5. Kali-Venus


We are crafting a new myth to inform the players of the global endgame about the occult forces they must deal with in order to overthrow the world order and save the human race, especially the white remnant of it. The aim is to turn the aeon, meaning to bring about a shift from the prevailing evil age to a better one by means of a deliberate course of action. Aeon-turning strategems are modeled in the true myths of the past: it’s been done by a military victory willed by God, as chronicled in the Mahabharata; by an individual of the highest calibre attaining the supreme enlightenment, viz. Buddha; by a Godman turning the wheel of heaven to the next zodiacal age, as shown in the great icon of Mithras slaying the bull; by Jesus taking upon himself all the evil of humanity, suffering it to the end, and rising from the dead as a Godman; and by his successor Mohammed, who fell short of divinity but faithfully delivered the message from angels and spread it by the sword of God.

Our thesis is that this time around, beneath all the tiers of politics, power, and race, the bedrock layer of the epic conflict is sexual, and therefore the dramatic act that shifts the world on its axis must be erotic in nature. There has been the chariot, the bo-tree, the tauroctony, the cross, the scimitar ~ and now der Fick an sich, the fuck-in-itself! At the very least it’ll make a stimulating sacred icon for the New Aeon.

The aeon-turning eroskrieg is being dramatized in fiction, the better to show its personal impact on men and women, and illustrate the psychological and political dimensions of the action. So far the work in progress encompasses a timeframe spanning the recent past through the near future, as told here: Pull the Plug Prologue

In this evolving epic, the first erotic encounter between a white hero and Kali took place in 1964, in a tale titled Conjunction with Venus. Dipping into it, we find that Marcus Geist is on track to becoming a Godman, though fated to fall short in the end. Here he assumes the Godform of Mars/Ares and makes love with a beautiful young woman named Avice who incorporates Venus/Aphrodite. The act of love begins in chapter 12; it drew a comment from a female reader on Facebook (quoted verbatim): “Spicy. Sexual tantra I like it. 😉 Except for the woman turns to hell demon during climax. Yikes!”

The intention of the lovers was that their first sexual union would be their actual spiritual wedding, following an ancient tradition; but at the height of passion, Avice grasps the true nature of the marriage bond: she would have to surrender to the lifelong dominion of the man. She flinches at this troth, and her own lust for domination flares up in the hideous form of Kali. Then it transitions to chapter 13; the Black Goddess immediately tries to castrate Marcus, but the fangs in her vagina shatter as they clamp onto his invulnerable phallus. He tries to pull it out of her but finds that he can’t, and finally has no choice but to use it as a weapon against the implacable adversary who will otherwise kill him and eat his soul. In the previous chapter Marcus said that “the primal core of male potency is the instinctive sense that fucking and killing are the same thing”, and now he fires his semen into Kali like a nuclear missile. The symbolic/subliminal meaning is made clear when at that instant the Goddessforms of Kali and Venus merge into one:

There she was, a seamless amalgam of light and dark, of all the good and evil rendered to men by women: she was the voluptuous lover and the castrating bitch, the adoring spouse and the faithless slut, Penelope and Medea, Aphrodite and Medusa. Yet somehow her face was perfect and whole, on a plateau above the conflicting antipathies.

For a moment Marcus is gripped by the fear that his act will slay the one he loves; but then: KaliVenus convulsed in ecstatic agony. “Yes!” she screamed, “let me have it, let me have it all! Fuck me, kill me, fuck me, kill me! I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you! Yes, yes, yes!”

In this scenario we have a fictional fulfillment of the provocative thesis presented in ErosKrieg chapter one:

The primal climax is a bloodsweet act of killing/fucking, getting laid and getting slain.  Everyone who has ever deeply loved knows that it goes hand-in-glove with hateReal love is as thick as blood ~ for without the urge to kill, the love runs as thin as dishwater.  Such is the eternal war that must be waged by two hearts lost in the terrible ecstasy of everlasting love.

The Venus story goes on to dramatize how such an intense conjunction of opposites can produce the ultimate Übergasm: the two people, and even the two deities, experience Supernal Oneness and attain identity with the Infinite Creator. Then an anticlimactic event is crucial for the happy ending: the return from Heaven is in the form of “a radiant androgyne, which redivided into our hero and heroine as it condensed into matter.” The glowing plasmic bodies of the “twins” pull apart facing each other, but “things got sticky” as a tube of plasma formed between their sex chakras. The yang being says, “Here was the fatal juncture which disrupted our wedding. Will you now surrender to me the decisive edge of power?” The yin being instantly sings out her answer: “‘Yes, I swear it!’ At that moment the lingam snapped free of her loins, and the recoil left a hole as her yoni.”

This imagery makes explicitly clear the nature of the core difference between the sexes as it manifests in a mated relationship. The husband’s birthright is the edge of power, for this makes him a man in the true primal sense, worthy to have as his wife a real woman: one who joyfully yields this power to him.

6. The Patrix

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