The Sodality Expands

The Forefather

3. The Sodality Expands

Establishing the plural relationship with his two wives was a challenging process for Marcus. A breakthrough came in a three-way lovemaking session climaxing in a collective experience of divine unity. Tensions and minor conflicts still arose occasionally, but basic stability was attained among the six adults in the household. This enabled them to host frequent visits by the growing number of people drawn into the Solarian Sodality. The house had three bedrooms, and other rooms were converted to make three more. Eventually there were eleven adults and three children as full-time residents, with more usually on the premises. Thus it became apparent that a second house was needed.

Marcus reported his progress and the needs of the situation to McHenry, and was given a blank check to buy a house. He found a suitable place: a large house on several acres of land on Wildcat Canyon Road, on the opposite slope of the Berkeley Hills from the first house, only about two miles away.

Marcus and his friends continued to circulate in the growing counterculture scene in the Bay Area, and also traveled occasionally to Los Angeles and other places. More people joined the community and moved into the two communes. They also set up a safe-house in Haight-Ashbury, where they rescued young white victims of drug and sex abuse. Those whom they saw would be better off in a normal life were assisted in returning home, but those who were true visionaries with Solarian potential were invited to the Berkeley communes.

The leading members of the Sodality were referred to informally as the “Pantheon”, most of whom adopted mythological names. A couple named Baldur and Nanna were in charge of the Wildcat Canyon house. There was a large garden, chickens, and goats; some of the communards supported themselves selling eggs, goat cheese, and handicrafts. Others worked at outside jobs, including some in well-paying professions. Some members of the group were individuals who had dropped out of high-level positions to become hippies. Marcus persuaded them to go back into the establishment as undercover operatives of the Solarian Revolution. By this means the group was able to infiltrate key sectors of the power structure.

Through McHenry and other friends, Marcus made other connections in the loftiest social, political, and business circles in the world. All of them were sympathetic to the aims of the Sodality, though most preferred to be very secretive about it. Some of them became members of it, and supported it financially and in other ways. Marcus joined the Orinda Village Country Club, and learned how to play golf. Thus he had a place to bring his upper-class visitors before showing them the Wildcat Canyon commune, which was only five minutes away. For some of his guests, it was a shocking contrast. It looked like a medieval commons, where people with dirty hands and coveralls tended chicken coops and milked goats. But a large room on the top floor was equipped with all the state-of-the-art electronic media and communications equipment. Marcus called this his Command Center. It was connected to the early computer networks, including some that had restricted access. In this way Marcus kept in close communication with his own worldwide network of friends, allies, and operatives, and also monitored the secrets of the Ophidians.

Chronology 3- Farm

The influx of new members began to strain the capacity of the two communes. Faced with the need to expand again, Marcus conceived the idea of an Earth Colony. It would be a large alternative community with enough land for it to be self­sufficient, and isolated enough for people to be able to live the way they wanted. They began to look for land in suitable locations.

Marcus realized he would need a lawyer for the real estate transactions and other matters, and went to San Francisco to look for one. In the office building, an elevator door opened and Marcus found himself staring eye-to-eye with a beautiful young woman in a business suit. Their eyes melded into an intense mutual altered state, and then they spoke two sentences in perfect unison. Finally they introduced themselves; the woman’s name was Saxon. She said that she was a lawyer looking for work. Marcus said, “You’re hired.”

They sat in a park and Saxon told Marcus her story. Her birth-name was Sally Roylance, and she had been a rising young lawyer in a prestigious Philadelphia firm. Her career was interrupted when she was in an auto accident and had a near death experience. She encountered spiritual beings who took her on an odyssey in an ethereal realm named Thule, then descended to Earth in the distant past where she met her own ancestors. This is what inspired her to take the name “Saxon”. She was shown the true state of the world today, including the corruption and rapacity of the legal profession. She recovered from her physical injuries, but could not bring herself to return to work as a lawyer. She drove across the country looking for Thule, and finally came to Haight-Ashbury hoping to find it among the hippies. She was bitterly disappointed, and gave up hope. This was why she had come to this law firm today.

Marcus brought Saxon to Wildcat Canyon, and she felt that she had truly come home to Thule. The two soon realized that they were soulmates, and their coming together empowered the creation of the Earth Colony. Following in the footsteps of Jack London, they found an ideal place: a large tract of real estate in a part of Sonoma County called the Valley of the Moon. Here the lifestyle of the sodality was able to expand into serious farming, and a herd of cows was added to the livestock. They hunted deer, bear, and small game in season, with bows and arrows as well as guns.

4. Alphamega Polygamy

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