Trump ~ Matrix Revolution

trump-matrix by Joseph Rex Kerrick

I always thought that white people would have to pull up stakes from the whole socio-political-economic system and build a new world from the ground up, starting with a separatist alternative community, as self-sufficient as possible. Politics seemed like a farce, a shadow-show orchestrated by the puppet-masters to disguise the most monolithic power-structure in history and dupe its citizen-slaves into the delusion that they could still choose their masters by means of magic bullets, er, ballots. In Europe the electoral charade was more insidious because the multiparty system allowed an occasional fringe group to win a few token seats in parliament, and sprinkle their leaders with pixie-dust to look like führers-in-the-making. But in the USA any fool could see that it was totally hopeless because the Beast had only two faces, two fronts to its bloated body, so the partisans of each one were convinced that those on the other side were the butts. And after the two mobs expelled their accumulated venom upon each other in the quadrennial charade, the Beast kept marching merrily along. If any political pipsqueaks had the temerity to stand up and squeal against it, they were immediately crushed underfoot. In the opening spiel on my website I wrote that in North America “only the wildest fantasists can still dream of a pro-white government.”

When Donald Trump made his first splash in the presidential run-up in 2015, my take was the same as a lot of the liberals: I saw him as an ego-tripping media star spouting simplistic bromides to appeal to the base instincts of the masses. But as his campaign gathered steam, it became clear that it was the white masses who were getting galvanized.  I noted that large sectors of the white right were pumping Trump as a führer figure, though some factions held to a critical or at least skeptical line. But the amazing breakthrough was that openly pro-white sentiment crossed that line and spilled over from our furry fringe onto the vast turf of the mainstream. I was boggled to see a photo of what looked like normal middle-class Americans, including smiling attractive women, posing in broad daylight in a big ballpark while wearing shirts that said: “Make America White Again”.

Finally I had to admit that I was wrong in my above-quoted prognostication, at least in the letter of it: a pro-white government may still turn out to be a fantasy, but millions of people are now dreaming of it, including some very level-headed and down-to-earth folks.

A main reason the political situation looked so hopeless before Trump was that the monolith ruled not only the electoral system but all facets of society, and maintained a seemingly invincible grip on the whole show by its control of the media. The existence of this single-fisted entity is barely concealed, and most people have at least a shadowy sense of its presence and power. Everyone who gets a sharper look at it discovers that although it’s interraveled with multifarious blocs, its core identity is Jewish. This open secret is kept by those in the mainstream because the penalty for divulging it is expulsion therefrom: loss of career, money, friends, even family. As my own brother once told me: “Just remember that the rich Jews are my friends.” Likewise the power-Jews themselves are happy to boast of it, as long as they control the spin ~ e.g. isn’t it great that Jews have “an empire of their own” in Hollywood? But if any Goyim should comment that it might not be so great for the rest of us, they’re branded “anti-Semitic” and get crucified if they don’t repent.

The big question for the white right in the primary campaign was whether Trump would kneel in obeisance to the Jewish kingmakers, a mandatory rite for all serious presidential candidates since World War II. The outcome was a curious circuit in which he proclaimed to a Jewish conclave that “you don’t control me”, thrilling the hearts of the fondest Führer fans, but then evidently gave in to “realistic” advice and embraced the cause of Israel. Even this apparent cop-out acquired a positive twist when Trump declined an invitation from the biggest electoral power-Jew, Sheldon Adelson, to join the hegira of office-seekers to the foot of his throne to kiss his kosher schnitzel. Such effrontery would be suicide for a mortal candidate, but as Trump continued to rise Adelson actually came to him to cut the deal for endorsement, a miracle unprecedented in back-room annals. White Trumpeteers were thus able to make a case to their skeptical brethren that their superhero had turned the tables, and that once he got into office the American dog would start to wag the Israeli tail, reversing the balance of power.

After winning the Republican nomination, Trump was decisively expelled from his former happy niche inside the mainstream media (MSM), and was now targeted by his former bedfellows as a hostile alien creature. Some of his remarks show that he gradually became aware of the wrenching transition, especially after his first debate with Hillary Clinton. It evokes the imagery of the Matrix movies: the hero Neo gets awakened to the awful truth that he lives in a global computer simulation, and has to unplug from a mechanical pod to enter life in the real world. Then he goes on to lead a revolution against the Matrix and its insidious masters.

Trump stepped decisively into the role of Neo in his West Palm Beach address of October 13th. Fed up with the sleazy depths to which certain media-mongers had stooped to defame him, he ripped off the veil of the Matrix from his platform on the world stage, something that hadn’t been done since the end of World War II, when the Jewish dominator-clique consolidated its power. He vilified the MSM as the corporate media, and proclaimed what the white right and other renegades have known all along: that their stock in trade is no longer journalism, that instead “they are a political special interest, no different from any lobbyist or other financial entity with a total political agenda…. For them it’s a war, and for them nothing at all is out of bounds.” Therefore we’re in “a struggle for survival” and the election will determine “whether we have only the illusion of democracy” ~ illusion as in the Matrix, which is “controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system…. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed. They will attack you, they will slander you, they will seek to destroy your career and your family… They will lie, lie, lie….”

