The Second Coming of Kali


3. The Second Coming of Kali

In light of our findings in the last chapter, we can peel back a layer of the current age of sexual “equality”, and grasp that the culture is in the midst of a massive shift from male to female dominion.  Likewise the “sexual freedom” that prevails is heavily influenced by the darkening of the population via global cross-migration and racial interbreeding.  The prevailing view is that all of this was somehow inevitable, that the march of modern progress was preordained (or foredoomed) to lead to the “global village” we see around us.  In reality the world has not progressed but detumesced into the flaccid latter stages of the Kali Yuga, in which the mass of people are tech-addled “humatons”, men are boys (or girls in drag), and women are second-rate simulations of men.

It’s no accident that this Iron Age is presided over by a slavering black Goddess wearing a necklace of skulls of the men she has slain, and by implication castrated. Purists point out that in the Hindu original the namesake of the Yuga was a male demon, who got conflated with the Dark Goddess because Westerners weren’t hip to the accents on the two versions of the Sanskrit name “Kali”. Little do they know that deities, demons, and other denizens of the metasphere morph and change and fission into new entities in sync with the permutations of the human collective (un)conscious. The fact that millions of people believe that the Goddess Kali rules the Yuga is conclusive evidence that the old version of the myth has been overridden in spirit and in truth.

Kali 2nd Coming

Dueling myths: Goddess Kali vs. Male Demon Kali

Here’s an effort to descry the new myth percolating to the surface of the globalized group-mind in these perilous postmodern times: The Goddess’ Travails

It asserts the cosmic foundation of male dominion in terms of the classic macro/microcosm triad of body, soul, and spirit. Here we see that the spirit is male and the soul female, and thence that the world itself (i.e. humanity) has a soul, the Anima Mundi, which is exquisitely female ~ a Goddess indeed. Bad things happened to this Goddess in the five hundred years of the Modern Age: Man (when that name designated the whole of humanity) denied the reality of his soul (anima), and hence spurned the Goddess.

In pain and anguish the World-Goddess succumbed to her dark side, a new development which can be elucidated by means of old myths, but only by extracting them from their original contexts. Thus the essay draws from East and West, and finds matching imagery not only in Kali but in the Whore of Babylon described in the Book of Revelation. Myths of the destruction and redemption of the world are also extracted from dogmatic belief-systems and conflated, adapting the Christian label “endtime” as a generic term for the whole archetypal scenario. And then the new true myth is unveiled:

In the Hindu endtime… Kali grows ever more brutal and destructive ~ and we can see that this is precisely the result of the suffering of the Soul in the present day.  Kali is finally overwhelmed by her pain and heartache, and goes insane.  She begins to dance in total mindless fury, wreaking destruction on the puny human world.  This triggers the apocalyptic forces that will bring an end to the present Aeon, called the Kali Yuga.

It’s then noted that Kali dances on the supine form of her husband Shiva. In the old version, she was destroying the entire universe, and not even the combined might of all the other Gods could stop her. So Shiva threw himself under her feet, a sacrificial act risking his doom, but the body contact transmitted his love for her even through the soles of her feet. She regained her senses, and the cosmos was saved.

Shiva’s courageous act, however, has been thoroughly twisted in the postmodern collective consciousness, with its malignant slide into female domination. Millions of Western(ized) women admire or literally worship Kali as the mighty mythic champion of their cause. It’s a safe bet that not one woman in each of those millions happens to know the reason why Kali is dancing on Shiva, yet that image is one of the most familiar and widely disseminated icons in the world today. So what now is the consensus of its meaning, the gut message it purveys? Woman power! Trample on the male oppressors! Overthrow the patriarchy! Female supremacy forever!

This demonstrates how changes in culture, consciousness, and the balance of power affect even the most deeply-rooted myths and archetypes. In the next chapter we’ll see what it’ll take to fulfill the ancient prophecies on the brave new turf of the real world.

4. Kalki-Christ vs. the Great Kali-Whore

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