Secret Wars

The Forefather

Instant recap: Having established a regenerate white lifestyle in two alternative communities in the USA, Marcus set up a bigger challenge by carving out a colony in the Amazon rainforest. Here the Solarian Sodality was able to test its mettle in primal warfare, and with the help of veterans from the original SS, won a deadly battle against Communist guerrillas.


8. Secret Wars


By 1984 it looked as if Marcus had accomplished all his main objectives in terms of his own people: he had created a self-sufficient white racial stronghold in three sizable habitats, where the kindred were restoring their primal nature under his spiritually enlightened guidance. All this, however, he conceived as merely the prerequisite for his overarching plan to win back the white Imperium that had prevailed before World War I. This entailed the daunting prospect of cracking open the hammerlock on power held by its usurpers, the Ophidians ~ the international cabal of Jewish finance and its Zionist political front.

Despite the total domination of the culture and all major political parties by the Ophidians, Marcus’ plan was made feasible by his network of adherents and allies in the hidden recesses of the power structure. He knew the futility of the notion held by the tiny, marginalized nationalist movement to awaken the white masses. Instead he felt sure that the revolution could only be made from the top down, when the highest, brightest, and most influential whites were awakened to their identity and heritage; then Marcus would be in a position to coordinate an elaborate coup d’etat in the innermost corridors of power. He figured it would take about another thirty years to reach this point; but there came an event that changed the outlook dramatically.

The world political situation was heading in a dangerous direction: as soon as he took office, Ronald Reagan had inaugurated a massive U.S. military build-up, and Marcus knew it could only be for a confrontation with the Soviet Union. His analysis was that there remained two large contending factions within the Ophidian-dominated power structure: the globalists, in which liberal Jews made league with other players to promote the one-world agenda, and the Zionists, aiming for an Israeli empire encompassing the entire Middle East and ultimately a world under its own domination. The biggest obstacle to the latter plan was the Soviet Union, which had broken away from Jewish control under Stalin, and now supported the Arab OPEC cartel in opposition to Israel. Jimmy Carter was a front man for the globalists, and his defeat by Reagan in the 1980 election was a major victory for the Zionist faction of the Ophidians. It looked like a world-scale power play was in the offing, and Marcus’ inside sources assured him that the conspirators were willing to risk a nuclear war between the two superpowers.

Marcus often listened to Reagan’s weekly radio address, and on August 11th of ’84 he was chatting with Saxon and some kindred as the program was about to come on. The introduction by the host was interrupted by static, and then the President said: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

Marcus leaped to his feet shouting “What?!?” Others gave similar cries of astonishment. There was another burst of static on the radio, then the announcer said, “We apologize for the technical difficulties. But now ladies and gentlemen, here is the President of the United States.”

Reagan’s voice came on again and said: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you that today I signed legislation that will allow student religious groups to begin enjoying a right they’ve too long been denied — the freedom to meet in public high schools during nonschool hours, just as other student groups are allowed to do.” He continued on this subject, reading the prepared text in his usual jocular tone. “So what about the bombing?” said a kinsman.

It was some kind of weird mistake,” said Saxon ~ “he didn’t mean it. Notice how it mimicked the opening line of the real speech ~ as if he was making a joke.”

There must be something wrong with my sense of humor,” said Marcus ~ “somehow World War III doesn’t strike me as funny. But I see what you mean.”

They listened till the end of the half-hour broadcast, and there was no further mention of any bombing. But on the evening news it was explained that Reagan had indeed been joking to the technicians, and the live microphone was an accident. “It was no joke,” said Marcus to his kin ~ “that’s just the cover story. And it was no accident ~ it was an actual declaration of war. Evidently this is the new modus operandi in the media age ~ formal declarations by Congress are passé, and everything is covert. Maybe they think they can fight the whole war in secret ~ disguise it as a TV series!”

Marcus had a couple of operatives in the Pentagon and even a man in the Kremlin. Within 24 hours they confirmed his suspicions: the Russians were treating Reagan’s “joke” as a serious ultimatum, and the nuclear command centers on both sides were in a state of red alert. The official news agency TASS had already made a public condemnation of the President’s statement, but overtly accepted that it was merely an irresponsible gaffe. Meanwhile, the Soviet premier Chernenko was locked in a secret meeting with his top advisors, and there was not the slightest clue as to what they might decide.

Reagan and his handlers must be demanding that they abandon their support of OPEC,” Marcus theorized; “in effect, to remove themselves as a threat to Israel.” It seemed inconceivable that the Soviets would capitulate on such a fundamental issue ~ it would mean surrendering their position as a superpower of equal might with the U.S.

Why, it would be the end of the Cold War,” said Saxon, “with them as the losers.”

Despite the public media focus on the MAD scenario, in which a nuclear war would mean “mutually assured destruction” and the end of the world, Marcus’ intelligence sources informed his judgement that the devastation would be limited. Soviet nukes would strike major cities and spread radiation, but most of the country would survive. There would be a serious breakdown of government control in the aftermath, but the whole Congress and other major players would be holed up in the massive vault-like shelter inside Mount Weather, with well-laid plans to emerge and pacify the country from the chaos and rebellion. Therefore it would be vital to establish a Solarian military front formidable enough to fend off the weakened Ophidian forces and turn the Thule Colonies into an actual independent nation.

So it was that Marcus gave the order to ship his armaments from the secret cache in Brazil to the USA. Time seemed so short that he even had the big guns and missiles sent in the helicopters, which delivered them directly to Cascadia and the Valley of the Moon. This was a huge security risk, and Marcus would never have done it if the prospect of war had not been so imminent. Meanwhile, the armored vehicles, including a tank, were coming by ship, and Marcus only hoped they would arrive before the outbreak of hostilities.

A week went by and nothing happened ~ there were no further signs nor portents of war. There was such secrecy around it in the Kremlin that Marcus’ contact found it hard to get a word from the inner circle. When he finally did, it was disaster: Chernenko had gotten on the hotline to Reagan and literally said: “We surrender. Name your terms.” Piecing together the backstory, Marcus realized that a strong leader would never have made such an abject capitulation; but Chernenko was just a crusty old bureaucrat who was terrified by the prospect of real war. And Saxon’s insight, as unthinkable as it seemed at the time, soon came true: Reagan immediately shifted to a friendly tone toward the Russians, because he knew that the Cold War had been won. He even revoked his categorization of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire”, which had fueled the military build-up. Chernenko died within a year and was replaced by Gorbachev, who greased the wheels for the fall of Communism which climaxed in 1990 ~ even though it had all been determined in the great secret war of 1984.

Now Marcus was left with several tons of incriminating evidence in the Thule Colonies. He sent word to have the private cargo ship with the armored vehicles turn back to Brazil, but it had already passed through the Panama Canal. The presiding officials had been generously bribed to forego the required inspections, a gambit that wouldn’t work for an unscheduled return through the locks. So Marcus was forced to arrange the complicated process of trucking the equipment from the port of Seattle to Cascadia with as much concealment as possible, but the odds of success were minimal. “I’m dead,” he said ~ “it’s only a matter of time.”

9. Kali’s Revenge

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