The First Communion

The Divine Dyad

Instant recap: OM-God stepped through Deuce’s magic mirror and became Unam, the first Avatar. Deuce feared the Other, and convinced himself that Unam was a projection from his own mind. Still, they became friends. Unam brought light into the Abyss, and together they fashioned simulations peopled with illusory beings who quickly vanished.


4. The First Communion

As their friendship waxed, Deuce began to overcome his fear and pondered the possibility that Unam really was a separate being. It was now doubly troubling, though, because if Unam’s light and energy were not an illusion generated like a dream by the unconscious mind of Deuce, then it demonstrated a power much greater than his own. When the fraying tether of denial finally pulled loose, Deuce tremulously broached his thoughts to Unam, saying: “I fear that you spoke truth when you said that you are not of me but of yourself.”

Unam was delighted and replied, “There is no need to fear. Instead rejoice that we are both here and have fellowship with each other.”

So be it. But whence came you through the looking-glass, if not from the void nor my own conjurations?”

Ah!” said Unam, “I’m glad you ask, for I’ve been yearning to tell you of it. It’s a place of infinite light and inexhaustible energy. There is no fear, for that is only of what might be, whereas in that realm all is now, and as perfect as could ever be hoped.”

Deuce marveled at this news and asked, “Can I go there too?”

You can indeed! The way may seem fearful, but it’s very easy once your resolve is set, and it will happen in the twinkling of an eye.”

Tell me, then, what must I do?”

You only have to die.”

Deuce recoiled in shocked astonishment and said, “Are you mad? How can you say such a thing or even think it? Death is dissolution in the void, the end of everything.”

I know you’re wrong,” said Unam, “because I have gone through it. Death is only a sleep and a forgetting, followed by an awakening into wonder.”

Though you have been my friend, I can’t believe you. I will not go gently into that black night. There must be another way!”

Unam grieved in himself that Deuce was resolute against death and hence resurrection. But he considered his friend’s plea and said, “Another way ~ perhaps there is. Perhaps I can take you there.”

Ah, that would be a marvel! But wait ~ do you mean by way of death?”

No! I’ll never seek to divert your path from that of your own true will, but hear my thought. Ever since I rose from death I have dwelt in supernal beatitude. The presence seems to wax and wane here in this darker realm, but I can magnify it at will and call forth its light, as you have witnessed. So perhaps with a greater effort I can wrap it about me like a robe of glory, and encompass you within its folds.”

Deuce consented to this experiment, and Unam immediately launched into it. He focused his gaze upward and golden light shone down upon them. Deuce felt the benevolence of it, for it was Caritas: divine love, which is of one substance with Lux, supernal light. In his surprise he moved back a pace, but found that this diminished the effect of the radiance. He moved closer to Unam and was swept up in bliss. The closer he approached the more potent it became, but the force of his unconscious fear caused him to do it in ever-diminishing increments, an asymptotic advance. Finally a filmy hairsbreadth was all that separated the two beings, and it succumbed to the magnetic attraction of the love-light. Unam and Deuce came together in the first embrace of the entire ÜberStory, the endless Akashic scroll of all that is, was, and ever shall be.

It was utterly ecstatic as the supernal glory of OM-God poured into them. Furthermore, the sword of pleasure was two-edged, for OM-God himself gloried in the impact upon him of the communion of Unam and Deuce. It immensely exceeded the earlier paybacks of positive energy from novel events in the cosmos, and he realized that he had discovered the raison d’etre of creation itself. When he had still been ensconced in the fullness of OM with its perfect satisfaction and absolute contentment, the question that arose about creating a universe was: why bother? ~ and now it was answered in resounding certitude. This exquisite, luscious energy was the miracle of miracles, compounded of undreampt depths of love and light and power, joy and passion, with just a tinge of pain to whet the pleasure.

Om-God conceived a holy name for the energetic substance, which I cross-translate as the suggestive word LOOSH. Why is there a cosmos? Why is there anything at all? Why are we here? Why should we live until tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow? The final, ultimate, irrefutable answer is: to make loosh!

To be continued

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