Alphamega Polygamy

The Forefather

4. Alphamega Polygamy

Marcus clearly saw that the general lifestyle of the hippies, whether in cities or on communes in the countryside, was degenerate hedonism fueled by drugs and the recent invention of the birth control pill. It was mitigated somewhat for those who made a commitment to the hard work of rural farming, but Marcus’ aim for his own community was even more fundamental: he wanted to resurrect the basic elements of primal life and lift them to a higher plateau.

Before Saxon became his third wife, Marcus and Venus explored an erotic frontier unknown to the hippies, because the course was charted by his self-disciplined combination of primal yang and spiritual awareness. She had given him the fiat of dominion at the end of their experience in the glade, and afterwards he extended it to Gail so that she, too, would have authority over Venus in their relationship as sister-wives. This potent psychic hegemony, tempered by Gail’s loving empathy, enabled Venus to atone much of the karma she had accrued as the number one wife in their past life together.

Observing the contrast between the two women, Marcus clarified a decisive difference in their natures, and formalized it with new terminology. He said that Gail was a hearth-woman, whose inherent vocation was wife and homemaker as well as mother, whereas Venus was a Shakti, like the tantrikas he had known at the Asgartha ashram ~ her natural calling was to be a priestess of love, a practitioner of the erotic arts. Marcus knew that not all Shaktis have a vocation for motherhood, but Venus did, and it flowered beautifully after the birth of her daughter, who was given the name Radha.

The antiwar demonstrations were heating up during this time, 1965-’66. As a Vietnam vet who was opposed to the Marxist-Ophidian agitators behind the peace movement, Marcus attained a distinct notoriety in the Berkeley scene. A student activist named Jason had a conflicted relationship with Marcus and his group; they engaged in often-heated debates in the coffee houses and on the street. Jason was from an upper-class white family, and Marcus saw that his Ophidian-fueled rebellion against their “establishment” values had a powerful racial element, mostly unconscious. In a word, he was a Solarian whose identity was being severely repressed as he acted out the “anti-racist” agenda of his manipulators.

At the same time, Jason was obviously attracted to Venus, and seized every opportunity to chat with her privately. This led Marcus to wonder if an erotic encounter with her might crack the crust of his political-psychological imprinting. She was very reluctant to make love with any man but Marcus, even though he shared his love with Gail; finally he asserted the fiat, and she surrendered to his will.

Venus hung out in a spot on campus where she knew Jason would pass. She skillfully enacted the casual encounter, then the role of gradually succumbing to his seduction. They made love that night in his room in a frat house. With her body and mind she perceived his repression, a sexual knot that bound up his whole psyche. She sensed that his usual pattern was to have a quick, shallow orgasm, releasing only the immediate tension. So she held him off until they became enmeshed in a mutual erotic tide of enormous depth and intensity. He finally exploded in the first total orgasm of his life, propelling him into a glorious awakening to his white soul, reconnecting his severed bond with the primal tide of his forebears. When the last throb of the spasm faded, he knew himself to be a Solarian.

After a short period of shock and confusion, Jason completely reoriented his life. He turned against his leftist comrades, changed his course of study, and was welcomed into the Solarian Sodality. Marcus realized that it was not just a general racial awakening, as grand as that was, but that the spirit or Geist of Marcus and his group had been specifically transmitted to him through Venus. When he explained this to them, Polaris said: “Of course ~ it was the Marcus Geist!” This usage caught on, and it became an affectionate name for Marcus himself within the Sodality.

A few months later Marcus proposed another experiment to Venus. A new member of the Wildcat Canyon household was a young man named Luke. He was very intelligent and sensitive, but also “yangusly challenged”, as Marcus put it: too unripe in masculine development to relate erotically to women, though he yearned mightily to do so. Could Venus provide him an opportunity for a rite of passage? She felt sure she could; there had been some similar cases back at the sex club, and she was now in her senior year at Berkeley with a psychology major. But again she felt torn at the prospect of sleeping with another man; again Marcus insisted ~ “Consider it a Shakti assignment for extra credit,” he said ingenuously.

