Fiction Update

This is an update of

Fiction for a White Rebirth

by Joseph Rex Kerrick

Literary fiction can raise the spirits. Gripping fiction packs a whollop. Fiction disguised as fact may be called “fake news” or even a “hoax”. But fact disguised as fiction can rattle the battlements of power and provide vital camouflage for blows against the empire.

Here’s the alternate reality unfolding in multiple volumes and various venues, presented here in chronological order of events, though the actual writing and publication hops around the timeline from past to present to future and back again:

R. Marcus

The origin-story of a psychic-spiritual superhero, the son of a Norwegian-Russian couple who served the Reich and fled before its downfall. The wunderkind went to India and found a secret ashram of the last Aryan Brahmins, where he was initiated into the tradition unbroken through all the aeons, and cultivated the überpowers transmitted therefrom. Marcus volunteered for Vietnam where he was initiated into mortal combat, became a berserker and a hero, and won the love of an Army nurse by an act of eros on the battlefield beyond the call of duty. The adventure continues in:

The Forefather

Marcus turned the ‘sixties counterculture on its head by founding a white racial commune which grew into an alternative community so formidable that it challenged the supremacy of the New World Order and incurred its wrath. A dramatic sequence of events is presented as a novelette:

Conjunction with Venus

Marcus makes love with a girl who embodies the Goddess of Love, but in the act she is overshadowed by Kali, forcing him to wage Eroskrieg against the Dark Goddess. This brings the action to an interface with factual writing at that link, and sets up the larger conflict that’s getting fleshed out in the rest of the epic, as told below.

The final chapters of The Forefather are now in progress, as Marcus prepares to face down the Feds at his White Alamo. The fateful date will be December 8, 1984, a tip-off to students of white history as to the real-life drama which parallels our alt-reality. As previewed in R. Marcus his death is not the end: he achieves a resurrection just beyond the threshold of hard matter, and he visits his kindred in astral form on a regular basis.

The pivot of the whole epic is the real-life miracle that took place at the turn of the millennium, in which a solar eclipse and a planetary alignment were the visible signs of the death of the white racial soul and its rebirth in the sign of Aries. Since the mundane mind is skeptical of such esoteric facts, they’re fleshed out in

Pull the Plug

Marcus’ daughter Diana and her newly wedded husband Apollo made love in the umbra of the eclipse in 1999, and conceived a son who was born in the alignment of May 2000. A number of people had profound spiritual experiences during the alignment, a collective awakening to the new White Spirit. They called it RamaSpirit, and formed a new community based on this bond, calling themselves the Kin of Aries. They harbored fervent hopes that Diana’s son Gavin would grow up to be an Avatar of RamaSpirit.

The hopes blossomed as Gavin developed precociously and by age 15 was of adult stature and possessed phenomenal spiritual, psychic, and physical powers. Meanwhile, the Kin of Aries expanded to hundreds of members on three continents. They engaged in guerrilla warfare against the New World Order in highly organized clandestine action allied with other organizations in the Middle East and elsewhere. They had a War Council of veteran fighters, and Gavin presented them with an elaborate stratagem to pull the plug on high-tech civilization by hacking the electrical grid in concert with strategic attacks on the infrastructure, all of it to happen during the solar eclipse crossing the United States in August 2017.

An unexpected nemesis appeared: a young woman named Kalianna with preternatural powers on a par with Gavin’s. She was initiated into the exclusive cabal headed by Baron Redshield, an international banker who is reputedly the most powerful man in the world. Part II of Pull the Plug is now in progress, where we learn of a mysterious connection between Gavin and Kalianna, a psychic-spiritual bond that was broken when she fell under an evil influence.

The book with the latest events fictionally was written and published before Pull the Plug, and rests on the premise that the title mission was successfully accomplished. Ram Arising is set in 2033, when society is in a serious state of breakdown from the economic collapse caused by the attack on the world grid in 2017. At age 33 Gavin has assumed the mantle of Ramar, the warlord Avatar foretold in Hindu, Christian, and Muslim prophecy. He holds forth with his legions in Thule, the reborn white homeland occupying vast tracts of territory liberated from what is now called the Old World Order.

Kalianna’s power has also swelled, and she has a plan to restore the global Matrix by triggering the technological Singularity. The pivot of the plot is a confrontation between the two adversaries, climaxed by a magical blitzkrieg with an outcome that leaves partisons on both sides flabbergasted ~ not to mention readers!

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