The Erotic Frontier

The Forefather

Instant recap: The white alternative community led by Marcus Geist kept expanding through the first half of the 1970s, filling up its extensive property in northern California with refugees from other subcultures, including ex-hippies, survivalists, and white nationalists. Then Marcus took a leap into the wilderness, as he and his “colonists” carved out a niche in Washington State, a vast tract of land bigger than some countries.

6. The Erotic Frontier


The Cascadian Earth Colony provided deep cover for a way of life that would have challenged the norms of any modern civilized society. The mating customs were unprecedented, the level of technology was primitive, the daily routine was primal, and children were allowed an outrageous degree of freedom. The seclusion also allowed the colonists to build a large stockpile of weaponry, most of it legal but with a smattering of items like fully automatic machine guns, grenades, artillery, and even anti-aircraft guns. It was in preparation for what Marcus foresaw as an inevitable confrontation with the Ophidian regime, hopefully as part of a global-scale insurrection led by the forces of Thule. Marcus wished it were possible to acquire even more formidable armaments, like tanks, missiles, and combat helicopters, but he knew this would attract the attention of the intelligence agencies that had their eye on him. Other developments, however, soon opened a way.

Cascadia witnessed the flowering of the new way of Eros described in Chapter 4: Alphamega Polygamy. Marcus adjudged it the healthiest form of love, marriage, and child-raising in the history of Thulean humanity (aka the white race). The natural distinctions of sexual caste were understood and honored by all concerned. The intractable catch-22 was finally resolved: the majority of women found fulfillment of their natural desire to be matched with an alpha male, one of the few select men of the top caste. After forming a deep erotic bond with these women, Marcus then married them to men lower on the sexual scale, transferring the bond by his spiritual-sexual power. Thus the majority of men found satisfaction in being mated to women who loved, honored, and obeyed them in the traditional way.

Further, the recognition of the natural differentiation of women into Shaktis and hearth-mothers (see chapter 4) resolved a massive piece of collective human karma in eliminating the root cause of prostitution and enabling girls with a greater than average erotic charge to pursue the noble life path of Shaktis: sexual priestesses and healers.

This evolutionary leap in social-sexual development is only possible under a regime of enlightened male dominion, which Marcus instituted. He realized that it ran directly counter to the burgeoning inroads of feminism on the mainstream culture. Marcus referred to the leaders of this movement as gynarchists: female supremacists, or “garks” for short; and he pointed out to his people that most of them were Ophidians, i.e. Jewish. The current wave had sprung from the counterculture in the latter part of the ’60s, and Marcus connected it with his personal confrontation with the Goddess Kali a few years before, as told in Conjunction with Venus, chapter 13. He concluded that the Thulean concept of the Kali Yuga or Iron Age was not merely a myth but a metapolitical reality with dire consequences. He wasn’t sure how the Hindu Kali intercalated with Lilith, the primordial dark goddess of the Jews, but he concluded that the epochal racial conflict between the Solarians (aka Thuleans) and the Ophidians had a sexual dimension that might be even more fundamental, and would have to be dealt with. He told his kindred, “the outcome of the race war may depend on the sex war”, thus opening the first front in what came to be called Eroskrieg.

The rigors of the natural way of life prepared children for the responsibilities of adulthood, just as it had done for thousands of years before it was derailed by the artificialities of modern civilization. In Cascadia and the Valley of the Moon innocence was nurtured in the very young, and boys and girls romped naked in the woods in warm weather. This changed at the first stirrings of puberty, and it was a rite of passage to graduate from stripling status to adolescence. The guiding principle for girls was that their innocence should mature into modesty, for boys into honor, and ultimately for both sexes into fidelity. The lines of development laid out for teenagers sharply diverged into male and female pathways, as it did in all past cultures. Now, however, this was a revolutionary course of action, because it came at the same time that the garks covertly attained a dominant role in society, and rolled out their program of sexual homogenization with a vengeance. The message was that the biological difference between the sexes was a fiction, just as racial difference was proclaimed to be. Thus the hardwired realities of human nature were steamrollered on all fronts to the detriment of all concerned, except of course the secret clique that wished to rule over a species of neutered dehumanized zombies.