Luke was so shy and inexperienced that Venus had to take the initiative every step of the way. He was so tense that she let him smoke some pot to “lubricate his psyche”, as she jokingly said. Marcus had given her some tantric training, so when Luke finally got aroused and penetrated her, she was able to direct the current of orgone in a way that opened blockages at specific chakras and nadis (power points). This carried him into surging throes of ecstasy, but it was all still passive ~ until at last she managed to hit his yang button. He got fired up and took charge, and pumped away into his first truly potent orgasm.

Afterwards, though, Luke was madly in love with Venus in a totally dependent-clingy way. With the help of Marcus she weaned him from this, and made a transference of his devotion from her personally to the Geist, the Sodality, the Spirit of Thule. Given the expansion of the group and its continuing progress on the psychosocial frontier, there was also an excellent prospect that Luke could eventually win a wife suited to his own place on the scale of Eros.

Such prospects for Luke and other men with less than an alpha quantum of yang were improved dramatically when Marcus undertook another erotic experiment. With the consent of his wives, he began making love with unattached women whose nature was clearly to be hearth-mothers. They invariably formed a deep love-bond with him, but rather than add them to his harem of wives he made it known that they were available for wooing and winning by other men of the sodality. The suitors had to pass traditional rites of manhood, which came to include mortal combat, as we’ll see in later chapters. Such matings always had a bond of true mutual love for the couple, even though the woman’s deepest passion was for Marcus. He officiated at the weddings, and the pledging of the troth (“I do”) was sealed by a psychic-magical act in which Marcus transferred to the groom his fiat of dominion over the bride. Thus her pledge to love, honor, and obey her husband was no mere formality that could be broken at her whim, but an actual metaphysical bond that could be dissolved only by Marcus, if the need for an annulment ever arose.

At length it was realized that Marcus had created a new form of polygamy, in which the primal power of the alpha male to win and hold the love of a large number of women was uplifted by his spiritual enlightenment. Because he had mastered the demons of jealousy and attachment, he was willing and able to share his women with other men. Other alpha males in the community followed his example and took a second wife, but they found it extremely challenging to deal with the inevitable conflicting passions of the women and themselves. Only the best of the men were able to form stable polygamous marriages.

As some people pointed out, the correct term for the practice was “polygyny”: one man mated with several women. But Marcus insisted that the practice of Venus, and other women following in her footsteps, was a true form of polyandry: one woman with a number of male lovers. There were also a couple of women with yang personalities who had won the affections of two or more less-than-alpha males and formed committed matings with them, which Marcus eventually formalized as polyandrous marriages.

At one point Venus said of these women: “If they’re alpha females, what does that make me?” This led Marcus to see that women with the most abundant quanta of yin should have a special designation. After some discussion, it was agreed that the letter omega would be most suitable, indicating that they were at the opposite end of the sexual spectrum from alpha males ~ they were not the least but the greatest in their special attribute. It also evoked the divine Alpha and Omega, the primordial separation of the Absolute into God and Goddess. Further, it created a name for the unique erotic practice of the sodality: Marcus dubbed it alpha-omega polygamy, with the correct usage of the latter word encompassing both polygyny and polyandry. The term was later shortened in common parlance to “alphamega polygamy”.


Venus graduated and got her bachelor’s in psychology, then went on to pass the state examination for a therapist’s license (MFCC). This certificate was useful as a mainstream credential for the actual work she did in the sodality, modeled on the Hindu Shakti tradition as a mistress of the erotic arts, able to provide deep sexual healing for those in need, especially men.

A further description of life in the Solarian Sodality, including the sexual practices, can be found in Victor Noble’s Statement on R. Marcus.

5. The Colonies of Thule

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