Many in the white right were so impressed by this articulation of their own viewpoint that they were convinced that Trump was specifically targeting the Jewish-Zionist cabal, and refrained from using either of those loaded terms strictly for pragmatic-tactical reasons. Some felt that he should’ve added “anti-Semitic” to the list of “decoy” words used to smear challengers of the Matrix, but it didn’t take long for the enemy to fill in the omission. In its criticism of the speech the Anti-Defamation League said that Trump’s “depiction of an all-powerful global elite resembled language used by anti-Semites.” Of course if there really is a global elite dominated by “Semites” then the claim is dead on, and the people have just cause to be against them.

Trump’s repeated salvos against globalization in the speech were underlined when he said: “The corrupt political establishment is a machine, it has no soul.” I.e., he named the Matrix ~ or close enough to count for a hit, just as the white right said he came close enough to “naming the Jew”.

The climactic line of the speech was Trump’s proclamation that “This is our moment of reckoning as a society. This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization….” And in fact it is. No matter what the outcome, his campaign has cracked open the Matrix of monolithic power-mongering in politics and in society as a whole. America is touted as an ideal democracy in which peace continues even after disputed elections, like Bush vs. Gore in 2000; but this is only because the Beast always prevails, as described in our opening paragraph. Bush was anointed as the winner because the Zionist Neocons had him tapped as their tool for the “new Pearl Harbor” to shock Americans into compliance with their scheme to launch a new war against the enemies of Israel, which fell into place on 9/11. Obviously Al Gore, in bed with the Clintons and the Beast, had no stake in any opposing agenda.

The hard reality is that whenever there are sizable factions with genuine conflicts of interest, the resolution can only come by means of violent conflict in one form or another. This was always a factor in American politics, starting with the Whiskey Rebellion immediately after the Constitution went into effect in 1789. It reached epic proportions in the Civil War, and continued through the bloody ethnic conflicts between the original Anglo-Saxon-Germanic stock and the waves of Eastern Europeans who arrived in the latter part of the 19th century. Thousands of lives were lost in labor union struggles, and big industries employed private standing armies. American Fascism was a huge movement before the outbreak of World War II and fought on the streets against Marxists, though never on the scale of their European counterparts. In one dramatic incident the führer of the German-American Bund was physically attacked by Jewish thugs while giving a speech on the stage at Rockefeller Center. In the 1960s there were the race riots inspired by the “pacifist” Martin Luther King, and of course the Weathermen, who were such amateurs at the art of revolution that they did more damage to themselves with their bombs than the “class enemy”.

This will not be the case with the well-drilled rightwing militias preparing to hit the barricades in the event that Trump loses the election by skullduggery ~ or even legitimately, if that’s possible. If Trump wins there will probably be violence from the other side, though less effectively perpetrated by the likes of gender-bent antifa, anarchists, and the Black Losers Militia (BLM). Either way, business as usual will be over in America ~ a development some of us have been looking forward to for a long time, from our secret havens outside the Matrix.

10 thoughts on “Trump ~ Matrix Revolution

  1. Joseph, I haven’t been on your website in a long time, but I’m glad to see you’re still writing. You did a great job with this article, and as of this writing, Donald Trump actually did get elected, which shows that a large portion of the white race is either awakening, or showing a part of themselves that they once kept hidden out of fear.

    Good job including Pepe the Frog/”Egyptian God Kek”, by the way. It seems you’ve taken note of the meme culture associated with the new generation of reactionaries.

    • Yes, I’ve actually read through that exact article before. I thought that it included a bit too many “essential beliefs” that everyone on the “Alt-Right” wouldn’t necessarily agree with, but it generally has the right idea.

      As far as the idea of Pepe becoming the Egyptian God of Trolls, I realize that the majority probably take that as a joke, but people like us understand how there’s also a bit of truth to it at the same time. I wasn’t aware of any spiels that referred to Kek as a being that actually exists, but it wouldn’t surprise me too much.

      Even though this so-called “movement” can be chaotic at times, this knowledge actually gives me hope that the Alt Right could be a vehicle for a reborn Aryan Spirituality. With the rejection of modern liberal values, especially the more extreme and militant form known as Cultural Marxism, it seems almost inevitable that the new generation of activists will be in need of, and indeed welcome the spiritual guidance of “Alt Whites” to help them focus and organize their energy.

  2. It also has insights about the nature of postmod culture in general, the e-literate generation (note entendre). Interesting how the top layer is tongue in cheek cynical sarcasm, but then there are serious layers beneath that. E.g. on this page: Kek is the apotheosis of Pepe. I’ve seen other spiels on it that rank as serious metaphysics, again with the humorous layer.

  3. Brian, I’ve been trying to assist such rebirth for a long time, and so far have met with almost complete frustration. AltRight might be even more challenging because they’re more hardcore cynical skeptics, glory in malicious mischief, etc.

    I saw a thread somewhere in which some people said they were pursuing a serious religious &/or magical treatment of Kek as a real entity. When it gets to that length it’s just a neo-form of darkside-demon worship, which is how I see all the current branches of whiteside occultism.