It was a different world in the Thule colonies, where teenage boys were offered the traditional path to manhood via martial training in preparation for mortal combat. Marcus found it a major challenge that there was currently no conflict in which the young men could pass this rite, as he had done in Vietnam. He foresaw that the Ophidian-fueled pacifism against that war was merely a strategic maneuver, and would rebound into new wars of aggression for aims in direct conflict with Thule. Therefore joining the U.S. military was no longer an option, and Marcus sought alternatives. Some of his protégés headed abroad and became mercenaries, professional warriors, though it was not for the money but for honor and combat experience. A suitable front opened up at that time in the fight for white Rhodesia against the black hordes mobilized by the Ophidians. The beleaguered government made use of many legions of “mercs”, including a large contingent from Thule.

On the female side, girls who were inclined to the hearth were prepared for the challenging rite of childbirth, tutored in the empathic skills of motherhood, and instructed on the duties of wifely fidelity. In ancient Thulean cultures from Europe to India it was customary for girls to be married as soon as possible after menarche to take advantage of the natural propensity of younger mothers to produce healthier babies. Menarche generally came at a later age in those days, for today’s early puberty is a consequence of meddling with natural processes, notably the use of hormones in dairy and meat cattle. Nevertheless, in traditional cultures many girls were married by age fourteen.

Marcus was keenly aware of the hazards of alternative communities pursuing unconventional lifestyles, for this was the era of the backlash from the tragedy of Jonestown, and all the new religious or spiritual groupings that had sprung up in the ’60s and ’70s were branded as cults and regarded with suspicion by the mainstream. Many of the girls raised in the Thule Colonies were mature beyond their years, and passionately desirous of marriage within the traditional age-range. But Marcus insisted on following the letter of the law: the legal age for marriage was still sixteen in many states, and this was applied in the colonies as well.

Meanwhile, girls who were budding as Shaktis were delicately awakened to erotic realities in ways that did not defile their innocence nor compromise the purity of their hearts. Teenage boys with a quantum of yang tending to alpha status were trained in the skills of empathy and restraint which qualified them to compete for the affection of these girls, and become puppylove couples whose petting would not cross any vital lines. Such a boy was dubbed a paneskos, a little Pan, like the playful young satyrs portrayed in Western iconography. All the paneskoi were held to strict account by their alpha mentors, and any violation of their trust met with severe consequences.

The next step was to revive the hallowed Thulean tradition of the ritual defloration of Shaktis by an alpha male skilled in the erotic arts, a practice which in India was called tantra. Again many girls were ripe for it and desired it well before they turned sixteen, and for most that was the latest possible age for the initiation to produce the full inner unfoldment spiritually and sexually. To delay further would hinder the process that nature herself has ordained: sprouts, buds, flowers, and fruit must appear in their proper season. But this left a gap of two years by the law of the external matrix, in that the legal age of consent for extramarital sex was eighteen.

Marcus consulted with all of his best people who had a direct stake in the issue, notably the female elders of the clan, who were a powerful force under the larger canopy of male dominion. Their sacred task was to look after the dharma of all the women and to safeguard the girls from violations of it. All were aware of the toxic tide of pedophilia rising in the mainstream culture, and Marcus elucidated how it was an inescapable part of a gynocracy in which fathers are stripped of their natural power of protection and control over their children. In particular, the laws intended to protect girls from the predations of men were traditionally based on the premise that the girls were sexually pure and innocent. “The garks are systematically ripping that away,” said Marcus; “it began with teenyboppers shrieking hysterically at the Beatles in the early ’60s, escalated with giving them free access to the pill, and now they’re goaded by the media into openly slutting themselves in every way. It’ll only get worse until and unless we can overthrow the whole system and restore our white Imperium. But meanwhile the prevailing situation is a sick travesty, with girls being used as bait to lure otherwise righteous men into legal ruin and de facto castration. And the garks cackle in sadistic glee at their revenge on the supposed oppressors.”

At length it was decided to go ahead with the dharma of Shakti initiation at the needful age, even though this put the colonies at risk of persecution by their enemies on the basis of a legal system that had itself become perverted. Thus a certain amount of secrecy would be required, with all the pitfalls this entailed. “We’re in the hands of the Gods,” said Marcus; “in Thule we trust.”

7. Into the Jungle

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