but are critical of its potential.  In line with the above strategy, we predict that the future lies in white alternative communities.

In The Tide Shall Rise Again I expanded on these points by showing that the main white nationalist goals can’t realistically be fulfilled, viz. restoring the old nation-states to all-white status, or even regaining political hegemony in them. Furthermore, I said that the fragmented ethnic nationalism of each European state thwarted any focus on white racial solidarity as a whole.

I said that white solidarity was actually stronger in North America because “only the wildest fantasists can still dream of a pro-white government”. Frankly I was astounded when Donald Trump proved me wrong on this, but I believe it’s just a bigger diversion because it creates the illusion that the wild fantasy can come true. I see Trump as a low-caste individual who is therefore incapable of bringing the kind of true regeneration that’s needed. A lot of his fans enthusiastically compare him to Adolf Hitler, but in my view he’s merely a caricature of Hitler, verging on a mockery. Such fantasies were dampened when after a show of resistance, Trump figuratively got down on one knee and kissed the kosher schnitzel at AIPAC. The pipe-dreams have upticked again, however, with Trump’s victory in the Republican primary campaign.

Then in the text (written two years ago), I continued:

The harsh racial environment in North America has given rise to one of the most promising developments in the new millennium: a movement to establish white alternative communities.  It has met with some success because of a rigorous focus on down-to-earth matters, and deliberate avoidance of ideology with its fragmenting tendencies.  These communities are called “Pioneer Little Europes”, inspired by a vision of Europe as the traditional white homeland.  The PLEs overlap with the American survivalist movement, a strong alt-culture which has been burgeoning below the radar of the mainstream media.

I wondered if such communities were even possible across the Atlantic, where the natives are satisfied with being in the “big” Europe, and distracted by the fight to expel non-white immigrants and win back the power in “their” countries. Again, Right Wing Resistance has stepped into the breach, and has begun building a white intentional community around Lake Vänern in Sweden:


RWR: The Vanern program is not a political organisation in itself but we do advocate, promote and foster the Racial Nationalist mindset. We exist to serve people who wish to Live a healthy Racial Nationalist lifestyle. Our focus is on rural living but we do not exclude settlers who would rather settle in the towns or cities. The purpose is to bring together as many Racially Nationalist minded people together that we could live and work with in close proximity and aid each other in a greater community sense.

As with all ideological driven relocation programs, we understand the serious interest will be limited, and even more limited will be the number of people who will actually make the step to a new life. We are under no grand illusions.

After you arrive we will maintain regular contact and provide assistance where needed, along the lines of an extended family. The ideal would be young families who wish to live a rural lifestyle, with interests in off grid living, animal husbandry, farming, traditional family values, handicrafts, etc. We will encourage bartering between all RWR members, as a way of unifying us.

We have chosen not by accident this part of Sweden to settle…. We have all heard the horror stories in the international press with regards to Sweden’s non European crime wave and the draconian socialist regime’s actions to support it. However, Vanern is a world away from the day to day battles faced in Stockholm. All Western nations face the same danger and we all slide together into the abyss…. Vanern is far better off than most other parts of Europe: LOW Population, Low non European population, low crime, stunning nature, abundant natural resources, lakes & forests, good education, very affordable property prices, and above all space.


In RamaDharma I laid out a prospectus for spiritual as well as racial regeneration. The section that’s relevant here is titled Living in the Real World, in which I advocated a gradual transition by a bonded community into a lifestyle that revitalized not only the agricultural phase of human society, but that of the primal tribe as well. I added:

If this seems like a far cry into the past, consider the possibility that primal conditions may return by the force of events in the near future.  The most insightful people know that civilization is teetering on the brink of a massive breakdown.  The main question is whether it will come with a bang in fulfillment of certain religious prophecies, or with a long, drawn-out whimper like the fall of Rome.  Either way, primal life is due for a dramatic resurrection, and only those who prepare will survive.

This compares well with some recommendations by RWR for its members:

ACTION 3: Food production / To grow, and or fish and hunt food. Then to process foods and prepare meals. Each member should demonstrate some skill and basic knowledge how to acquire from the wild or to produce their own food. This can be as simple as having tomatoes growing in pots by the window to hunting deer in the forest. The ideal aim would be to produce and cook an entire meal from ingredients produced by yourself.  To replace as much of your diet as possible with self-produced or bartered food.

ACTION 7: To discuss, philosophise, and formulate a plan to prepare for the possibility of a major economic depression or worst. The plan should centre around how each fellow member might live and serve one another in the event of a collapse.

In comparing RWR’s program and goals with my own magnum opus, the next issue is the spiritual dimension, which I’ll address in a second chapter. I’ll preface it here by noting that they’re off to a great start in seeking to transcend the bitter division in the white community between Pagans and Christians. But many spiritual challenges lie ahead.

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