    Here’s something hopeful, someone who had the exact kind of experience I’ve been talking about all this time ~ see what you make of it:

    White Spirit Speaks

    • Well, more demon worship is the opposite of what our race needs right now. I’m not really a supporter of “Kek”, I was just glad to see younger pro-whites showing any interest in spirituality at all. I think I know what you mean about most forms of whiteside occultism being dark-sided, because many of them would have our race make the same mistakes as the Jews themselves. They want to redefine white people as “God’s Chosen Race”, meant to enslave all others, but would only lead us to damnation in the attempt.

      The conversion story is short, but gets right to the point. It includes a symbolic death and rebirth, since the author was considering suicide, but was “resurrected” from the edge of despair. It also hits the nail on the head in the second to last paragraph, with the writer’s “sunlove for the whole world, but specially for my own white folk,”, and his paraphrasing of the Gospels’ “Not my will, but yours be done”. This was the kind of thing I had in mind when I made my previous comment.

  4. Congrats Brian, you’re the first person to fully understand the key points of White Spirit Speaks. Earlier I shared it with a guy who’s pretty astute, a pragmatic political organizer and entrepre-neur, and he didn’t get it at all. So I “cross-translated” it for him, explaining the whole thing in detail, including the part at the end which you touched on. I said:

    […] his ego swells up and identifies itself as “the sun god or somethin’,” and he instantly loses the divine light and becomes “my old stupid self again”. But he begs forgiveness and says: “You’re the one, not me!” Even Jesus did this: “It is not I who speak, but my Father in Heaven.” Then after Jesus himself became the divinity known as the Christos, his Apostle Paul echoed the same sentiment: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”

    It’s also good to know that this is the kind of thing you meant by “a reborn Aryan Spirituality”. I wasn’t sure at all.

    I wonder if you took a look at the second post on the White Spirit blog? If not, I’d value your take on that too: Hitler Heil God

    • Yes, I noticed that post as well, and it seems like a good way to continue the account. Like the one before it, the narrative saves the best for last, presenting the idea that true Wisdom has the appearance of foolishness, or “nuttiness” to the materialistic.

      Another interesting point is the “Seig Heil to God!” line, because Hitler was a man who tried to put himself in the place of God, and a few people truly do think of him that way. This resulted in the “Sun God” taking on Hitler’s appearance because it was appropriate to the situation. Whether or not the real Hitler’s spirit was present is irrelevant, because the power at work was just as real either way.

  5. That’s a good point you made about the white darkside, but to me it goes way deeper than that ~ like Lanz Von Liebenfels & the others who formulated a truly diabolic rendition of paganism, and laid the groundwork for the weltanschauung of exterminating all inferior races. Even though Hit-ler himself didn’t buy into it, it’s been the underbelly of the whiteside occult movement from Himmler’s SS unto the present. I said that this is specific what has to be reversed and transcend-ed for white salvation in this spiel, which I think you read:
    The Secret Weapon

    Lanz also had a Luciferic “Kristos” which is alive & well in at least one very active Serrano cult. And I recently heard that The Black Order has reconstituted itself after 20 years. On their own site they speak of an “Infernal Alliance” with like-minded groups and want to apply “the Sinister Dialectic” to manifest “the Shadow of the Western Soul”.

    • I actually didn’t know about Von Liebenfels or Von List, and had to do some research on them so I could have an informed opinion. Their teachings appear to be the foundation for the anti-Christian sentiment of Volkish Paganism. I can also see how Von Liebenfels contributed to the negative reputation of the Eugenics movement, as he intended to use it as a weapon of racial genocide, which wasn’t its original purpose at all.

      I don’t recall reading that spiel before, but it brings up some interesting points, not the least of which is the contrast between decentralized Eastern religions and the more conquest-oriented Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Islam. Another thing to consider is that Christianity and Islam are the only major religions known for accepting followers of all races instead of just one, unless Buddhism counts as a religion, which is debatable. The National Socialists’ hostility towards Christianity was actually my greatest disagreement with their beliefs, and as you mentioned in reference to the unbreakable faith-power of the Supernal Spirit, was very likely their undoing. In contrast, the Spanish Falangists were a group of explicitly pro-Christian fascists who stayed neutral during the war, and Franco’s regime was possibly the most successful and beneficial fascist government to ever exist.

      By the Black Order, do you mean the inner circle in the Church of Satan? I don’t consider them to be a pro-white organization in the first place, but maybe you were referring to a different group with the same name. If what you told me about whiteside occult groups being diabolical is true, then that’s really disappointing. I consider people like that to be traitors to the spiritual community, who represent a danger to themselves and others. “Pro-white” Satanism makes as much sense to me as “pro-white” Anarcho-communism. They can’t truly be pro-white because their form of racial ascension is ineffective. It rejects the ultimate source of all spiritual power, instead worshipping a statue of Baal (or in this case, Hitler/Trump). Still, I can’t be too surprised, because the great achievements of our race can leave us more vulnerable to arrogance than other peoples. We really need some more individuals who can help our race get back to the right path.

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