Awakening to white identity is a miracle that leads to a new life filled with meaning and affirmation, but also with new hardships and challenges. Mainstream social life may have been unpalatable before, but now it’s downright repugnant. The discovery of a new kind of kinship with people from all over the white world is invigorating, and it’s a big vocal community in cyberspace. But the harsh reality is that we’re still a tiny minority in the real world, a patchwork of small pockets plus lots of geographically isolated individuals. And besides the anti-white social-political fallout, all of us still have to contend with the usual hassles and heartaches of everyday living: jobs, bills, shelter, food, friends, enemies, and all the nuts & butts who cross our paths.

Hope of a white future can sustain the heart through many trials in the dark here and now, but let’s face it, sometimes it just gets overwhelming. What to do when life tosses you up against the hard edges? It so happens that there is a source of help available, a powerful and effective resource for those in need. In fact it’s nothing less than the Source of the universe itself, the ultimate Higher Power known by many names, but we’ll simply call it Spirit.

The case has been made that life is so filled with suffering and tragedy precisely because most people are out of touch with Spirit, the divine spark that makes us human. People who connect with it, by contrast, are the self-selected few who seem to rise above the woeful common lot and lead lives of authentic joy and fulfillment. This happens regardless of their social, political, or financial status, but material blessings often flow to those with the gift of Spirit.

So how do you acquire this most precious of gifts? Surprising as it may seem, you only have to ask and it will be given. But this simple childlike act is very hard for the majority of people because it implies that they can’t make it on their own. Everybody’s a hotshot in their own eyes, and will endure the tortures of hell rather than risk popping the bubble of their self-esteem. It’s also much easier to blame other people and outside circumstances for our own failings rather than take personal responsibility for them and admit that we’ve been screwing things up.


The best way to ask for help from on high is with an open mind and open heart. If nothing happens you’re no worse off, but if it does ~ wow, your life will change! And you have to really mean it ~ the best moment to make your plea is when you’re desperately feeling the need for help. If nobody you know is up for the job, then you might as well ask for divine intervention! The form of address doesn’t matter at all, and the more foolish you feel the more potent will be your request. Like: “Hey, if anybody’s up there, I could sure use a hand with all this crap down here!”

All religions have their own variation of this act of faith, but it’s so foundational to human life that it goes beyond creeds and belief-systems, it transcends all confines and categories. Here, for example, is a perfect expression of it from pop culture ~ just take it a little more broadly than it was intended, with the plea not to a lover or friend but to a higher power:


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